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Discussion in 'That's So Meta!' started by seebs, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    multiple times today, i've been logged out after refreshing kintsugi. seems to be after i've left the site open in a tab for a bit, because just refreshing over and over doesn't do it.
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  2. HonestlyVan

    HonestlyVan a very funny person who never tells jokes

    Mobile version of the site lacks a "back to top" button for me.
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  3. idiomie

    idiomie I, A Shark Apologist

    if there's some backend reason this wouldn't work/is undesirable, that's fine, but would it be possible to set kintsugi up on tapatalk? i'm on two other xenforo based forums, and tapatalk provides a mobile experience for them, so i know it can be done, although idk how difficult/what hoops need to be jumped through to set up that connectivity

    i'm just rarely on desktop anymore (current computer is going the way of the dinosaurs and i'm not real interested in getting a new one just yet), and while kintsugi is one of the better websites i've had to access through a mobile browser, tapatalk would make some things easier for me
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  4. Misty Pond

    Misty Pond Well-Known Member

    is there no way to stop xenforo highlighting new posts in threads by people I have on ignore? like, I have them on ignore for a reason, and even if their post content is hidden by default to me, it's still irritating to automatically click to read new posts in a thread and see it's posted by them
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  5. Loq


    this may very well be a My Device thing but it's only happening for kintsu, SO:
    for some reason I keep getting kicked out of my account on mobile (firefox, app is up-to-date), I assume whenever my session times out if I've been in another tab too long (despite having clicked 'remember me'). when I try to log back in I get stuck in an endless "you need to accept cookies to log in" loop. I click 'accept cookies,' the pop-up vanishes, I re-enter my login info... "you need to accept cookies to log in." :| Clearing my cache worked the first time, but hasn't since. desktop firefox works perfectly fine, so I don't know if it's the firefox app, my phone, or something with kintsu or xenforo.
  6. YggiDee

    YggiDee Well-Known Member

    I'm using the Firefox app and haven't been experiencing what's happened to you, so I think we can rule that one out.
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  7. Maya

    Maya smug_anime_girl.jpg

    afaik it has to do with kint's version of xenforo being outdated as fuck, it's been doing all kinds of weird shit as a result (see also: had to have a friend ask if one of my IPs was being discouraged because of my inability to load this site from said IP but not from any other IP, and seebs saying yeah no thats xenforo for you)
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  8. afarewelltokings

    afarewelltokings hey wasn't he in that talking head band?

    you know how we're able to embed videos into posts? is there any way that we could add the ability to be able to embed Spotify songs into posts as well? i know phpBB is able to do it with an additional extension but i'm not sure to what extent xenforo is able to as well
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  9. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    I´m sure it´s been brought up before but is it technologically possible to let folks change their own names?
    I want to reuse some old subaccounts for RP purposes so I don´t have to keep making more but i don´t wanna bother the mods all the time.
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  10. Chiomi

    Chiomi Master of Disaster

    I think the whole subaccount system is going to need to change soonish in order to keep the forum software updated? I know Seebs has been putting it off for the exact reason that it will change things, requiring consultation and figuring things out and giving people reasonable notice before any kind of rollout.

    Short answer: Maybe!
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