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    Some of my old recurring nightmares are cropping back up and I wouldn't be surprised if the mirror one did too. I know I told it to Seebs because he was talking about something very similar but that was a few months back and I dunno if anyone saw it.

    My sleep's kiiinda been fucked lately because nightmares/terrors and now I've been avoiding sleep because if I don't sleep I don't have to worry about it! Hahaha. Ha.

    Also that particular scene in the Young Wizard series gave me the creeps for exactly the wrong reason:
    I'm in a hall of mirrors, maybe a maze or maybe I'm just having a hard time finding my way. They're not funhouse mirrors, but the walls are smooth and unbroken and completely reflective. There are no seams, everything is just. Mirrors. And since I'm surrounded by them each reflection has a reflection has a reflection, and each reflection degrades, become a little less me. One of them is my Real Reflection, and if I can find it I'm safe. But I can't because there are thousands of Wrong Reflections, all around me, a lot of them look exactly like me except they're a little off, they follow my movements just half a second too slow or they stay still when I'm not looking directly at them or the eyes are all wrong. But the reflections of reflected reflections are more noticeably Wrong, they have scratches or scars or they don't have the scars that I do and somehow that's even worse, or they have mouths full of razorblades or spiny transparent anglerfish teeth or their skin is waxy and dead. And there's hundreds of them. Thousands. All around me. And I can't escape because everything is mirrors, I can't even find the turns in the hall unless I smack into a mirror because everything is so disorienting. I've never found my Real Reflection either, I always end up startling awake at one particularly nasty reflection or someone wakes me up or my brain decides to throw me a bone and I wake up naturally but without any kind of conclusion.

    And my other recurring, the one that's popped back up and I don't wanna deal with.

    So, first of all: dream-me is apparently a Functional Adult and lives in a major city. I'm not sure which one, and the details change pretty much every time. But I always have an apartment and a job and live on my own. The dream starts as... pretty much an average day for this incarnation of myself. I drag my feet about getting out of bed. I function at minimum power levels until I've managed coffee. I mentally complain about my wardrobe when I get dressed. Sometimes I have the day off and am taking this day to run errands. If I don't then my job is something that takes me all over town, delivery or something.

    I leave my apartment. I see Him. He is someone I know, someone waking-me knows. He is Not Supposed to Be Here. He's far away now, way down the hall or across the street, sometimes I see Him from the back. Dream-me is always jarred but... maybe I'm seeing things. He was far away, or I only saw part of His face. I brush it off. I continue on. I start hitting the first of my errands or go to work. I see Him again, from a distance. He's heading into a store down the street, He's getting into a cab or crossing the street away from me. I'm just paranoid, I'm seeing things, seeing someone who looked like Him has made me anxious. He appears again.

    I brush it off. I brush it off.

    As it gets later into the day it gets worse. He's everywhere, it's clear it's Him now, and He's close. He's stopped appearing doing innocuous things that could make Him anyone, He's just there and He's waiting. I turn the corner in the grocery store and He's at the end of the aisle and He's staring and He's waiting and the only thing I can do is back away and leave. I can't escape and I'm running now, trying to lose him on the subway or taking taxis to I don't even know where but He's always there when I arrive and I end up just running down the street trying to get away.

    There's... fuck there's probably a name for it. But you know how sometimes when there's a road on a steep hill there's a part of the building that ends up exposed? I think they usually lead to maintenance tunnels or something, the ones I'm thinking of specifically. Anyway I stop, and I am not fucking running anymore. So I go in, and it's a bare-minimum room with a stupid flickery exposed bulb and a metal staircase down to an almost identical room, and I go down.

    And I know what's going to happen next. Dream-me knows it. Awake-me knows it. And yet it is still always fucking jarring. He's there. And He's waiting. Because of course He was, it was never going to end any differently, we were always going to end up here. And he holds His hand out and there's something in it, something He's offering but I can never see what it is, the light is bad and it's something small and that doesn't matter because I take it anyway. Or at least, I reach out to, but I always wake up before my hand closes around it, before I can feel what it is.

