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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by tickingnectarine, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Why do white people have to be so horrible (says the white person)
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  2. Xitaqa

    Xitaqa Secretly awesome

    I deliberately reminded myself that the dude may have had his beliefs inflicted on him, he may have been raised this way and have been shielded from perspectives that would help him question it. Because I dont want to hate people.

    But yeah, I'm lilly-white, but my sidekick is black, and he start his shift a fair bit after i do, so the whole time this klansman was in the store I kept checking the time and radiating telepathic commands for him to get the hell out.
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  3. ZeroEsper

    ZeroEsper Well-Known Member

    So the other day I'm at the fast-food burger joint where I work. This woman comes up to the counter and goes 'I'll have a burger.'

    Well, a smart person would have rung ger up for a single, because that's often what people want when they just say burger. But me? I stupidly ask her, 'which one.'

    She looks at me in surprise. I was not supposed to ask this.

    'I don't know. What do you have?'

    So I go through them all. She has no idea about any of this.

    'I want the one on the coupon,' she tells me. We have many coupons. 'I didn't being the coupon with me.'

    After a while we figured out that she wanted a single.

    I get that sometimes you may not know what you want, but saying you want 'a burger' at a burger joint is not telling me as much as you may think it is.
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  4. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    That read like customer service gothic.
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  5. ZeroEsper

    ZeroEsper Well-Known Member

    You'd be surprised how often we get stuff like this. Often it's customers who say 'hamburger' when they mean cheeseburger, so we tend to always ask 'no cheese on that?' To confirm. (In case anyone doesn't know, hamburgers come without cheese. Cheeseburgers come with cheese.)
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  6. You know that reminds me of a thing that happens sometimes when I'm ordering a burger- usually I specify "just lettuce, onion and pickles", and sometimes they understand this means no sauce, but other times they don't.

    I haven't worked in food service for years, and even then I was a dishwasher. Do you have an explanation for this one?
  7. ZeroEsper

    ZeroEsper Well-Known Member

    I don't, because we're pretty good about not adding sauce, but I can speculate. Some places have drier meat than we do. I think the perception os that if they don't add sauce, the entire burger will be very dry and you'll come back and yell at them (*disclaimer: I'm sure you're very nice and considerate and wouldn't do that, but we're just kind of conditioned to be nervous about fucking up.)
  8. lobo

    lobo Fandom Trash

    I work at a craft store and called off sick today because I didn't sleep worth a shit last night, woke up feeling nauseous, and had a test I absolutely had to go to for class after my scheduled time at work today. Made it to the test and did okay on that, but like... I feel guilty for calling in to work because even though I've felt queasy all day, I don't feel justified since I haven't actually puked @.@

    Buuuuut there's this lady who comes to our store and buys remnant fabric. The remnant is the stuff when there's under a yard left on the bolt and it sells for 50% off. Anyways, I saw her on my first day training at register and she came back while I was on register and she just... has you ring up each remnant (type in the amount of fabric and scan it in) and tell her how much it'll be (I told her what it was before the 50% off button) and she only wanted half of what she brought up and had me take the rest off. Like, it's not that big a deal, but it takes a long time to do when you have to do this for a dozen pieces. Why can't she just figure out what she is and isn't willing to pay for back in the fabric section? The tags tell you the cost per yard of the fabric. It's only different if the fabric is on sale /and/ a remnant. Why?
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  9. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    Oh, i've worked at restaurants for the past two years, i know how stupid people are. I do cashiering at a fast food place now, the amount of times people get pissed because i ask them a question... Luckily, i mostly find angry people entertaining, so it makes it easier to smile when they're being grumpy.
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  10. Xitaqa

    Xitaqa Secretly awesome

    it seems that different companies have slightly different lingo. Different locations within a company might develop their own variation. At my store, "plain" means no sauce and no veggies, nothing but meat, cheese, and bun. But I know that another store around the corner from us uses "plain" to mean no veggies, but the sauce is still there unless specified otherwise. To me that seems weird, but it's their standard, apparently bc their special sauce is part of the identity or somethign. idk.
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  11. Choco

