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    We were cleaning my mom's house and found a bag of scrap fabric and that barbie head I half-rerooted (and then both reroot tools broke)

    I'm going to pull the hair out because it's got who knows what on it and rerooting the way I do it now is easier on my needle stash.

    I have leftover hair from the original reroot and it was very long, so I'm kind of curious if I can use that instead of my usual yarn...afraid to buy hair online again because our mailman can be pretty useless and I don't want an expensive order of doll hair lost again.
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    Had to double check that furrier was the right word for a fur...tailer..person. I thought it was but I didn't want to use it and then look stupid.

    My writing isn't good but i at least want to get words right. Most of the time. I have a sliding scale of fucks to give

    Edit: spellcheck does not like furrier.
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    Have made an important decision (subject to change, but having a usable name is nice)

    The designer for the Ravens (not JUST them but she ends up working closely with them and helps create a unifying aesthetic, so despite various differences in a person's style you can still see how their finery fits into the public's idea of the Ravens, due to repeated color choices, textures, cuts, etc. Nobility is a BRAND dammit. Or it should be. If you're going to have a useless archaic system of government, at least make it fashion)

    Her name is Beatrice and her fashion house is something along the lines of First Water

    (I saw Julia cudneys video on Bridgerton and she referred to Daphne as a diamond of the first water and I liked the phrase)

    She doesn't have a last name yet

    I just came up with the names yesterday, they have years of fine tuning to go through

    But the lady is Named.
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    No one cares but it's been bothering me. Demon lifespans are 2000 years, but they go by their calendar year and theirs is 360 days. So I did some quick math and figured 5 fewer days out of 2000 years adds up to around a 27 year difference between earth and Xaurian years. By the time you're that old I figure you don't pay much attention to your exact age lol. And plenty of demons start deteriorating after they turn 1600, though some do stay in good health for longer. So the lifespan is varied but they can technically make it to 2000 if they are lucky and maybe using some magical boosters.
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    I don't have a good place to put this but a friend of mine shared her DNA results and someone commented "your grandpa was 5/8 Porch Creek Indian!"

    First question, was the 5/8 a typo? Second question, who named those poor guys-

    *pause to google*

    Poarch Creek. Offshoot of regular Creek Indians. There we go. Still confused about the 5 XD
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    I am taking a break from the Orchid story, as it's more complicated but dear to me, and I want to do it as much justice as I can. But here is the first bit of another story set in that universe that i wrote a few months ago.

    I'm currently working on a very silly side AU where Orchid wasn't born and Onyx becomes queen. I'm a little shy about sharing that one, but I might change my mind.

    My brain doesn't like me writing things just to leave them in a notebook, I always feel like I have to justify it by sharing :P lmao

    Flynn escorted his sister around the market, as tradition in this land dictated that a noble woman should not roam alone. She admired the cloth that could be found in this city, and they had visited here before. His father and half-brother were negotiating for trade between their lands. He hoped for good news. People in this land were wary of magic users.

    He had been following his sister for almost two hours. It was a warm summer day, and he was lost in thought when he heard a woman cry out behind him. Flynn turned quickly, seeing her on the ground. She gasped in pain and he bent over to offer her a hand.

    "Oh dear. Are you hurt, miss?" He looked around for her escort, but she was alone, and with a look at her dress -dark green wool with poorly scrubbed out stains, and a worn hem- he decided she must be a commoner.

    She looked up with enormous, teary blue eyes and a pout. He would check her for injury himself, but again, tradition. Without another word he scooped her up and carried her into the shop, setting her in a chair. "Jewel, come look at her ankle. It might be sprained."

    At first his sister looked annoyed at his intrusion, but her eyes softened when she saw the disheveled young woman. Jewel would be the pride of any family, with bright violet eyes and nearly-white hair tucked up into a jeweled net. She pulled her handkerchief out so the woman could dry her eyes, then knelt on the floor to check her. There was no swelling, only a small scrape on her knee from the fall. Jewel smoothed the woman's skirt back down and gave her a pat.

    "There, no harm." The woman still sniffled. "Are you alright?"

    "I'm... I'm just not used to any of this!"

    "To what?"

    Her lip trembled. "My family lost everything! I was looking for a job so I could mother still needs to stay with my younger siblings."

    Jewel looked at her more closely. Her hair was long and loose, and the woman's hands were even softer than her own. "Come, let us talk."

    She led the young lady out of the shop and into a large black carriage her father had lent them. It had gold trim and soft red velvet cushions. The lady looked more relaxed, and Jewel filled a bowl with cool water so she could properly wash away the tears.

