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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by tickingnectarine, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. LadyNighteyes

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    WV winter weather is pretty unpredictable, too. Some years it doesn't do much worse than hover around freezing with some rain and a few flurries, other years it drops three feet of snow in one night in February and they have to cancel school for a week because the bus depot is buried in a giant snowdrift. And road clearing when it does snow can be really all over the place because Twisty Mountain Roads.
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    Honestly I haven't noticed studs being all that much better vs what I got: siped all seasons and chains for when it gets nasty. Though to be fair, we also live in a place that gets regular harsh winter conditions and has the infrastructure to handle it so it's at more of an advantage than say, a place that is usually mild but suddenly has some bad years.
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    Biggest tip I have for winter driving is one I actually heard on the radio and was like "that's it, that's exactly the thing!"

    So, going slow and having good tires are super important, but it's not just low speed that is crucial, it's also being gentle with changing speed/direction/whatever. The radio guy described it as driving while pretending you've got a full container of liquid without a sealed lid in the car with you that you don't want to spill. No jerky motions, no rapid changes.

    (I've also always managed fine with all season tires, but the most terrain we get around here is hills and hollers, no mountains)
    *ETF typo, dyac
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    WV is mostly hills and hollers too, we just act dramatic about it.
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    I get up in a giant bowl of a place, flat but you saw mountains in all directions. Sometimes a bit of variation, a few dips. All the roads were square and our idea of a "bad" road is kind of hilarious, looking back
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    Bringing back the thread to say I think my workplace is trying to get people to quit or have a reason to fire people. They’ve been cornering people to have them sign a paper saying they’ve been told the new rule that you will be terminated if you park outside of the employee spots. No warning once and done.

    That would be unreasonable as is but add on to that the fact we lost a third of the employee parking to construction recently you have me over here wondering just how far disconnected management is
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    So I work as a cashier at a resort, and my boss has initiated a new program that involves the 'employee of the month' system. Working at this place is typical service industry hell, and he decided anyone specifically named in a positive light the most in reviews gets their own pick of an employee of the month tee-shirt, that they Must wear all month.

    The catch? Whoever's wearing it gets extra flack for having an off day, even if it's something we have no choice over (eg, a card reader is broken and we have to use cash only, pissing off customers, or having a group of thirteen come up and telling them we only have twelve slots for something, that kind of thing).

    No one working in the park wants the "Honor" of the shirt and it's breaking both morale and productivity to an all time low... It's frustrating as shit
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  8. Normal day:
    "Hello, how can I help you?"
    Customer hands me a prescription and says nothing.

    "Hello, how can I help you?"
    Customer hands me a discount coupon and says nothing.

    At least a prescription has a name on it, a coupon gives me no information at all about who you are.
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  9. Also, in worse news, our pharmacy manager just put in their two weeks notice and the only other pharmacist we have has been job hunting. And is already getting interviews.
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