Can i draw you a pokemon?

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Deresto, May 12, 2017.

  1. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    Okay so i really aught to draw more, and pokemon are my favorite thing to draw. I also tend to draw more if its for someone, so im thinking why not combine the two? So heres a no pressure request thread, you ask for some good good pokemans and i'll draw them for you when i can! Sound good? Great!

    Edit: multiple requests and repeats are totally fine!
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  2. electroTelegram

    electroTelegram Well-Known Member

    can you draw me a bulbasaur?
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  3. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    ! Could you draw me an omanyte?
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  4. lurker

    lurker New Member

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  5. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    please draw a pumpkaboo? they are good and round
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  6. artistformerlyknownasdave

    artistformerlyknownasdave revenge of ricky schrödinger

    if you could, i'd love a paras! they're my friends................
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  7. Lambda

    Lambda everything happens so much

    an Espurr, maybe?
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  8. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    pls draw a Murkrow
    they ride on your shoulder in pokego. They are so cute and important
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  9. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    * whispers * a Skitty....
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  10. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

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  11. An Actual Bird

    An Actual Bird neverthelass, Brid persisted, ate third baggel

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  12. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    mewtwo. 'cause he is the pokemon that gives me the most feels.
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  13. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    A Cubone please
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  14. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal


    he find a beach ball

    omanyte seed.png
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  15. electroTelegram

    electroTelegram Well-Known Member

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  16. Technicality

    Technicality All's fair in love and shitposting

    Could I have a Togekiss?
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  17. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    !!! Thank you! This is so cute he is having so much fun 'u'
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  18. Lerxst

    Lerxst salty parabola

    A Ditto pls n thank? Disguised or not, either is groovy.
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  19. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

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  20. keltena

    keltena putting the fun in executive dysfunction

    Sandslash, maybe? :D Or mawile if you prefer?
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