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    I know this is an old tread but im working on a fictional language for my novel named Velnaricci which is branched off scandinavian languages but has a lot of new words, im thinking of making some sort of punctation system to indicate emotions and emphasis too but its underdeveloped. The grammar is kinda standard germanic altho i havent nailed the bending of tenses n stuff yet
    The picture contains random glossary

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    Linguistics is fascinating, and I have three conlang at the moment. The first two are for a couple of different cultures in my requisite novel-in-progress. The first one is a lot more developed than the second one, partly because I still haven't got around to typing up the notes I made for it in an old notebook. I had no idea where to start developing a grammar that would you let you express whatever you wanted, so I just started translating an Adventure Time episode into the first one and came up with features when I needed them.

    The third one is even nerdier than the conlang baseline because it's a language for Homestuck trolls. Like an AU where they don't speak English, I guess. It's not very developed, but it's pretty fun. They have noun classes similar to grammatical gender that are based on blood colour, and I really need more of a reason for those to exist beyond just appearing in the pronoun system. Adjective agreement, I guess?


    Jinko: A, zi. Yid zerfibazad zerkib zerkon suyug ma. Lu subidmi subidblid subidvil sid. Ti palu lofijanroj logjinja vib baderozert. (Ah, yes. Lot of emotionally powerful stuff in here. Still wet with tears. I’ll take some of these for lyrical inspiration.)

    Nio: Nyostia (grain alcohol) (I really need to type up those notes so I can make actual sentences in this language)

    Homestuck Troll: Zumina human zeq. Ziq dap zeqen amme. Dap zeqen deape. Ziq dap zeqen qe. Ziq qe ad kape zeqen jatzoino bacada. (Attention worthless human. This is your god speaking. It is a wrathful god who despises you more than you could have possibly dared to fear.)

    But I really have a lot more to learn about how languages work to stop my anglophone bias from creeping in.

    I like the word for love you have.
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    I was talking to my cousin about a setting that I was planning to use for a story, and he started making a conlang.

    So now I'm helping my cousin make about...five conlangs. Insects, dragons, lizards, Standard Reptile, birds, and I think there were also trees but those spoke via magic, not sound, idea how to do that.

    The draconic language was deliberately designed to be complex, with about 45 pronouns, a massive number of location cases (you are expected to indicate approaching/receding, relative altitude, etc), bizarre grammatical gender along the lines of Dragon/Lizard/Other, and five tenses.

    The insect language involved wingbuzzing and katydid clicks as some of the sounds, so it's unpronounceable to humans.

    The lizard language has only 2 tenses, has a possessed case instead of a possessive case, and had the same grammatical gender system as Draconian because the lizards and dragons generally lived together.

    We just started on the birds, but figuring out what sounds would be in bird language is hard. Especially since I was using my mother's parrot as a reference, and she is capable of coherently whistling her name. Like, without it being mistakable for other words. What the heck parrots.
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    ........I started making a conlang for seadwellers from Homestuck. It's...going interestingly?? I kind of totally forgot to do a Formal Alphabet, but I'm fairly sure I'm going to end up dropping/adding some letters. Mostly it's a glossary that I add to every so often, but I wanted to make two variants—the older one would have more ties to Hawaiian and Japanese syllabary (with some puns/nods to those languages), and the newer would be a little more interlaced with the sounds/structures of Gaelic?

    Oh, and I had like four types of sign languages meshed in as well

    had, they say, like they're not still fckn working on this shit :|
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