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    dky burnt toast

    making a thread to post all my writing shit ayy

    here's my ao3 if anyones interested!
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    dky burnt toast

    i'm working on a huge multichapter fic atm for Star Wars and it's on hiatus until christmas is over, but in the meantime i thought it'd be a great idea to... start four new stories, three a series, and one long as multichapter ;-; why do i do this to myself

    i am really excited about my new fic though - i've always liked the idea of sith!obi-wan but i could never really get behind it before (i found a lot of interpretations were not My Brand when reading them) but i've finally decided to write one for myself so im pumped to see where it'll take me!

    “That’s a big ship,” He says, voice almost amazed, and Obi-Wan smirks.
    “Hardly. You should see my other one,” Obi-Wan tips his head, glancing at the boy sideways for a reaction.

    Anakin stares at the collar, mouth hanging open slightly. Obi-Wan snorts.
    “You’ll be eating flies, at that rate,” Obi-Wan pushes his jaw shut with the back of his hand, turning to stand.

    “You aren’t my slave. You’re free to leave.”
    “Why would you buy me only to set me free?”
    “Why buy you if not to set you free? It’s not like I’ve got a dying need for a force sensitive slave with one arm.” Obi-Wan sighs, dropping his head back to stare at the ceiling. “You can leave any time you want, Anakin. Though, I suppose if you really don’t want out of those ropes, I’m not going to judge you.” As soon as he says it Anakin doubles his efforts of getting out, growling in frustration. Obi-Wan had to turn his face away, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth to conceal his laughter.

    “Meet someone?” Anakin asks skeptically, leaning back a fraction. “Who?”
    “A friend of mine. Well, no. I actually rather hate him, but he’s in charge for whatever that’s worth. All you have to do is go meet him and he’ll decide if you’re worth training.”

    Obi-Wan hesitates for a fraction of a second, wondering if Anakin might actually bite him.

    He waves his hand dismissively, reaching out with the force to cut the ropes down the middle. They fall to the ground with hardly a sound just as Obi-Wan makes it back to his desk. He moves around behind it this time, dropping down into his chair. Anakin’s mouth stays open in surprise, a startled noise escaping him as his arms go slack beside him. He glances back towards Obi-Wan, who watches him out of the corner of his eye, putting one leg up against his desk so he can spin himself slowly back and forth.
    “Wh- how did you?”
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    dky burnt toast

    see i wrote the title as: dky's shit fic but everything in this post is going to be from my book so i mean i guess i lied

    “Quite alright. I can handle a fall or two. But really, shouldn’t we be stopping? It’s awful dark. Trippings the least of our worries in this blindness.” Wolves, namely. Nasty beasts, always hunting for their next meal. Whether that be deer, rabbit, or a small party of idiots wandering around in the middle of the woods at night.

    Nanid was looking at the ground with a strange look - almost confused and a little frightened - and Thiln was staring at him with a softened gaze. It was odd, to say the least. Just a moment ago Nanid had been practically bouncing with energy but now his face was pale and he seemed to have darkened in mood. Eventually Nanid turned, shooting his tall companion a look and then - to Keida’s surprise - Thiln reached out a hand and placed it protectively, or reassuringly, onto the white-haired boy’s back. Nanid’s mouth opened, and he seemed to flounder for a moment about what he should say next. Then he grinned and turned back to Keida, voice once again bubbly.
    “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to help you off in the right direction.”