    "My name is Jewel, of the Raven family."

    The lady stopped wiping her face for long enough to smile. "My name is Anna."

    "I am sorry about your family."

    Anna sniffed. "Our reputation is ruined. The only work my father can find barely keeps us fed and at an inn."

    "What happened?"

    Anna blushed. "Its a long story."

    Interesting, but Jewel decided to pry later. She shared something to make her feel like more of a kindred spirit. "My father is here on business with his heir, my half brother."

    "He was born to the first wife?"

    Jewel smiled. "No, our mother was never married to Father."

    Anna glanced at the black haired man that stood dutifully outside. "You are..."

    "Bastards. But our mother's name is good, and our father is kind. As long as we don't intrude in the royal court too often, my stepmother leaves us be."

    Anna chewed on her lip a moment. "Do you need a lady's maid?"

    Jewel hummed. Anna would surely make for a poor maid. "No, but I know little of this land, and if my father can make a trade agreement we will visit more, so I'd like to learn. Perhaps you could visit our manor for a few weeks, if your parents would accept?"

    Anna's cheeks reddened again. "The...the king thinks poorly of us."

    "Oh, what harm could it do? I doubt he cares who foreign bastard-born invite over. Let us give you a ride back to your inn, at least."

    "I will ask my parents about a visit." Anna said more eagerly, the light coming back to her eyes. Jewel could tell there was something off about her, but she was pretty, and Jewel was curious about her family's story.

    She opened the carriage door slightly to speak to Flynn. "We're going to escort miss Anna back to her inn."

    "Alright." He was relieved to have a break from the busy market.

    Demons can have albinism, and it can run in families but it is recessive. It pops up every now and then for the Ravens. Theirs does not effect skin, as that is a different gene, but it does effect hair and eyes. Eye color is determined by both pigment and aura. Albino demons have eyes the color of their magical aura, instead of aura with a heavy layer of pigment. When normal demons are excited, angry, passionate, or doing strong magic, the aura becomes brighter and more easily seen.

    It's an excuse to have cool eyes. They do have more difficulty than others with bright light, but most compensate with a charm or enchantment. And it isn't as severe as humans with albinism.

    Barely concealed sparklewolves.

    Spellcheck keeps wanting to make albinism Calvinism.

    Edit: Anna is absolutely laying it on a bit thick. Flynn is probably not the first nobleman she's tripped around.
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    Doing a lot of planning in regards to clothing. I like a lot of what they did on the show (even if characters were more color coded than in the books, making it a little boring especially for Cersei. I think Daenerys gets the most interesting color palette.) even if the idea of Watching it upsets me. But I do like how diverse the different houses are with clothing cut and structure.

    So I might pay for HBO and just watch the majority with sound off or heavily edit what I do watch lmao.

    I will say I hate Margaery's weird shoulder pad things. I think they are unnecessary but i also dislike most hats so I think I just Hate Fun.
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    Joffrey is described in the books as wearing a golden choker and i love that for him???? Giving our bastard prince some JEWELRY

    He is a jackass but he's also like 14 and raised by Unfortunate People and given way too much power. I gave him like 5 years of therapy and now he is still Angry but has had Stop Being A Dick hammered into his brain. Now he's a grumpy 19 year old who wants to prove himself but also Definitely Doesn't, Fuck You.

    Lannisters are my problematic faves. Minus Tywin. Tywin stays out of the dungeon out of my respect for Joanna, but only of she keeps him on his leash.
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    Had to check back here for the names of the lesser gods lmao im firing myself
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    Erin- water
    Hagir- earth
    Zephyr- air
    Aodh- fire

    Eira- ice/cold
    Raiden- lightning
    Selene- darkness
    Areli- light

    I'll go into more detail later, I had Eira and Erin mixed up. I like Eira for water more so I might change ice lady's name. Thankfully I had an ancient document saved in my Google drive with old descriptions of them. Too embarrassing to share, alas (they were from 2016, maybe older) but at least we have the names

    I know Raiden and Zephyr are obvious names, BUT I LIKE THEM
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    I absolutely refer to him as Zephy in informal situations, I love him. He is my dumb boy.
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    Renamed the fashion house to simply Diamond. Their celebrity clients have OOAK gowns or suits made and if the client allows it, a dress or suit can be produced based on the designs. With enough differences that it wouldn't be confused for the original, of course. The gowns are still very expensive, but not something only mega celebs or a noble could afford. The fashion line is referred to as Diamonds, and I think the OG design would be a First Diamond.