    Choco Duke of the Weepy Marshmallow Brigade

    y'all today i had a lady who wanted to exchange some dress pants her husband bought, four pairs. all on four separate receipts. all with the tags taken off. our policy is to do exchanges as separate returns and then purchases, because our general manager wants to make my life terrible. so i had to do four different returns, matching up the tags to their pants.

    she was suitably apologetic about it bc she knew it was a pain, but still. still.

    pls, from your friendly neighborhood chocolate bar, don't return shit if you've taken the tags off. just accept that it is yours now, forever.
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  12. Enzel

    Enzel androgynous jrpg protag

    Dear very enthusiastic to be married couple:

    please do not do PDA when i am a yard away across a desk and CANNOT LEAVE BECAUSE I AM INPUTTING YOUR ORDER IN THE COMPUTER

    a very unsettled person who really did not want to have to listen to the smacking noise of this dude making out w his fiancee's neck while i sat in close proximity to them

    Also: when i tell you to come in and speak with my manager when she is there in the morning, do not come in an hour before close and get upset when i can't do something that I told you a manager would have to do yesterday.
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  13. Lerxst

    Lerxst salty parabola

    Oh good, a customer who thinks "a proof" = "a free fully engraved and assembled sample," we haven't had one of those in a while

    Like... lady? That PDF I sent you is the proof. No, we're not going to engrave and glue a $50 acrylic and render it unsellable and unreturnable so you can "decide whether or not you want to buy it." That's not how this works. THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS.
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  14. Xitaqa

    Xitaqa Secretly awesome

    Dear caller,

    I am adressing you as "caller," rather than "customer," because I am not convinced you have ever been our customer, and i'm pretty confident you will not be our customer in the future. I can assure you this comes as a relief to my crew and fellow managers.

    No, we will not accept a third-party coupon for 80% off of your purchase. No, we don't care that you will never shop here again. You called for directions to even find our store, desptire your claim to be a "regular" customer; the fact that you clarified that to mean that you shop with use three times a year really solidified my suspicion that we will not miss your business.

    But if you ever find a store that takes those coupos, let me know. I'm poor too.
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  15. Maya

    Maya smug_anime_girl.jpg

    This isn't a gripe but I was alone all day, both on the co-worker and the customer end of the scale. As a social introvert, this was equal amounts of relieving and distressing.
    I'm doing it again today.
  16. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Does hospitality (housekeeping mainly, some foodwork) count?

    Props to the dad who let their kid vomit in a trash can in their newly-cleaned, supervisor-approved hotel room and then blamed the housekeeper (me) for leaving it in the room. Like, all you had to do was request a new bag. No one's gonna get angry; kids get sick (and when they checked in, it was obvious that the kid was sick). Literally no reason to blame me (to the supervisor who had checked the room!!!)

    Also, to the person who thought that they could get extra towels by stashing them in the dresser: that's not gonna work. I can only replace towels when I actually take the dirty ones out of your room... unless you just ask. That's all you have to do. Just ask for some extras and bam, I'm there with a stack.

    Also, to everyone who thinks they can order special breakfast food from the kitchen, no, you can't. The kitchen staff doesn't work that early, but even if they did, the only options are already set out on the continental breakfast table.

    AAAAND if your party has more than 6 or so people, I can't seat you between 6 and 8!!! I'm literally not allowed to! Please don't get upset with me because my boss wants me to get her to make those kind of big reservations!
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  17. budgie

    budgie not actually a bird

    I don't know why some people will pull up to the speaker and immediately start going "Hello? Hello?!" but they can stop any time now.
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  18. OnnaStik

    OnnaStik Relatively nice for a bloodthirsty mercenary

    Not a bad experience, but I had someone come through my checkout today to get a thousand dollars' worth of giftcards. For Toys-R-Us. That's a LOT of toys.
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  19. Scam. Definitely a scam.
  20. OnnaStik

    OnnaStik Relatively nice for a bloodthirsty mercenary

    Or a charity thing, which is what he said when I commented- it is getting toward that time of year...
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