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  1. I took a nap in the middle of the day and remembered my dream for once!

    Bro & Dave from Homestuck went somewhere to sleep for the night or something and ended up trapped in a place kind of like Steven's room from Steven Universe, except nothing wanted to respond to what they wanted and the scenery didn't poof away when it was touched, just people. Dirk ended up separate from Dave and by the time they met up again they had both figured out that the place they were in was a trap. They tried to get back on the main road they had been on but it didn't work, whatever they were in just created another simulation and they got separated again. At this point the "dream" thing Bro's in starts asking him why he isn't getting psychiatric help but Bro just keeps trying to escape. Eventually he ends up in a dream that's him driving a car/truck away from that place with Dave in the front seat and Bro tells him he's sorry he's been worrying him, he doesn't know how to stop [behaving like a crazy person I guess? Or running from his problems?] and he starts crying. Dave hugs him and Bro hugs him back but Dave Steven-poofs and Bro is alone...

    And then I woke up. :(
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  2. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    oh hey i forgot we had this thread. C&P from tumblr:

    There was sort of a blue denim dress/American jumper thing, short sleeved, knee length skirt, but the left sleeve and the panel coming down from it had stuff like gold chiffon overlay and a map of Asia Minor and the Pleiades and various other classical references all worked in gold thread. it was from some weird high-end fashion house that released garments as DIY patterns like you’d buy in JoAnns, only, you know, high end fashion. I had made it for this young woman who worked in a library and turned out to be some sort of holy defender of the city, except that at first when the city was being threatened her powers didn’t manifest because the shape of the road network outside the library had been deliberately laid out as some sort of Evil Sigil. (clearly my brain knows where to steal ideas from even while asleep) I blame binging the entirety of Ex Urbe for at least part of the dream and will clearly have to do that again.

    other things about this dress

    it had the design house’s name in sort of a coat-of-arms style motto scroll near the skirt hem on the left side, and their public-facing inquiries-and-such phone number on the left shoulder almost up at the seam where the sleeve goes into the body, and when we looked up the country code and so on it turned out to be a number for someplace in Anatolia.

    it had a front that looked like you were wearing overalls over a top-with-sleeves, only the overalls were part of the dress. but they weren’t just for looks, the overall front was built to have pockets in between the two layers of denim.

    the Pleiades were all represented by Greek letters arranged like the stars of the constellation, and for some reason I remember seeing the alpha and the gamma really clearly, but none of the other letters even though I know they were there

    i keep thinking about this dress and kind of wanting it
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  3. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    Dream One I wanna mention: So there were trolls, I remember Equius and Terezi and Nepeta and maybe a few other people, I dunno. I kinda switched POVs, think I was Nepeta for the second half? But anyway the community of kidling trolls was more like a suburb and there was this adolescent playground of sorts, like a mixture of regular metal climbing bars and one of those parkour set ups you see in some places. So you'd go to the park and just hang out. Literally. And talk.

    And also, of course, flirt. Which I will illustrate for you. Don't remember which character I was driving, could have been Nepeta but it might have been troll-me for all I know, trolls don't have a lot of mirrors, but I mosey over to the park and see Terezi. Terezi's a fly chick, so I go over and oh-so-casually grab a bar and pull myself up with a twist and maybe a small flip. Casually. And I sits next her on the bar like "what up, see anything cool on tv last night." And then do other casual exercises and things while we chatted about inane stuff because hey, its what one did at the park. But also, "hey baby, you see these moves. oops a bit of my shirt pulled up and you glimpsed my chiseled abs oh dear." (smelled? idk Terezi) That kind of thing. I got the feeling that's what everyone did there. And of course Terezi just sat there and grinned. She knew what was up. It was hilarious. Good dream, that one XD

    Dream Two: I was...a werewolf? or some kind of canine shifter. It was weird cuz I never shifted in the dream but I knew, you know, dream knowing weirdness. Ahem. So anyway I was a shifter and I think also a gender shifter? Like literal 'parts' and physique changing. I was female at the beginning and male near the end, cuz basically, I was in a girl mood earlier but then the next 'morning' I was in a dude mood. As you do. It was kind of weird but not upsetting, it was pretty dang comfortable. Once I woke up I thought it was interesting because I'm biologically female and enjoy being female but being a dude didn't bother me. Maybe because I was aware I had that ability so it wasn't a thing I couldn't change. Or maybe my subconscious really doesn't mind one way or the other. I think it's the first explanation tho, to be honest. I would miss having boobs.

