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    Hey y'all, it's update time!

    What we've been doing - nnnnnot much. The pandemic was kicking our asses pretty hard. We super appreciate the orders we've gotten in this time, our household income took a hit and you've helped us keep up with overhead when I was genuinely scared we wouldn't be able to cover it out of pocket if sales didn't happen ❤️ thank you so much

    Today we're dusting off some of our records and breaking out the dye pots for the first non-order-related dyeing in months! Some of our plans, today and going forward-

    • Start very, very slowly building up some ready-to-ship stock of true colorways, to reduce wait time for customers & to hopefully have an inventory ready for next year's festival season
    • Do science! We've invested in some tools for taking more accurate measurements of our process, to hopefully improve the reliability of recipes. We always meticulously hand-match skeins for each order, but reducing the number of times we have to go "well this doesn't match at all, guess I have to dye a new one" will be easier on us :)
    • Get back to proofing new bases to offer! Windward Bulky first, more to follow. (If you have any yarn base requests, we'd love to hear them & take them under consideration! We unfortunately are not planning on setting up for any plant based fibers any time soon, as that's a completely different chemistry than our current expertise, but any protein fiber, weight, or yarn structure is fair game)
    • Dye up some yarn for knitted samples, including for a new pattern design prototype
    • Finish up photography and proofreading to release the circle shawl pattern that's been in progress for literal years
    • Keep developing a new colorway line!
    • Start experiments in professional quality dyeing of spinning fiber in our colorways, including test spinning for sample photography
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    You can download Treegarth on Ravelry for free! This is a circular pi shawl with allover lace, using intermediate lace techniques and chart reading. This took me literally years to complete and get ready for publication, but I'm so glad I made it this far :) 00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200920151225513_COVER (1).jpg
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    We are alive!!! Also, we delivered our first commission work six years and one day ago :) and ALSO also, we've got some new listings coming soon so stay tuned! I try to remember to update here, but there are also links to our social media & website in the first post of the thread.
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    pumpkinhank.jpg pumpkinheart.jpg pumpkincloseup.jpg

    Pumpkin Cream is the limited edition colorway we're offering for Samhain 2021! Starting at 1PM EDT on tomorrow, October 29th, there will be ten skeins available at <3 Pumpkin Cream is dyed on our Radiant Sock base - fiber content is 80% superwash BFL wool, 20% nylon, and the skeins measure 400yds per 100g.
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    That’s such a beautiful autumnal vibe, I love it!!
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    pumpkinlabels.jpg pumpkininspection.jpg pumpkinpile.jpg

    They're here, friends!!!! I'm having a migraine so this is gonna be a dumb post but the quick info: there are currently only eight skeins remaining (TY very very much to the highly enthusiastic fan who ordered 2 of them before I'd even announced the launch), they're really pretty, they passed Isaac's inspection as pictured, and you can buy them here.
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