    When I wake up I can't remember His face or who He is, just that I should. It's not a wake up screaming and crying nightmare, but I always wake up feeling both hella unsettled and... guilty. Like I fucked up on "the only viable recourse is torch everything and move to a different country" levels of guilt, like I've done something completely unforgivable and the stain is never coming out. Fortunately that feeling never sticks but still. Fuck.
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    @Lazarae yeesh. *extra hugs* those sound terrifying.
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    So there's a scene right at the end of Pratchett's book Witches Abroad where Granny Weatherwax winds up trapped in a endless maze of mirrors situation like the one you describe. Death informs her that she needs to find the real one to get out. She points at her chest and goes "This one."
    Might be worth a shot.
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    I'm sorta prone to weird dreams, but only four have really freaked me out.
    When I was three, my family moved from a city to a really old, rural house in a super creepy town. Soon after, I started having dreams of being chased down the stairs by a thing in a black cloak. I'd run and run, and start running so fast I'd be flying down the stairs with one hand on the railing. Eventually though, I got so sick of it that in the dream, I turned around and yelled at the thing, telling it to go away. And from then on, I never had that dream again.

    My mom and I were wandering around in these bright green hills, just laughing and chatting. But it felt really mournful, for some reason. And then it turned out that she had some sort of disease, and was dying the next day. And she hadn't told me until the very last moment. Then it was just me clinging to her sobbing and asking her not to leave me. I woke up crying from that.

    So, I'd bought a new lipstick color, and I was trying it on in the mirror. And I smudged it a bit, so I laughed and smeared it, but then it wouldn't come off, and I kept putting more on, and then the lipstick started gushing old brown blood.

    And then the last one was that I was in a jail that looked like a library, but they wouldn't let anyone read. And there was a chance to free yourself if you wrote a book, but they wouldn't let anyone have a computer or paper and a pencil.
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    Thanks guys, and definitely @Wiwaxia

    If I can gain a bit of control next time it happens I'll definitely be trying it!
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    Oh hey, dreams!

    I dream a lot, and they can mostly be divided up into a few categories:

    Train dream: dream about trying to catch the train, getting lost in labyrinthine train stations or ending up on the wrong train. I usually get these in periods of high stress or whenever big decisions need to be made. When I was planning to leave my ex I had a LOT of these, all of them involving either Grand Central or Penn station (I hate Penn station, it's like it escaped from my dream world - it's gigantic, ugly, monumental, busy and I have a hard time finding the right train) and bullet-riddled train carriages. Very stressful and discomforting. My mother understands me immediately when I say 'train dream', it means I didn't have a good night.

    House dream: dream about a disappearing house. I don't have these as much as I used to when I was a kid, but they occassionally re-surface. It's about a French-looking mansion in the middle of the country (probably a 17th century chateau) that has something inside that will help me Understand. Something about my family, or about myself. I dunno, but I want to go in there. The house itself is at the end of a forking path, with a typical French rose garden leading to its entrance. The other fork of the path leads to a 1950's/1960's style road stop - it's very modernist and bleak, and there's noone there. I sometimes go there instead to take a break, but it's always closed. However, when I do walk towards the rose garden, to the house, I see it there with its door open, and I can see a bit of a hallway with an old clock inside of it. The closer I come to the house, the less solid it looks, until it slowly dissolves. Sometimes I can get pretty close, but most of the time it starts disappearing the moment I see it. Mood is always really nostalgic and like I lost something when I woke up.

    The bad appointment: these dreams follows a pretty rigid pattern, even though the sets are different. I am in a large, modern building. Construction year is probably 1970/80ish, lots of glass and concrete, very sterile in the sense that the buildings have NOTHING cosy or humane to them. Concrete or marble floors, steel beams. Some of them have a bit of an airport feel to them, others are more like gigantic governmental buildings (ministeries and such). Sometimes I enter them with friends and family, but I always lose sight of them and I end up alone. Most of the times I am just alone and the first half of the dream establishes where I am, that I am alone, and I am stuck - locked in a room, or must lost. I marvel at the super modern interiors - glass sculptures, abstract paintings - but I know I should probably get the hell out of there because what is going to happen to me is Not Good. Sure enough, the next moment men walk in and hold me down to operate on me. These dreams always end up in painful (no anaesthetic) surgery performed on me, usually open-heart and I always wake up the moment I am lying on the table and they've just begun. Mood is always agitated, fast beating heart, whenever I wake up.

    The haunted house: it's a house, it's haunted...ish. I end up in secret passageways that lead from one house to another, complete hidden rooms frozen in time, with plenty dust and rot. Empty servants quarters and empty halls that I walk through and explore, impending sense of dread at being in places where I'm pretty sure I don't belong, but nothing really happens to me in those dreams, and they're a nice relief from the others. Houses are generally either based on the old Victorian one I lived in when I lived in England, or the old, large 1950's house I lived in when I lived in Venezuela. I'm always there with my parents, and the reason we're in the house in the first place is because we're moving in there. (I moved a lot in my life) Mood: genuine curiousity at how the rest of that dream would have played out. I always try to go back to sleep to relive that dream because I always miss a few rooms and I want to see the rest.