    Anyway, on to not-gender stuff, it appeared to be the end of the school year and I had thrown a party for my high school class (not that I recognized anyone, they were all dream peeps) and it went pretty well, it was neat. Next morning I wake up all dude-ified and I go and clean up and then me and my dream little brother who reminded me of my real lil bro wanted to go outside and play with the hose so I go to keep him company. Outside is kinda gross and muddy since it'd rained the night before so I just sat on the porch bench and made a face at this tarantula that's in a puddle a few yards from the porch and watched my bro mess with the sprinkler attachments.

    Then I doze off cuz it was hella early or felt that way anyway and when I open my eyes again these two girls are standin next to me and my brother's looking at me with this "why you gotta be such a pimp this is the third time this month its ridiculuous" look on his face. (ok that may be hyperbole but i find the situation amusing in hindsight)

    So from what I pieced together after seeing the two apparently the one with long curly hair was the tarantula a minute ago (she was a witch) and the other had this cute pirate aesthetic going on and I am actually not sure where she came from. I know they were both at the party the other night. Perhaps she spent the night with the yard gnomes. *shrugs* stranger things have happened.

    So they are just standing there and curly hair sends pirate this dirty look and pirate sends a look right back and I'm like ohhhh. They be crushing and also stalking but I don't care too much about that right now. So I look at them and I'm like " babes, babes. I can take both of you."

    So then weird time skips happen and I end up with both of them in college and I get more dream feelings that they probably won't be the last added to our group. And that is how I became the werewolf gender shifting protagonist of a college AU harem game.

    I woke up from the dream and wrote half a page and some notes about a story for it. I need to work on that at some point.

    Third Dream tho mostly a Dream Snippet: Me in pretty white dress. Dream gravity is like moon gravity but even floatier. I hop around joyfully all over the place and over trees and such and if humans could purr I am certain I would have woken up purring.
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  4. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    Another thing that happened once was that I was in this place with a lot of stuff built into cliffs and underground rooms and stuff. The beginning reminded me of minecraft, at least some parts, very cubelike and I remember seeing planks and cobblestone. I was first in a castle of sorts? It was very nice looking. That part wasn't mine crafty, just pretty. I was in a bathroom and then I went through a bedroom and down a hall and ended up in the exit (this was all built into a mountain). Walked across a wooden bridge to where I could see a village (not like a minecraft village, more like a normal looking one) but then I miss-stepped or something and fell into a cave :/

    There were some skeletonsss...kind of? they pinged me as a mix of skelly and zombie but I feel like that wasn't right either *shrugs* so they were shooting at me with actual guns and I was like 'fuck no' and grabbed a few dirt blocks and then ran to a side passage and blocked them off. But the guns could break blocks so immediately after i slapped down the dirt to slow them down I hauled ass. I ran for a while till I felt like i outran them and then dream-panic wore off and I noodled around in dream-curious mode (I really like exploring in dreams when i can). I started seeing these shapes in the walls, like indents of swords mostly? I can't remember super well. Then I bumped into this guy who was super nice and gave me good vibes and he wore bluish robes and had a long white beard and I refer to him as Gandalf tho that probably wasn't his name, but its my dream, so I get to name him. Ahem. So he chats to me about these swords and kind of implies that it'd be a good idea for me to make one myself. So I'm like 'ok' and we say adeiu and part ways and off I trot.

