Dreaming in Detroit (a changeling RP)

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  1. Ghost Fox

    Ghost Fox RP sock! 18+

    Detroit has too much iron in the air to be a happy home for anything Fae. But you have your reasons - whether it's because it's a refuge for changelings or because the city itself is so gutted that the humans are less likely to notice the weird - and so it is your home. But now your home has an influx of goblin fruit hitting the streets like the sweetest tide of dreaming death. Harmless but habit-forming for purebloods, changelings get addicted unto death and humans die right off the bat.

    So what are you going to do?

    This is based on the October Daye universe: details can be found on the wiki. A diversity of Fae races and changeling mixes is encouraged, with the exception of Dochas Sidhe: I don't want it to be that based on Toby Daye.

    For those unfamiliar with the setting: Titania, Maeve and Oberon birthed all the races of Faerie, starting with their overpowered children, who are the Firstborn of their various lines. Then the three of them disappeared, locking the gates to the deeper parts of Faerie. What's left is the Summerlands, a shallow twilit place that adjoins the mortal world, and pockets of slight unreality called Shallowings. Most purebloods live in knowes that are carved out of the Summerlands or individual Shallowings, and those knowes are generally complicated to access - through invisible doors, etc.

    Changelings sometimes live in the Summerlands, generally on the sufferance of the purebloods there. Most of them live in the mortal world, trying very hard to keep up their illusions. Illusions are important, since most changelings do not look human. Most Fae are nocturnal, and changelings generally keep to that, both because of natural inclination and because dawn breaks illusions and hurts a fair amount for changelings, and so being awake for it at all sucks.

    The Fae Kingdom that vaguely overlaps Detroit is the Kingdom of the Straits.
    1. This is invite-only! Please either PM me or post in the OOC thread.
    2. I want this to stay in the general area, so PG-13 max.
    3. More rules may be added as necessary.
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  2. Ghost Fox

    Ghost Fox RP sock! 18+


    Emer is used to being close to alone in the building, working as late as she does. But not quite this alone. Sandra is supposed to be here. But she's been dead for three days now, dead and taken by the night haunts, and not even the mortal police are going to look into it, because Emer had to bury the body herself. The night haunts had left a body that looked human, but it was a human body that still held traces of goblin fruit. She sighs and sits back from her computer desk. She's not going to be able to concentrate.

    The King won't care about dead changelings, and goblin fruit isn't something the human police can handle. Who would even believe a story about evil jam? For anyone not already steeped in Faerie, it's unbelievable, and the idea of introducing anyone to Faerie is anathema, even with Sandra dead. There's a reason to keep secrets. If the Kingdom of the Straits had a hero, Emer would take the problem of goblin fruit to them and dump it in their lap. But there is no hero, much less one who would listen to a changeling. The changelings are alone on the fringes of Faerie as they always are. She sighs. The next step seems inevitable; she feels like she's known what it is for ages. But she doesn't want to take this step, because she is so, so afraid.

    There's no escaping it, though, not if she wants justice or a proper way to honor Sandra or to be free of the threat of goblin fruit. She types a note, prints it, and shuts down her computer for the night.

    Emer doesn't keep bacon at home as a matter of course, so she has to stop by the 24 hour grocery store to pick up three pounds of it. She hesitates, then grabs a fourth. It ends up taking two rounds to finish all of it in the oven, but that gives Emer time to change out of the blouse and trousers she wears to work despite the lack of coworkers and into jeans and a Wolverines sweatshirt. Even more important than a human illusion covering her too-blue eyes is not letting her clothes single her out. She packs up the bacon quickly so it doesn't all go cold and then drives to Denny's. The dim part of the parking lot, near the Dumpster, is where she's aiming: she needs to bribe a bunch of pixies into playing messenger.

    Since there's no one to ask, the changelings will have to save themselves.
  3. Ophidian

    Ophidian New Member

    Father has given Ophidian an unusual task. Changeling deaths do not cause Father problems. No one pays attention when they disappear, and no one pays attention to Ophidian when it pretends to be one. Ophidian has taken on the identity of a changeling girl – recently disappeared, and recently discovered by Ophidian, but by none other.

    Ophidian tightly clutches the goblin fruit in its hand. Ophidian likes goblin fruit. It lets Ophidian have happy dreams, dreams where Father is pleased with Ophidian, where Mother isn’t Scary, where Ophidian is a them who has been given a name by their parents, rather than a rumored boogeyman whose nickname travelled to it across the smoky whispers. How could a fruit that shows such hope be the cause of such despair? Ophidian shivers in the alley next to the Dennys parking lot, contemplating this thought.