    The rest are just dreams where I mash together memories, and I have a love for architecture so it makes a lot of sense so many of my dreams have notable buildings that I can usually recreate pretty accurately when I'm awake. I've had the 'Bad Appointment' dream a few days ago, and I was being prepped for open heart surgery in that one. Building was nice though, very high ceilings, with visible air conditioning installations as a part of the decoration. Rather dark, with granite floors, and LED strips built into the floors. Reminded me a lot of Schiphol airport.
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    unnerving strange communist gulag future dystopia dream:
    last dream of the morning. starts in matrix-y dark green outlines-only 'hive' or cryo-storage. people start coalescing from green cubes, coalescing into people wearing military-esque uniforms. i am one of them, we are first-person here. i, however, am not 'robotic'. i am not programmed. i am aware that this is too early for this to be happening, and i am not sure where to go/what to do. some other people bump into me and whisper instructions. go here. follow. some other people are clearly properly programmed, and in order to stay under the radar i have to march properly when they look at me.
    we crowd into an elevator. b, specifically, according to the bump-and-whisper instructions. it is a very big elevator, gymnasium-sized. it starts moving down. as it moves we transform into regular people, wearing all sorts of clothes. J is there. i realize we are going to some sort of camp. there is one man who is very blasé about it - just do what you're told, you'll be okay. i am getting nervous.
    a big screen appears on one wall. we have to sing a karaoke-style nationalistic anthem. for some reason it is partially in Japanese and partially in English. America gets mentioned a lot. we are not friends with America. we are some form of Soviet.
    after we are done singing (we did badly, by the way: there was another part of the screen that told us so), 'wardens' (they are different but not visibly) tell us we will not be able to keep more than one layer of clothing, and something about jewelry. I remove my sweater, and curl up on the floor. it is cold, but not too cold.
    hair-cutters come in. one of them gets J up against the wall and shaves parts of his hair and beard - his sideburns and temples very short, his beard is trimmed, the rest of his hair is left shaggy. i am very nervous, the barber is very creepy-aggressive and is using a straight razor, but I don't dare say anything.
    some women's hair is cut. mine is shoulder-length and is left alone, but is dampened for some reason. a female warden who is sweetly bitchy tells us we should all do our hair in this strange high chignon, but you can only do the hairstyle using one finger. you must twirl your hair around one finger and then tuck it into the roll on top with the same finger. i cannot do it, my hair is too thick. the warden yells and is angry. my hair stays down and i try not to cry. crying is not good, you may not cry.
    we have arrived. some jobs are being assigned, and people are being assigned bunks. one man gets the privilege of reporting the 'news' and has to sit in a golf cart and be essentially a town crier. the men are led off. there is a girl, shorter than me, someone i did theatre with, who pulls me away from the group, and pulls me into the kitchen. i cannot tell why, but i think she is part of whatever resistance was whispering orders earlier. i sit at a table. everyone else has eaten - even the people who went to be assigned bunks. i have not eaten. the people at the table - i do not know who they are but they are important - are talking about me. i am staying quiet. you have to stay quiet. do what you are told. somehow i ask if i may eat. this is the equivalent of the officers' hall. there is good food. i am told yes. i ask if i can fill a plate. i am told no - i may take a bowl of jello and a bowl of peas. somehow i space out and end up putting not only peas but macaroni and cheese into one of my bowls. rather than be punished i leave that bowl and take the jello. (also there are anthropomorphic trees around. the male trees are burly and angry-looking. the female trees are willowy and scary.)
    before i can eat the jello (fucking hell) the same girl from before asks if i have a bunk yet. i say no. she pulls me out of the mess hall, through the man in the golf cart narrating over a projection of some western leaders with candles at a big rally of some sort, and to the infirmary. she sits me down, and another woman (a doctor?) starts going through available bunks on a large touch-screen. there are not many left. the area i would have been assigned to only has two bunks available. she considers them but for some reason moves on. she selects a section that is primarily filled with Asian women (mostly Japanese and Korean, I think, based on the names I can see), and considers some bunks. it looks like a large section is empty but it is not - it is filled with people who have communicable illnesses, and apparently i need to be kept healthy.