    I'd like to point out that the stone in this part was a warm beige or a grayish tone. There were pillars and bridges and passageways but I never felt confined. And I remember warm, sunlight'ish light in parts so perhaps part of it was outside. *shrugs again* Anywayyyyys i come across a sword that almost looks finished and I'm like 'yo, this one looks well made, think I'll finish it' and I reach out and touch it and that's where shit got a lil creepy. (I should mention that the markings that looked like sword indents were the 'finished' swords, but this one was more like an outline and some details had been carved into the stone. It wasn't 'empty'.)

    The sword talked to me. In my head. It started out friendly, like 'hey, thanks for grabbing me, we're gonna have a blast, you seem cool and I know I'm cool so let's do this' but I was like hmmmmmmm because I wasn't sure about his vibe, it was mega off, and he started (yes the sword had a sex, shush) to get desperate and kinda fussed at me like 'nonononono i'm cool, stop thinking that, it's fine, don't leave me here, no don't leave me, don't you dare, you'll regret this' and yeah, creepy, so I was like 'ehhhhhhhh see ya never' and took my hand off and waltzed away like a smart little cookie. That sword was bad news. i dunno what he was planning but I was having none of it.

    So shortly after that I go into this little roomlike alcove and the walls are all blank and I remember kind of following my instincts at that point. I just Knew What to Do. It was cool. I stood in front of a wall and raised my hand. Then I focused my mind a bit and my hand gained this neat blue aura. I reached out and began to stroke the wall with my fingers, a simple shape, starting with the blade. I spread my fingers and thumb and pressed them onto the wall, then smoothed up to a point where I brought all my fingers together. Then I went down, retracing the lines and then formed the hilt. I remember retracing the shape a few times, kind of in a happy, calm, focused daze. I smoothed away all the bits that seemed unnecessary. Then when it looked Right I just reached for the hilt and...pulled it out.

    The sword was really just a longish dagger. Maybe seven inches or so not including the hilt? The blade itself was this gorgeous sparkly blue crystal, not the clear kind of crystal though. Then the hilt was simple as well, and looked like gold that's old? It had a warm patina, even though gold never oxidizes or something but eh. Super cool dagger, I was proud. I woke up shortly after and remember feeling accomplished and pleased. And then I gave it to my favorite OC. I'm not one to waste a cool weapon.

    Gonna post some other time with a few nightmares that stood out to me. Get ready for zombies. Freaking zombies. You guys. Have no idea. How tired I am of those things. They can suck it.
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  5. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    Are you guys always you in your dreams, or are you sometimes someone else, or a different version of you?

    I'm usually myself, but there are some exceptions. Here's a brief list of people I have been in dreams - and this is just in the past 3 years (my dream journals from before then are not typed up):
    • a child version of me (in a dream I had this August)
    • Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (but I was a colder, meaner Aang; I had a short sword with which I threatened Zuko, and I was wearing black instead of orange. So... goth Aang?)
    • either Jade Harley, or a spectator observing Jade & Karkat (the dream log was not clear on this one)
    • partially a 10-year old girl who may have been named Louise, partially me.
    • Harry Potter (I think twice)
    • Gamzee Makara
    • A teenage Albus Dumbledore (and my parents were Bro Strider and Mom Lalonde)
  6. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    I've definitely been different people!

    Off the top of my head, Maximum Ride and Nepeta, although I am surely forgetting some!

    Unless they are someone I know of to begin with I always figure it's me. even when I know it isn't I know I'm in charge of the body so I roll with it? Can't remember any names right now. The werewolf dream was one, though (Edit: this dream thread, I thought I was in the lD one accidentally, haha). To be honest, unless I knew of them when I was awake I just don't know names. No one ever tells me either :( does anyone think it has anything to do with the fact that I'm really bad at remembering names IRL?

    I want to share my private school dragon dream, my one odd but cool dream, and my nightmares at some point.
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  7. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    @garden Once I was one of the Jedi children that Anakin killed, when I was in elementary school. One time maybe three years ago, I was sort of Karkat, in a way that I knew I was him but was still aware that I wasn't acting like him; it was just what the plot needed right then.