    Ophidian prefers warmer places, like the beach or the desert, enjoying the coarse feeling of sand on its feet. Ophidian does not want to be in a cold, damp, alleyway shortly before dawn rises. Ophidian must not allow anyone to see the creature hidden beneath its glamour – its form is much too hideous for any to gaze upon. Father says so, and Ophidian cannot disagree. Suddenly self-conscious, Ophidian extends its awareness of the surrounding area, an unseen smoke carrying the faint scent of death.
  4. Sorrel Owens

    Sorrel Owens RP sub | 18+

    Sorrel does not want to be here. In fact, there are very few things that Sorrel wants less. Unfortunately, there’s something going on, and what they want most of all is to find out why. If one knows why, then it’s easier to stop it. In theory. Or one finds out why and then gets murdered for it, but curiosity killed the cat and all that.

    Sorrel flicks their ears, hidden by illusion, and sniffs the air. Smells like damp asphalt, the sort of permanent greasy Dennys smell, and...rot. That’s an odor Sorrel is entirely too familiar with; they wrinkle their nose. It’s easy enough to convince themself that it’s just some rancid pork in the dumpster. Otherwise, they’d have to consider the possibility of an actual dead person being here, and you know what, it’s their night off, they would like to not interact with a dead person one day a week. Someone else can deal with it.

    Sorrel heads towards the dumpster, where the smell of bacon is stronger than everything else. They can see someone standing there--hopefully whoever invited them here. It never hurts to start off with a good impression, right?

    "You know, generally you eat inside the restaurant."
  5. Dog

    Dog New Member

    There are so many interesting things in the decaying city. Squirrels and burdock and rotting trash, and... lots of things! So when Switch is boring, he ranges through the city, bringing back news and whatever finds its way into his mouth. He has to watch his feet for bits of glass or rusty metal, but that's second nature after this long in the city.

    He scents the air again, considering his next move. The air is thick with iron and rust, but more importantly, delicious food.

    He paces after the smell, back behind the Denny's. The woman there smells of salt, and he butts up into her side, hopeful, like he hasn't quite realized that a hundred pounds of dog might make her stagger.

    Surely she can spare a little bacon, right? For a very good, cute dog?
  6. Switch Trinity

    Switch Trinity New Member

    Switch's voice buzzes down the alleyway as The Dog beelines excitedly off. "Dog. Dog, that's not a place for walking. You soft-skinned thing-"

    They shake their head, rattling slightly, too-long arms swinging loose at their sides. They should have brought the leash again. Dog is terrible about running off, and while it doesn't leave Dog lost it certainly leaves Switch stranded in strange spots with too much iron in the air.

    They make pace, boots clunking as they make their way after The Dog. "Dog, what are you hunting?"
  7. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    Aish is doing their sister a favor. Long-suffering sibling that they are, they agreed to go to the meeting while Ari continued her current job. The fact that it got them out of having to help with feeding the younger kittens had nothing to do with it. So, there they are, at 3 AM exiting the Shadow Roads behind a Denny's.

    They keep to the shadows, though. It wouldn't do to be without an exit, especially with a dog off its leash in the area. But they don't bother with an illusion or shifting to their feline form. Best to at least try to give the appearance of being sociable, after all.

    "You called?"
  8. Ophidian

    Ophidian New Member

    Ophidian notices that some unusual characters have begun to congregate at the nearby dumpster. It is consumed with discomfort, preferring to avoid contact with others. Ophidian must complete Father's given task, however, and slinks out from behind the alleyway in an almost seemingly unusual gait, pocketing the goblin fruit as the smoke of decay dissipates behind it.

    Logan Thrush, this is the changeling who should be expected to appear here, according to Father's instructions. Ophidian shall fulfill her role in her absence.

    "...Hi," it croaks timidly, rubbing its arm, "I have been instructed to... meet someone here, yes? Yes."
  9. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    There are worse places to be than here, Goose thinks. Dumpsters are only slightly smellier than a drunk tank or a men's bathroom.

    There are also much better places to be. A bank vault. A safe house. An insert-gender-herefriend's apartment.

    He notices the dog first almost immediately. It's hard not too, it's right in the intersection of adorable and way too big. Its... owner? Goose isn't sure, is running after it, and the sound of that is sufficiently distracting that he doesn't look at the rest of the group that is slowly gathering.

