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    Our Ranger is too good for Barovia, too pure. A house, boarded up, stinking of old meat and mildew from the gap in the boards where the Rogue tried to peer inside...and his first suggestion is, "We should try to say hello first, because they might be okay."

    Like, sweet halfling Clay is on his tippytoes calling softly through the window of a boarded-up house: "Helloooo? Hello?" The low, grating groan doesn't deter him. "Oh, sorry - I didn't mean to wake you up from your sleeping!" Shuffling footsteps, a heavy thud and scraping at the boards.... and he straight up apologises for bothering the obvious zombies if they're hungover, he just wanted to make sure they were okay!

    (He made a nigh-miraculous saving throw to avoid being hauled in by the hair when the zombies broke through the window.)

    ...This is what happens when your party from a cute little wizard tower oneshot ask if you can run a horror campaign for the same characters. It's hilarious, but also, oh my god Clay I know you successfully friended your way out of combat in 90% of the tower encounters because nothing there was at its core malevolent but now i very much fear for your life expectancy
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  2. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Planning to jump into a MotW one shot tomorrow, in part because yay one shot and in part to further test how the system plays so I know if I want to run a game with it.

    Making an Initiate (a relatively new member of a secret sect of monster slayers), and was messing around in that Homestuck picrew going around, so I did some randomization and adjusting til I saw a character I had a sense of personality from.

    Daina _ the Initiate.png

    My notion right now is to play her as Alphys might imagine Undyne - if Alphys weren't distracted by shipping. Somebody tough and protective, but very much a huge nerd. Simultaneously taking a serious responsibility seriously, training hard with scars to prove it, but excitable and prone to getting caught up in things of interest, and not super savvy about the things she hasn't specifically learned about.

    I figure "Daina" is a good name for combining Undyne and Alphys, as long as I don't start saying "Diane" instead.

    The move Ancient Fighting Arts would let her do a little harm and also get +1 going forward when protecting someone, Helping Hand would let her give +2 instead of +1 if successfully helping out... and maybe That Old Black Magic to be able to use magic to get 1 investigate a mystery question via +Weird, rather than using +Sharp to maybe get multiple. So with wanting Tough and Cool, figuring the rating array of -1 Charm, +1 Cool, 0 Sharp, +1 Tough, +2 Weird.
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  3. anthers

    anthers sleepy

    My tiefling druid has peets and anyone who says it should be otherwise can pewwish.
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  4. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    random funny d&d memory that just popped into my head:
    that time the dwarf ranger got his charisma drained to 2 during a fight... and so the player spoke in unintelligible Boomhauer-esque gibberish until we were able to get it restored. which ended up being multiple sessions.
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  5. turtleDove

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    During our most recent session of a one-shot (the Frostmaiden one), the party went in pursuit of a magic cauldron that we'd recovered a couple sessions ago. It creates basically unlimited food, which is helpful when you're having to do things like sacrifice all of a day's fishing catch in order to help stave off the fury of a vindictive deity.

    So, we track down the thief without any particular issues (our mounts are going to need to rest for a day, because we pushed them too hard, but that's it) and the GM drops the handout for the town the thief ran to (where she has some connections and possibly family). Included in the handout is the town speaker, who is Naerth Maxildanarr. Hand to god, I did not scroll down on the map to spot ahead of time that Naerth is also in the town inn, with the thief.

    Now, important sidenote: one of the gimmicks of the setting is that everyone's got a dark secret of some kind. Something that's maybe not bad to have the rest of the party know, but which is rather on the personal side. My character, Rahesha's dark secret is Old Flame - the rules of which state that I get to pick one NPC in Ten-Towns that I can see and declare that they're my character's former lover, and this then requires them to be helpful and friendly to my character no matter how checkered our past might be.

    So, I send the GM a DM, and go "hey, can I pick Naerth as my character's old flame? I am asking this because it'll be funny. And possibly helpful, but mostly funny." The GM, who is fully aware of who is and isn't on the map, goes "you know what? This'll be hilarious, go for it."

    The monk accidentally gets spotted by the thief while scouting around the outside of the inn, after we send one party member (a changeling) in while disguised as someone the thief won't have seen before. And that triggers combat. So it's about - idk, maybe three rounds of the rest of the party fighting Naerth and his thugs, before my character manages to get to where she can join in and also spot him. Followed by "Hi, Naerth~!", which is met with a very disbelieving "Oh gods, you're alive!", and the two of them then proceeded to spend the rest of combat arguing over the linguistic semantics of him having paid someone to steal the cauldron and him declaring various things to be 'the reason why we never worked out', including her being a Scorpio and him being an Aries. (He also immediately went "okay, change of plans, men. Take them alive, do not kill any of them.")

    One of the other party members is, I think, very disapproving of this past relationship and really not okay with the fact that we're not killing Naerth for the crime of being a mob boss, and once combat is over, he goes "so how many murders have you had carried out, Naerth? I want Rahesha to know the number." Which just led to Rahesha being exasperated, because she feels patronized by that; it's not like she's unaware that her evil ex is, in fact, literally evil. (Also because Naerth is lawful evil, and Rahesha's also aware that he's very careful about obeying the laws.)
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  6. budgie

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    Our sorcerer polymorphed himself and our barbarian into T-rexes during combat. DM ruled that with an intelligence of 2, they didn't remember who was their friends or allies, so they got to keep their basic personality traits - sorcerer wants to make friends with everyone, barbarian wants to do a murder

    I made a comic

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