    Usually I'm me, though. The big exception was the one time I was a teenage boy (I believe this was before I hit double digits, and I definitely still thought I was a girl) and had this massive dream about how 'I' was being hunted down by the time traveling child version of dream-me's principal because I dug up a knife called the Felicis and took it.

    Also, a lot of the time I'm just a shade off from being me, but different enough that it confuses me on waking. I call this me Shadow because it's easy, but I'm them a lot in my dreams. Hm.
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  8. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    Yeah, I also almost never know names unless they're someone I knew of when I was awake. It's really pretty rare for someone to have a major role in my dreams without being someone I know of when awake, though. One memorable exception is that one time I dreamed I had ended up in charge of a 2-year old child, whom I was pretty sure was either named Roxy or Anna, and I had yet to tell my parents so I was taking care of her in secret. I lost track of her at an amusement park, but luckily it turned out she was actually Minerva McGonagall, in the body of a two-year-old, and could take care of herself.

    @Bel Capricorn
    One time (before I had any kind of inkling that I might be genderqueer) I recall having a dream in which I was acting in a play, and my role was a guy - and for whatever reason, if you were playing a guy, you became a guy. So when I wasn't on stage in the dream, I was playing around with my new dick. That was a fun dream.
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  9. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    @bornofthesea670 one time I had a dream I was trapped in a room with a bunch of people that hated me and I kept thinking 'Owen will help me, Owen will know what to do'.

    I didn't know anyone named Owen at the time.
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  10. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    I had a dream with Bro Strider and Dave and perhaps the two Lalondes as well. There was also a human Karkat I kept bugging because fangirls are assholes and he was kinda cute. Hehe. He was not overly amused. But he also didn't seem to hate my attention, so.

    We were in this weird-ass reality fucking game with lots of lava and abandoned sort of sci-fi dwelling complexes and we fought a demon. And I bothered Kar almost the whole time. The was the dream. Ha XD

    Well except for the shower part of the dream XD The shower room was set up like a locker room shower or something and I was in my own little cubicle cleaning myself off and watching the Striders and probably Jake and some other very nicely sculpted hella good looking guys smacking each other's asses and stuff. I may or may not have called out "Ya'll are so gayyyyyyy!"

    Fun times. I have a lot of fond dream memories :)
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  11. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    this morning I dreamed that Seebs and Jesse threw a huge party at their house. strangely enough, my entire family was there, as well as a bunch of people from my old church. there were a bunch of kids there too (all/most of whom I knew), and lots of video games, and lots of really good food, and I mostly hung out with Rigs. ... it was a very strange dream.
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  12. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    C'mon man, that was probably Alatar or Pallando, not Gandalf! :V
  13. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    Who are they from? And are they friendly? Should I have listened? XD
  14. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    (they're the Blue Wizards Gandalf mentions. old colleagues of his)
  15. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

  16. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    i had a kintsugi dream, in which i got banned from a thread called 'Yes' on the site. i don't remember what the thread was about, just that it was called 'Yes' and i got banned from it - which isn't even how shit works here, haha.
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  17. Nertbugs

    Nertbugs Information Leafblower

    Another house related dream (pertinent because my partner and I are buying a house at the moment).

    I was in a block of flats with my boyfriend. We'd been sent there to look at a place we'd already looked at once. It was much bigger than I remembered it (note: this was 'dream knowledge', it wasn't a place we'd looked at IRL).

    We'd put an offer in on it, and this was the first visit we'd done since it had been accepted. All seemed to be going well. But then my boyfriend turned around and told me he'd cancelled the offer, apropos of nothing.

    I was so angry at him. We went and looked at another unit in the same block, but I blitzed through without really looking at the rooms because 'it didn't matter seeing as he didn't want to live here'.