    ... around here i wake up, slightly panicked and uneasy. one of the most detailed dreams i've had in a while.

    other dreams last night included a cruise and shore excursions with my family and a good friend, which got kind of awkward and painful because we got lost and accidentally drove our car into the boat instead of leaving it in the parking spot, and my friend didn't believe we could just re-set the timeline and go back to where we made the mistake of taking the car out in the first place (you see, i was aware it was a dream, and could make that happen, but she did not believe me). because of the delay with the car, and for some reason i needed to change (oh that was because of the earlier dream hang on), we missed the first seating of supper, and ended up meeting my family outside at a barbecue, where they were particularly frustrated that i had missed dinner despite there being loads of food right there.

    first dream: first-person Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. i am a hella good sniper. unfortunately i get walloped by an Atlas in our last round, but we win so i come back. it turns out that this was actually the final mission to save the entire universe, and i can fly. there is a huge DVD collection in the main room and an old internet friend finds a copy of a good version of Phantom of the Opera. I tell her I am tempted to take it but we have to blow up the station. we managed to save one marine from the massacre. i seek her out and like a good commander i commend her for her service. we blow the station up. i can still fly, but am now with my family celebrating the fact that i have saved the universe and also the fact that i have received some sort of loan from the Manitoba government for school purposes that amounts to $40k, but my dad tells me i should try not to use it. now it is time to go to the cruise boat. but first i have to change out of my armour...
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    I had a lot of weird-ass dreams last night, most of which I only half remember, but there was definitely a bit whee Karkat and Eridan were fencing, which devolved fairly quickly into wrestling on the ground and Karkat prodding Eridan's bulge through his pants with the pommel of his sword and getting him off while keeping Eridan's flailing sword away from him.
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    I had a dream last night! Not that this is particularly unusual, but it was about Kintsugi so I figured I'd share.

    See, Kintsugi is actually a boarding school set up by seebs and Jesse! Not everyone in it is a boarder though, I wasn't. Anyway there was something weird going on with the lessons for that day, so what ended up happening was Jesse just gave us a scavenger hunt/quiz thing to do.
    It was mostly questions about dinosaurs (How old is this ammonite? Would Dinosaur A or Dinosaur B win in a fight, give your reasoning?) with a few about stuff like what were the living arrangements at Kintsugi or "witness an impromptu Dance Battle". One guy (who I'm pretty sure was supposed to be CAA, thanks brain) started screaming about how one of the questions was oppressive to dinosaurkin, and I was just like dude dude read the fucking question, it is asking you your opinion, just because a question offers you the opportunity to have a shitty opinion does not make it a bad question, but he wouldn't see sense.

    Anyway all of us looked and saw that the first question was "Go introduce yourselves to Jesse", so we went and found Jesse and he was teaching a class, and everyone else was like "oh shit he's busy let's do something else" but I was like "there is a limit to how cross people are allowed to be with you for interrupting them when it's done in the course of instructions they themselves set out", so they wandered off to do the other questions and I went into the classroom and introduced myself to Jesse (I got the impression that he was baffled but pleased to meet me, and also hadn't quite thought the questions through and realised he'd be teaching at the time).
    I checked the back of the paper and another question was "go get a Real Hacker to explain how to steal all the money from a casino", so I went and found Sollux all like Sollux bro are you a Real Hacker? And he had to admit he wasn't, he just knew some basic stuff about computers which he bigged up to make himself sound more impressive than he was, so I helped him to hide (on the top floor of the school, which was a casino) to minimise the number of people who had to find out he wasn't a Real Hacker. (Dream Me thought it was totally normal for the school to have a casino, but Real Me has just connected it to the how-to-hack-a-casino question and finds it kind of sketchy. Like, what were you guys even planning??)
    So then I thought, I know, seebs is a Real Hacker! And I realised the questions were just so we could meet the founders, and felt proud for figuring it out. So I went and found seebs - I was worried seebs would be busy but seebs was just sitting in the office all like "yeah I have literally nothing better to do than hang out here on the off-chance my husband decides to implement a poorly-thought-out scavenger hunt" - and asked about the casino, but I didn't understand half the things I was told and was too worried to ask for clarification. But I remembered well enough to google it, and the rest of the dream was me trying to find the computer lab, which in true dream fashion was always just a corridor or a flight of stairs away rom where I was at the time.
    (Oh, and Wixbloom showed up for some reason to tell me about all the terrifying-sounding full-contact sports they play, and I was like bro dream!you are shorter than dream!me and you are wearing adorable flowers in your hair, do you even understand how terrified I am right now.)