    Imagine going to a really nice gala or something and overhearing someone gasp and ask their friend "whose" gown they're wearing. People could have their fave lines within the Diamond line, like the celeb you jive with in a fashion sense. Idk i think it'd be pretty cool.

    There's different levels of Fancy in the house. The ooak clothes for their highest tier clients, then Diamonds, then i think I'll name the other tiers after whatever that system of ranking diamonds is.

    Because Beatrice moved her house to Xaurius (the house is based out of an entire wing of the royal palace. Palace was too big for just the family's use) they also have a Carbon line with good quality, not cheap but reasonably affordable clothing for working outdoors. There's a lot of farming, mining, forestry, fishing industries being built up. It's good to flesh out your business. And helps make it a household name.
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    Im never going to write a novel, only worldbuild lmao. But if I get enough together and make it cohesive I might make my own forum site for folks to roleplay or get together to do other things with it. I'll probably have to write SOMETHING to get more than a half dozen fans, but AO3 will do fine.

    I have Dreams. Hopefully...attainable...dreams.
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    When I think about how dirty they did my girls in the show I get So Sad :(

    If dany goes mad in the books I'm going to be PISSED

    And if she and Sansa meet I hope they will be friendly. They're both such well meaning kids, I think they have a lot of things in common.

    Martin, istg don't fuck this up. I will throw the entire canon away XD
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    Wanted to slow down, stop fretting about plots, and go back to basics with a farmer character. A man, if you can believe it.

    I write those every now and then. Just to be fair XD
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    I find spreadsheets and math so fucking soothing. Truly an accountant at heart.

    Storywise there's some "more interesting" things going on but first I spent an hour getting my finances in gear lmao.
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    My brothers both share their music on Facebook and I'm just like

    *uncomfortable laughter while kicking my notebooks further under my bed*

    My older brothers name on band camp is delightfully dramatic, but im afraid to share it here in case any of his real-name accounts are attached and I accidentally doxx us. But it makes me giggle when I see it.
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    Trying to convert euros to American dollars, and I wanted to do the math instead of using a converter to keep things simple, so the rate doesn't keep changing in fiction as the real life currency does. I know that stuff fluctuates but it makes my brain happier to keep things at a flat rate.

    It took me an EMBARRASSINGLY long time to figure out how to use decimals you guys. I am rusty.
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    And in case the paper i have it written on dies...

    I'm going for a harvest moon esque calendar, but there is a bit of wiggle room when it comes to planting. Universal calendar doesn't have named months yet. I'm honestly enjoying using the day of the year instead of month? That way for a date you can put the month and day, or just day. Useful for figuring out planting and harvesting dates as well.

    Months are just split up into 12, 30 days each. 3 months per season. Spring is set at the beginning of the calendar year. Seasons are even more "harvest moon" than usual in certain places, since some land is "created" and has artificial weather and temperatures. Helps with overpopulation and keeping property affordable. In some ways the way the Government runs things are nice, but in some they are still bullshit. And if you're in a place with less Government influence it can be more flaky on rules, and there's a trafficking problem, among other things. When advanced science and magic are around, keeping folks safe can be difficult. Sometimes it's a "we do what we can" thing and sometimes they look the other way because their resources are too low to deal with it and they'll get to that specific problem "later".

    Interrupting worldbuilding is an issue of mine.

    Xaurian calendar:

    I may switch some of the months, haven't decided.

    Life (day 1-40)
    Day 20 is the start of spring

    Water (day 41-80)

    Light (81-120)
    Day 100 is the start of summer

    Fire (121-160)

    Lightning (161-200)

    Wind (201-240)
    Fall starts day 220

    Earth (241-280)

    Ice (281-320)
    Winter starts day 300

    Dark (321-360)

    And obviously most of the growing period is from spring to fall, depending on what you grow or what part of the continent you're on. There is a deserty bit in Onyx's half of the kingdom, and a few other warmer locations. The area near the Locean is warm year round, but very arid. You could grow there but you'd need to make sure the plants had enough moisture.
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    I should switch water and life around but I like having life be the first month and dark the last, so I can't keep life as the first month by chucking water after dark.

    Life is supposed to be when winter ends and spring starts and water is the first really rainy month (lightning being the other). But i suppose I can have the last few weeks of life be when snow melts and vegetation wakes up, then have it get rainy afterward. I think originally water was the month that the snow melted and life was more metaphorical of a name. But i like the new explanation a bit more.
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