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Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by autopsyblue, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. I have a sudden need for RP stuff. Starting a new one and joining one in progress are both options for me. I enjoy OC stuff especially in a sci fi or fantasy setting, and here is my fandom list. I'm very open to RPing Homestuck in particular and have a grand total of 6 fantrolls, all of whom know each other.

    Offers? Suggestions? Feel free to share.
  2. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    ....I see Code Lyoko on that list
    are you
    open to RPing something to do with that
    if not, I'd super like to do something with Homestuck, SU, or PJO, preferably with OCs; I love OCs and I have. so many of them. so, so many.

    eta: or Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. GOOD LORD YOU ARE INTO SO MANY THINGS I LIKE this is wonderful
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  3. PJO is Percy Jackson, right?

    Hmmm I guess it depends on the setting a bit? What were you thinking in terms of Code Lyoko?
  4. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    ye, PJO would be Percy Jackson!
    hmmmmm. you know, not sure. I mean, I know they shut down the supercomputer in the last episode of season 4, so I guess there's honestly not a lot of options unless something really convoluted comes into play? darn. sorry, I didn't think much about plot, I just saw Code Lyoko and kinda went "SOMEONE ELSE LIKES THIS???? YES"
  5. Lol have you seen Evolution?

    We could also do something in the timeline of the show tho.
  6. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    I haven't, but now that I know it exists, I intend to see it.
    I feel like I definitely wanna do something with OCs--I'm always sort and ANXIETY about playing canon characters? I never can tell if I'm getting their personality right or not. so I guess we'd have to do something with OCs, but no original characters? would that even be possible?
  7. Lol uh well the writing for Code Lyoko wasn't too great anyway, I feel like as long as you stick to the basics you're gonna be fine.
    I... I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by that.
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  8. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    oh, wait, crap
    I'm sorry
    somehow managed to call the canon characters and the OCs the same thing
    what I meant: something with OCs, but no actual normal canon characters
  9. Oh. Do you have OCs of your own you'd like to roleplay with? Or a setting we can make up characters for, that would be fun. Haven't done that in a while.
  10. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    I don't have any OCs for Code Lyoko, but a setting we could make up characters for sounds like fun....I'm gonna have to take a bit if you want me to try and come up with the scenario, though. or we can PM if collabing on the idea is something you wanna do?
  11. Hmm. Up to you, I'm good either way.
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