    (For the interested, seebs started off as male but then metamorphosed to female at some point, so I guess the answer there is that my subcinscious has no fucking clue.)
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  10. BPD anon

    BPD anon Here I sit, broken hearted

    It started off with me in a house with roommates who I was trying to become better friends with. The front door of the house opened up into a mall. They threw a party and more and more people kept showing up until I just plain screamed (which isn't even close to what I would do in real life, I would either try to interact with people or hide in my room?). Anyways I ran out into the mall and my roommates were chastisting me for me response. I convinced them that to become better friends, I should go on a trip with a roommate.

    So roommate and mom take me to a Disney waterpark. I notice that there aren't any fish, which I think is good because these places don't have the best animal care standards. Then on a waterslide down I see a tiny tank where orcas are supposed to perform and I get kind of nervous. At the bottom of the waterslide, the water is heavily chlorinated but there are a bunch of fish swimming in it. In the dream, fish die after about a week of swimming in chlorinated water (I imagine it's like a few minutes IRL) and Disney just replaces the fish whenever they die. I'm horrified by this and I try to get my roommate and her mom horrified too. Her mom tells me I need to trust that God will keep the fish alive and stop worrying. I tell her I'm an atheist and she tells me that no wonder I'm so sad.

    I head to the roommate's house with her mom. Her dad is home, walking, well, what is supposed to be a rotted, almost skeletal dead dog, and is treated as such in the dream, but the wrong image loaded in my head and he ended up walking a giant white tree branch. Anyways, I tell the mom that there's something wrong with him walking that dog corpse and she says that the dog is still alive and I need to trust in God that the dog is alive, and that God will give me a boyfriend and make me happy. I tell her I'm asexual and she's horrified and says I really need God to help me stop being so wrong-natured. And the whole time the husband is walking his dead dog, whistling. I can't get out and I realize that this woman is just going to tell me every one of my traits is evil and there's going to be lots of dead things and things being taken care of poorly and dying because of the trust in God and that's when I wake up.

    I was absolutely horrified in the dream but thinking back it was pretty cool.
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    Zombie dog/branch is great, the rest is, welp.
  12. BPD anon

    BPD anon Here I sit, broken hearted

    It wasn't like the dog/branch was walking with him zombie-like, he just dragged it.
  13. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    That sounds hilarious.
  14. Fish butt

    Fish butt Everything is coming together, slowly but surely.

    Oh god, what a stressful dream I had this morning. Ugh. Worse thing is, it's the sequel of another dream I've had a while ago.

    Original: I found a new apartment, 1970's with large windows on one side and something that looks like a badly kept roof garden (weeds are growing everywhere) and obviously a much bigger apartment that has been split up into two slightly less big but still huge apartments. Big free standing kitchen, ugly carpeted floors. Not really a very nice place and very confusingly split up: the bathroom is unluckily placed as it is shared with the OTHER apartment. My neighbour is an old lady with dementia, and she occassionally ends up in my apartment, freaks out and tries to kick me out.

    Sequel: I've settled into my new apartment, and made piece with the bathroom, except that this morning my bed is taken over by my neighbour. I wake up to find she's sleeping in it, watched over by her daughter. She glares at me when I protest - 'how dare you kick out such a weak old lady from her bed!', and I try to explain that's not her bed but MY bed, and that I'd like her to go out.

    A friend of mine visits later in the day and criticises me for not having been firm earlier - 'if you'd been more assertive, then they would've stayed out of your place since the beginning'. I'm angry about that statement because I'm sure she wouldn't have reacted differently if she'd been in my shoes, and because I'm contrarian, I argue that the lady is old and frail and the situation is much harder than she sees it - yes, they're breaching my privacy, but at the same time it's rather callous of me to wake her up now. I'd rather wait until she's up and then send them out.