    He does hear the shifty looking kid (again, ?) talk and turns to squint at them. "You and me both, pal," he says. "Hey, you okay?"
  10. Dog

    Dog New Member

    The dog's head turns to look at Goose, mouth lolling open in doggy contentment as he lopes over. His tail wags lazily as he sniffs Goose's pockets and hands for more food, licking Goose's palm curiously.

    He looks inclined to beg for food from every person in the slowly gathering group, before he spots Switch approaching and sidles to hide behind Goose. The fact that Goose is... if not smaller than the Dog, at least much less horizontal... Well, that's no deterrent. He's definitely very, very hidden.
  11. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    Goose is mildly startled by the licking, and amused by the hiding.

    "I'm sorry," he tells the dog. "I don't have any treats for you." He says it with the same exaggerated seriousness he uses on the occasional baby he has to interact with.

    He kind of wants to pet it, but also wants to check in with the owner first. It's not like he'd want someone randomly touching him unprompted, after all.
  12. Zin

    Zin Professional Lurker

    "Dog. Dog. Come back. You said you would stay near if we did not use The Lead Of Slowing Down So I Can Keep Up," Switch's voice buzzes and skips slightly, head cocking. "You have broken your word, again!"

    He blinks slowly at the stranger. "...hello."
  13. Dog

    Dog New Member

    The Dog whines mournfully, looking up at Goose like Goose will save him from The Lead Of Slowing Down.

    Breaking his word is important, though, even though he knows Switch is disinclined to take them too seriously. He approaches and allows the Lead to be clipped on, looking as mournful as possible.

    There's always a chance someone will still take pity and feed him, after all.
  14. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    There is something weird about the dog owner's voice but Goose is so not one to talk about weird that he ignores it.

    The dog looks ridiculous, and absolutely adorable. This is what he gets for cultivating thirty years worth of combination mother hen and robin hood instincts, seriously.

    Then, the words that have just been spoken actually order themselves properly in his head, and he realizes a possible source for how weird their voice is. "You said Dog was talking to you?" he asks, trying to denote using "Dog" as a proper name with only his intonation.

    "I mean, hello," he adds, backing up. This is how greetings work, right? The sketchy kid temporarily forgotten, he looks up at the person. They are tall. It is distracting.

    Are they as tall as their dog, Goose wonders idly.

    He's not used to talking to people he hasn't known for a long time who he isn't trying to rob or help in a crisis. Dogs, he's okay at. Nervous kids, he's good at. Other grownups(?), even ones that are maybe changelings(?) or fae (????) are complicated.
  15. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    Aish looks for higher ground that isn't a metal dumpster or a car. Finding none, they choose the lesser of two evils and quietly jump to the roof of the nearest car.

    "That's not a dog," they tell the blue-haired guy. "That's a Cu Sidhe. A very rude one at that."
  16. Dog

    Dog New Member

    The Dog gives Aish an affronted look, sniffing the air.

    Like a cat could give him lessons in politeness. Hmph.

    He turns away with a snort as if trying to clear his nostrils, butting his head into Switch's hand.
  17. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    Alright, it is time to be reckless. They can just bail if things go south after this, but considering the person who just climbed on a car just climbed on a car Goose is pretry dang sure the Cu Sidhe and himself are not the only inhuman beings by this Dumpster.

    He lets just enough of the glamour go that someone paying attention could see a faint outline of wings and the "eye" in the hollow of his throat. His claws he keeps hidden.

    "I wouldn't say rude," he says. "Just...excited." He shoves his hands in his pockets. "I'm Goose. Can't turn into one, I'm afraid.

    He stifles a grin at Dog's antics. "So. Anyone else wonder why we're here?"
  18. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    "One of life's great mysteries." Aish says as they sit down cross-legged on the roof of the car. "Anyone else here get a message from a pixie?"
  19. Switch Trinity

    Switch Trinity New Member

    "Dog is not a dog. Dog is The Dog," Switch replies slowly, buzzing a little, hands already scritching deep into The Dog's fur, then pushes their hood back enough to reveal a pair of tv-static eyes. "...this one is Switch. The Dog smelled something and went too fast."
  20. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    Goose raises a hand, filing away the static eyes as a cool thing to deal with later. "It's a title, then?" he asks Switch.

    He looks over at the cat (?) person. "You have a name you're willing to share?"

    Goose is the name he uses the most, anyway.
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