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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by tickingnectarine, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Loq

    Loq rotating like a rotisserie chicknen

    Had someone try to feed a self-scan machine their money before they'd scanned their one (1) item this morning. Why are people..... like this.........
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  2. one of our more irritating patients is transfering to another pharmacy. to Walmart. I don't like them, and I'm glad to see them go, but oh, they will regret this decision.
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  3. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    oh man, i remember when i went to walmart pharmacy. Apparently counting to 30 is, like really hard because i never once got the right number of pills. Usually too many. Sometimes double the amount i needed. Once I got four packs of birth control instead of my one birth control and three brain meds.
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  4. Yeah this isn’t gonna go well.

    It’s like, I understand why they wanna go somewhere else. They have two insurances, one commercial and one through the state, so they DO both have to be applied to their prescriptions, but we have to do it “the hard way.” And for some fucking reason, if the primary insurance pays too much for their insulin, the secondary won’t go through. So we have to reverse the claim, put in a special code that afaik we only use for her, then go through and bill the secondary again. Every time.

    Yesterday we had a completely new problem, for a product I’ve never seen dispensed before. On a Sunday, when we only have 3 people on staff in pharmacy. It was rough.
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  5. Been having technical difficulties with the drive thru at work. On top of the usual issues with reception (the drive thru side faces the freeway, ambient noise is a constant problem), the barcode scanner has been on the fritz for a week. If it won't scan, we have to either type the numbers in by hand for each individual item or use another register, which can be a pain with how busy we are. We keep rebooting it to temporarily fix it, but it won't stay fixed. And on top of that, the card reader crashed yesterday so even if the scanner worked, we still couldn't ring someone up there because we couldn't use their card!!

    Also, customers with lots of questions in drive thru slowing things down, an older couple came in with new insurance so we had to re-bill their NINE prescriptions before we could ring them up, another customer got three separate vouchers to replace a detective blood sugar monitor and the system will only let us use one per day so it takes three days to fully resolve the issue...
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  6. We had a customer at drive thru last night at 7:58. They had 10 prescriptions, took 9 of them, and gave us 3 more to work on for the next day along with a few clarifying questions. We finished at 8:09. We close at 8.
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  7. Nightthing

    Nightthing adulting af right now

    I'm tech support for the telecommunication techs that go into your house. It's a surprisingly stable career. Today's a freaking mess as usual due to our systems going down. Which happens a lot. A. Lot. I can't say who I work for but our infrastructure is hilariously bad.

    And we're a freaking multi-billion, world wide communications company.:argh:
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  8. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    Oh yeah I used to work for a call center that had an account with Quest running their customer service. I was never in any of those departments (I refused) but the horror stories I heard from people that transferred over.... Cable companies are shit and don't have the first clue basic what they're actually doing.
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  9. Nightthing

    Nightthing adulting af right now

    So. I wonder who are the dumbasses who cut our business fiber lines between Georgia and Florida state AND our residential in Chicago city. At the same time. On the same day. Like, how do you "accidently" cut cable bundles the width of an average human body?

    Bringing down Fed Ex, parts of Wal-Mart and other warehouse/shipping businesses *coughs*Amazon*coughs* for about a day and a half. We got fined in the millions and lost around 2 billion.

    Sometimes I wonder if our Network and Maintenance departments aren't run by 8th graders with a shoe string, public school budget. How'd we "forget" where we dug massive trenches and laid down cables literally from one coast of the continent to the other? I mean, the company punched through several mountain ranges! What kind of excuse is that?! Who gave permission for that person to operate a back hoe without checking if they are trained and licensed?!

    I just...I have so many questions. And I took my position so I'll never have to talk to a customer again. But our department was opened up to help the Customer Service and Billing department's overflow.
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  10. Loq

    Loq rotating like a rotisserie chicknen

    I swear self-scan machines have stupefying auras
    today I watched three different customers try to feed their cash into the receipt printers
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  11. Enzel

    Enzel androgynous jrpg protag

    So overall i can't complain abt my current job because it's miles better than my old one, but customers be customers

    I do tailoring and repairs for a clothing shop that also sells bags/backpacks, and for some reason it doesn't occur to anyone to wash their coats or bags before bringing them in for repair

    (Spoiler: it's gross. I once found an ancient unwrapped hard candy stuck to the inside of one.)

    It's also a good thing i don't have allergies because people can't be assed to clean pet hair off their belongings.

    The kicker was a pair of shorts that clearly hadn't been washed and was more or less covered in fur of some kind. I kept most of them in a plastic bag while working and washed my hands thoroughly afterward.

    (Unfortunately i don't always take the repair orders because i would absolutely tell people they need to bring their crap home and wash it first, but y'know, nicely. But i get sent stuff from other stores in our vicinity also and their staff isn't always attentive.)
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  12. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    oof, yeah, we do repairs and alterations at my store and the number of people who will get really pissed off when we tell them they have to have their garments cleaned first is mind boggling
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  13. Enzel

    Enzel androgynous jrpg protag

    I'm suddenly reminded of the guy who called the store to order some vests (i think) for his company employees. Now, we're...not the sort of company that you'd usually go to for bulk orders unless you've got a LOT of money, but ok. Except according to my manager he had her on the phone for ages repeatedly asking her how much it would be to get them all monogrammed.

    We don't do embroidery (i dont have the right machine for one, it probably costs at least $1000 and I'd need to be trained to use it) and she explained that, but apparently this dude just...did not get it. He just kept asking her how much it would be and what the turnaround would be. Every time she'd explain that we don't offer that service and he'd have to go look for a company on his own and ask them. Every time he'd act like he hadn't heard her and ask again as if he expected her to arrange it herself. I don't know how she finally got rid of him.
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  14. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Selective deafness in customers is...special

    Only vaguely related: i once had a doctor on the phone for a Parameter that she ordered as an emergency Parameter

    And theb she asked what the value meant, like clinucally. Like, only one of us has studied medicine and then ordered this thing, and it's not me! also haven't seen the Patient or know their history, this is literally your job?
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  15. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    Definitely one of my less dramatic work stories:

    We have a fairly complicated maze made out of old storage containers at work that's free to use and my coworker was stationed nearby in case someone got stuck

    He said once that some campers asked him to "turn on the maze" and he gave them a bewildered look and went around the corner, waited a few seconds, and went back to say it was on. By the time they got out the dad was irritated saying it doesn't turn on and my coworker just said "yes" and the family stormed off. Gives me a bit of a chuckle when I think about it
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  16. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    reminds me of the tourists that keep asking my mom if niagara falls is turned off for the winter
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  17. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

    I mean, they have been turned off in the past, but that's... A bit of a complicated thing to do.
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  18. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    yeah they think it's like... a fountain?? i guess?
  19. After getting a mass email from our corporate office, our pharmacy has decided to no longer accept non-insurance discount cards on opioid/narcotic medications. Cue the angry customer noises.
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  20. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    A woman tried to pay with a fake hundred dollar bill yesterdsay. Like... the worst fake hundred dollar bill I've ever seen. It had the wrong picture of benjamin franklin on it.
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