    I do go to my landlord however to complain about the lady. She says there's nothing she can do about it and have I thought about locking my bathroom. I haven't, as it's a shared bathroom and that would be a dickish move. Nevertheless, I come back and lock all the doors of the bathroom while I sit down and have a timeout from all the insanity outside.
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    I realized recently that a lot of my dreams occur in airports and train stations as I try to and invariably don't get home. These places are always terribly non-Euclidean, with rooms a lot bigger on the inside and endless staircases and doors that open into outer space. One place, to get to the platform you start at street level, open a manhole cover, climb down a tree, and then cross a sunlit field. Standing at the bottom of the tree and looking up at the hole that led to the street, I was bothered by the arrangement, but only because I thought it was badly designed.
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  16. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Okay so I had a really... really nice dream... I was swimming in the sea, bobbling along with the waves as they pushed me forward and back... and also, the waves were made of soft teal cotton fabric with white lace foam, so the whole sea was so soft and gentle to be in, and the sun was shining down on me... they made these big, Hokusai-style swoops that sent me up and down, forward and back, but I never drowned. It was just an extremely good dream.
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  17. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

    Nightmare I just had, copy-pasted from tumblr
    In my dream I was being forced to go pick up groceries from a tallship out on this mile long jetty, in the middle of a huge, terrifying storm. The boat regularly vanished entirely under the ocean, and the jetty was barely managing to stay afloat.

    So I got out there and onto the boat, along with someone else who might have been my friend, not sure. I get to the cabin door and I see this huge swell coming toward us and have to hang on to the door as the boat gets swamped and goes under. For some reason there was like. A lightbox? And a little walkway remained clear of water up to the surface, like somebody parted the sea over the middle of the deck. I could see the water raging and surging around it though, and hear it as well.

    So I grabbed the groceries, all in one load because there was no way I was going back, and I see this big dark shape rapidly approaching through the water wall. I opened my mouth to yell a warning and then a giant shark burst through the barrier and then out the other side, leaving blood and stuff all over the deck because something bigger had bitten it in half.

    All of a sudden the boat goes surging back to the surface again and I throw myself out onto the wobbly jetty. I see the water start shifting as it displaces around something huge, saw one big black eye, and then I woke up D:
    This is probably some kind of metaphor but I'm not sure for what yet. I get a vague sense that it was about struggles with 'basic' tasks that utterly swamp me though.
  18. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    This is the single best thing I have ever read in all my life and it's gonna go on my resume
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    Just going to paste dreams in that I've posted to tumblr as I find them.
  20. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    That was an awesome dream, and also the first time I’v ever more-or-less-died in a dream without it waking me up immediately. I was a popular folk-punk rocker, think sort of a female cross between John Constantine and Shane McGowan except for some reason my band and I were all Welsh? I dunno, I’ve never been to Wales, but the dream seemed to think otherwise. And it was some kind of music festival in… some big city in England, the dream kind of kept shifting gears so that sometimes it was London and sometimes it was Liverpool or York. And England was under attack by eldritch horrors that were rewriting reality and sort of taking on the shapes of various bits of English culture and folklore and warping them until people couldn’t recognise them, or *wanted* to forget them, and then sort of gribbling people out of existence when they didn’t have enough connection to former reality any more. Like having Robin Hood walking around talking up how great Maggie Thatcher was, kind of thing.

    And for some reason my band and I, and a bunch of other folk-punk bands at the festival, weren’t getting affected. We could see the things for what they were and sort of blow the Dungeon Dimensions out of their possessed icon-hosts, and so we were running around trying to save people and organize evacuations and make sure people had food, and stuff like that. And one by one I gave away my trademarks, my signature bits of style, to people who really needed them right then, and that eventually let the dungeon dimension things gribble me out of reality, because no one could recognise me any more.

    And then instead of waking up, I just stopped having a character in the dream. I got to watch things go back to reality and people organising lines to get everyone some food and warm clothes or a blanket or something, and diggnig out the rubble, and then the interviews and political aftereffects - Jesse talking about how he’d introduced me to his old bandmates and I’d stolen his band from him that same night and he’d never even begrudged it because we’d been such a perfect fit for each other, and the government in power getting torn apart for having cut corners and commercialised so much public safety and disaster-preparedness-and-response, and things going back to normal. Most of the people who got gribbled popped back up with awful hangovers and no memories of what happened, but me and my band and a few other musicians who’d been helping out the most were just gone. No bodies to find. We’d been turned into folklore ourselves.

    And then I woke up! And the dream wasn’t really as coherent as I’ve described it, there were sloppy three-way makeouts with a couple of mythological goddesses in there somewhere in the course of collecting everybody to fight the dungeon dimension Things off, there were other weird bits like part of the festival had a wild west theme and I was summoning rifles up for people to shoot the Things with, there was a bit where we were floating down a half-frozen-over street in an open-topped car that was slowly taking on water while I frantically searched for the mix-tape that had the right song on it to fix things, but eh, you know dreams. This one still managed to be astonishingly coherent and I’m really glad I remembered enough of it to write this post. I may actually try writing it up as a story, because damn.
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