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    I am going to ignore Young Griff/omg wut if aegon liiiiived unless and ONLY unless Dany literally ends up marrying him. Otherwise i will acknowledge his existence only for as long as it takes me to vehemently yeet him from my headcanon.

    I don't mind AUs where one of Elia's babies or both survive. But not like this, bro. You join your auntie or you get the heck out

    Edit: I would PREFER he didnt marry her because misogyny is annoying and my queen has dragons, follow her you fools. Hate it when people are like "but she has to marry him for legitimacy/the people want a king"

    Does he have dragons? No? Shut up.
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    According to a random baby name site, Eira is a Welsh name meaning snow, so maybe not good for the water goddess. I've been wanting to give the ice goddess a more Inuit name because I've used a lot of culture and appearance for her, so we'll see how that goes. I'm trying to not take too much from any one culture so im iffy about names, but I think it might still be nice to take a look. It's hard because it's fantasy, and im bad at just...making up names. But i don't want to be too grabby about it, like Nukpana is (from what I can remember of high school) one of the Mesoamerican underworlds, so while it is a very fun word to say I do need to change it at some point. I am pretty sure Xaurius wasn't accidently stolen from anything.

    I like most of the other names, but i would like to remind myself of the meanings of them just to see if they still fit.
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    I could keep her Welsh, they get pretty snowy. Maybe keep the name but also keep the appearance and some of the cultural practices, by which I mostly am referring to survival strategies. The occupants of Xaurius used to live in a more traditional fantasy world before they were punished with the new land. It's only very recent that it became more liveable, due to built up karma and gods getting tired of very few weather types. That's one of their main THINGS, they do weather. But they haven't been able to do much of that (especially poor eira) for around half a million years because of the hell realm thing.
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    Areli is still a good name, it means either light (or voice?) of god or one of the variants of aur-names, basically anything to do with gold. Both of those are fine for a light god. Gender seems wibbly wobbly based on what site I'm in or whether it's coming from Latin or Hebrew sources, but I'm very ok with a name of dubious gender.

    According to babynames dot com in particular it is a gender neutral name meaning LION of god.

    I'm here for a catboy you pray to for a good hand of cards in poker.

    (Homestuck may have rubbed off on me there but also light=hope is certainly a common metaphor.)

    Aodh is masculine, not sure how I messed that up. Im keeping it because I still think it's pretty, Scots can add that to the list of reasons to fight me. (I like to joke I can't visit Scotland or Ireland because I've always been too lazy to learn the differences)
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    I took some inspiration from the Kingdom of Benin for the stone/metalworking God, so I'll likely rename him something more suitable, since I have NO IDEA where Hagir came from.
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    So to update, Erin is now Maren, it's based on the same root that Marina is, but it isn't as obvious and sounds sort of mature and chill, which has always been the vibe for her. Aodh and Maren are both sort of mom friends, but Maren gets quiet angry and Aodh will burn everything you own.

    I still like Eira too much to change it and everyone else is fine except for Hagir. I'll be looking into his replacement name.
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