    Then I woke up and felt really bad for being so mean to him :(
  18. sicklyprince

    sicklyprince giant androgynous glam monster

    dreamed about being in this weird universe where i lived in this huge apartment complex that was also a really weird....giant dollhouse, i think? at one point it got tipped over because this weird transphobic lady on rollerskates tried to set it on fire. instead it fell over and promptly it became a regular-size dollhouse with everyone standing outside it, and everyone had to sort out whose tiny furniture belonged to who, and peel stickers off everything.

    also there were wrestling matches that everyone put on glow-in-the-dark neon body paint to attend.

    also jessica lange was there. i think she owned the weird dollhouse apartment building.
  19. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    had a kinda terrifying dream

    was standing in the middle of a country road, with cliffs/hills on either side facing towards some factory in the distance, with a small medeival town behind me
    to be noted, I find long empty country roads creepy af
    so naturally, there was a creepy guy in a white suit (not fancy suit, like radiation suit) and pure white gas mask (think "are you my mummy" type mask) standing very far away in the distance,
    this is about when my alarms bells started going off hardcore, I started swearing my face off at the world, like "fuck off!! FUCK OFF I KNOW THIS IS A DREAM!! FUCK OFF" and I started trying to move, to run away from him, towards the town,and I moved irl, and could feel myself moving, but I couldnt wake myself up, and irl me was tgrying to close my eyes and then open and be in bed, but everytime my vision went black and then returned, he was a hell of a lot closer than before.
    at some point I got to a very long root hanging in the cliff next to me, and managed to like climb and swing and jumpp onto the cliff, trrying to hold on to the smaller roots, but I fell.
    A small child with wacky hair grabbed my hand and showed me a book he had, which was mice and men(?(I have never read this book and have no idea what its about (but it made 100 sense to dream sorta paniced lucid me who thougth "yup, that explains this entire dream))) then he pulled me aloong to the village, where we saw some houses, and a very modern chicken coop, andhe said they were going to be killed soon, then we moved on, but I dont remeber the rest. :\
    Really fucking creepy
    the worst part was the feeling like I couldnt even wakee myself up or manipulate my enviroment, even when I KNEW I was dreaming, and just feeling myself moving violently (thrashing, that 's the word) but not being able to do anything not even having the power to be that magical being who knows that this isnt real. Like how usually you can use save files however you want, but not with (UNDERTALE SHIT WARNING) FLowey, he just fucks you up and you no longer can do anything and dont have that "this is the place where I am above everything else"
  20. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Guys I didn't tell you the COOLEST ONE:

    I was a shapeshifting wix trapped with many other wixes in a tower. We were in a room just for shapeshifters, where our captors made us constantly feel horrible so we would stay in the shape of a fly - the lowest possible form - forever due to depression. Every day I flitted about in fly form, running around other shapeshifters also stuck as flies, feeling disgusting, miserable and trapped. Every day our captors walked in and made sadistic comments to me about how I was dumb and weak and was never going to have powers again and was going to die there, useless forever. But one day, to taunt me, they brought a letter from my brother in which he asked me to please conjure up a great storm to help him fight a monster out at sea. They read this out loud to me and laughed. "As if you could conjure up a storm. How could a dumb, useless fly do that? You'll die without ever feeling wind on your face again and your stupid brother doesn't understand just how pathethic and worthless you are!"

    But the words from my brother broke me out of my haze and filled me with determination. I was careful not to change my shape lest my captors become aware of the change inside of me, but when I got back to flying with the other flies, it was with drive and purpose. I carefully searched the entire room and found a really small crack - only enough for a fly to slip through. The moment I'd slipped away from the room using that crack, I turned into a small brown bird, escaping the next room in the tower through a broken bit of window only big enough for a bird to slip through. And as my captors shouted and chased me, I left the tower as a bird and the moment I cleared the gates to the yard I turned into a full human, flying on wings of beautiful, rippling cloth in all the colors of the rainbow.

    I had this dream when I was worried I was slipping into a downward spiral of depression. It was the most beautiful dream I'd ever had, and it made me feel so peaceful and strong.
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