Dreaming in Detroit (a changeling RP)

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by Ghost Fox, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Dog

    Dog New Member

    The Dog's head whipped around, and he tried to pounce before Aish vanished, fingers snatching at empty air.

    What a cat.
  2. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    Aish shifted forms while still in the shadows, coming out as a tabby cat near their previous entrance but far enough to be out of arm's reach. Or any kind of reach, considering they were in the midst of stacks of clockwork pieces. They poked around carefully, looking for the one who'd held the Dog's leash, and a stable perch in that relative safety.

    They found both relatively quickly, on a shelf that put Switch between Aish and the Dog. Their tail swished as they settled in to wait for the others, and for Switch and the Dog to notice them.
  3. Switch Trinity

    Switch Trinity New Member

    Switch stills, frowning at The Dog. "What troubles you?"

    They shake their head. The Dog is a strange creature... perhaps he was snapping at nothing but air, again. They turn their head around, and pause, head tipping back slowly as they spot a wayward feline in the midst of a pile of delicate clockwork.

    ".....oh. is... is it nightfall?"
  4. Dog

    Dog New Member

    The Dog tilts his head. "I was chasing the cat," he says, rubbing some of the dirt from his long fingers. "Is it time, or are you just making trouble?"
  5. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    Aish got up and stretched, then jumped off their perch and shifted, landing in their bipedal form on a clear bit of floor.

    "I assume it will be 'time' whenever the rest of our merry band arrives."
  6. Sorrel Owens

    Sorrel Owens RP sub | 18+

    Sorrel arrives after, appearing out of the Shadow Roads and glancing curiously around. When they realize how close they are to the Dog, they back up, hopefully slowly enough so as to not be worth chasing.
  7. Duck Newton

    Duck Newton Not Justin McElroy|RP Sub

    Duck appears closer to anyone than he intends, but thankfully not inside on on top of anyone. That's an inborn thing with his kind of fae, but still, it's always good to have one's limbs intact.

    "Hi," he says, waving at the Dog first because he's the one he recognizes the quickest. "I wasn't sure on the timing or on the where so I mostly just tracked you??? I'm used to robbing banks, that requires less social interaction."
  8. Ghost Fox

    Ghost Fox RP sock! 18+

    Emer is pretty sure she's found the right place, but doesn't know how to get in. She should have gotten phone numbers, if they had them. Or found more pixies to bribe. Breaking and entering isn't exactly her skillset, and she doesn't know if the abandoned mall has a security guard wandering around somewhere. So she finds an alley to watch from.
  9. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    "Well, that's nearly all of us, since I don't think Logan is showing up. But where's Emer?" Aish asked the assembled.
  10. Switch Trinity

    Switch Trinity New Member

    "Perhaps that one is outside? You all seem very keen on finding your way without doors. Perhaps that one is less deft at being found without being lost, first?"
  11. Aish

    Aish RP sub| 18+

    "Then perhaps someone who knows the area should look for her?" Aish says, looking at the Dog.
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