    Now, this close and, granted, not during a battle, Keida could see clearly the features of the man’s face. He had deep brown eyes, almost black brown hair to match, it’s curls matted into an untamable mess. His clothes were old and worn, a dark black cloak covering most of him but underneath there was tattered, patched commoner clothing and he wore no shoes. He was massive, easily six feet standing and Keida swallowed hard.
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    dky burnt toast

    chpt 1.png
    spring mornings can't have fire tho

    chpt 2.png
    there's no rose in this chapter

    chpt 3.png
    there is not, in fact, a fire at dragonfly inn
    what's with me and fires anyway
  5. dky

    dky burnt toast

    its been 300 years and im back at it again

    “Aren’t you full of yourself,”
    “I’m not full of myself, I’m confident in my abilities. There’s a difference. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trusting yourself.”
    “Your ability to… what? Put just the right amount of glitter on the paper?”
    “Too much glitter and it’s messy, too little and it’s spotty!”
    “Are you serious?”
    “I’d like to see you do it then, you anti-glitter elitist.”
    “At least I won’t make it an eyesore, Lisa Frank,”
    “Lisa Frank’s work is beautiful, that is a compliment.”
    “Of course you’d like that stuff. You’re immature enough to.”
    “Says emo Barney. Did a brooding grape throw up on you and you decided to wear it out in public?”
    “At least I’m not pretending to need sunglasses to look cooler. The Matrix came out nineteen years ago, it just makes you look stupid.”

    “Neither could I, if you remember.” Qui-Gon eventually responds, causing Obi-Wan to look at him again. He can't seem to read his expression. “It was left to my Padawan to defeat a Sith. I let you down.”
    “I think there's a difference in being bested in combat and being the catalyst for the fall of the Jedi order, Master.”
    “You blame yourself,” A statement, not a question. Obi-Wan looks away again. “What use is placing blame when it's already done?”
    “What use-?” Obi-Wan starts, frustrated. He takes a step away, running a hand angrily through his hair. “If not for my failings as a Master the Jedi would still exist and the greatest Force user to date wouldn't be a Sith that I kidnapped!” Obi-Wan shouts, throwing his hands up in the air.
    “Who is to say this isn't what was meant to happen?” Qui-Gon turns to look at the horizon again.
    “How is it better to assume the Force planned for me to fail the Jedi, break the code, train a Sith, and run away when it got too much to handle?” Obi-Wan asks with a self-deprecating laugh. The floodgates have opened now and he can’t stop himself from talking, from saying the first thing that comes to mind. Part of him wonders if Qui-Gon had intended this from the start.
    “Is it punishment you seek, Obi-Wan? Atonement for wrongs that have been committed?”
    “Someone has to be held accountable.” Obi-Wan runs a hand through his hair, starting to pace back and forth. Qui-Gon remains motionless, as if he were a statue. It only serves to unnerve him more.
    “Then why not Anakin? Is he not to blame, did he not fall to the dark and wreak havoc on the Jedi order?” Qui-Gon asks, and hot, red anger flares up in Obi-Wan, not unsimilar to Anakin’s own rage, and he whirls around to face Qui-Gon.
    “He was mislead! Palpatine poisoned his mind!” Obi-Wan shouts. Qui-Gon turns to look at him, expression calm, cool, detached. Is this what I’m like to Anakin? Is a sudden thought that springs up, but Obi-Wan forces it down before he can even begin to dissect it.
    “Then why not Palpatine be held responsible?”
    “He wouldn't have had the chance to turn Anakin if I'd done my job. I failed Anakin, the Jedi.” Obi-Wan hisses.
    “Then it is guilt that holds you to craving punishment.” Qui-Gon concludes, “Whether or not you are at fault here, you feel as if you are, and need some way to atone for it.” Obi-Wan is silent. Qui-Gon’s face finally shifts to one of pity, of remorse, and he walks - floats - to Obi-Wan. He raises a hand and goes to place it on Obi-Wan’s shoulder, and while Obi-Wan can’t feel any physical thing he can almost sense it in the Force that seems to swirl around Qui-Gon.
    “Haven’t you suffered enough, Obi-Wan? Haven’t you been punished enough? I think,” Qui-Gon pauses, looking up at the sky for a moment before turning his gaze back to Obi-Wan. “I think it’s about time you take care of yourself, instead of others.”
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    dky burnt toast

    hhhhghhhhghhh five sad fic
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