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    this recipe produces far too much icing...i put maybe half of it on and was like OK THAT'S ENOUGH (i also did it with a whisk because I have no cake decorating tools)

    I can't describe what it tastes like but it's pretty good? I think? the consistency is more like a nice cornbread tho. I don't know if that has to do with the fact that I used greek yogurt or if it's because my hand mixer doesn't have a "slow" setting, only "fast" and "FASTeR"

    baking with ADHD is an adventure because no matter how much I plan/prepare something always seems to go ridiculously awry, and also it's really difficult for me to get things into the oven in a timely manner, but at least the result is edible this time!
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    I figured out that i transcribed the recipe wrong and was supposed to use 1 tsp of baking powder but only put 1/2 tsp...idk how much that affected anything. It also said to use a springform pan but i didnt have one so i used a regular cake pan...thinking abt it i *think* most springform pans have higher sides so that probably is why it overflowed.

    I def want to try again, Aki rly liked it and it's almost gone by now lol. Dear god it takes a lot of sugar tho.
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    Me: "every time George has a fight scene i get even gayer"

    (we're on Z Nation season 5)
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    Im ace but like

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    Art time

    FFXIV just got an actual car mount and our raid group's WAR linked this video so i drew her and our bard







    Their rivalry gives me life lmao

    They're both Ala Mhigan, but Nennali was separated from her parents and raised by a family in the Shroud, wheras Lhenai grew up among the Mhigan refugees in Thanalan. There's a bit of tension for a while; she wants to rediscover her heritage, he sees her as an outsider of sorts, she's put off by the idea of walking around half-naked...etc. They eventually become good friends even if they still bicker a lot.

    Lhenai belongs to Aki, he's technically X tribe like X'ruhn but his mother is a Highlander which is why he's absurdly tall.
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    Brain is doing the "im itchy with wanting to do creative stuff" bs but i can't think of what to do :c
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    Remember when Sidurgu was like "hey so...i know you're like. Incredibly messed up emotionally and sometimes that's caused trouble for us, but you've also helped us out a lot and i like you and i think you're cool, please be the co parent of my teenage daughter"


    Don't mind me I'm just having dark knight feelings again
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    I was rereading the document i compiled of all the dialog from that questline because i was looking for a quote for my Rielle pic, and i kind of got lost in it again...and fuck, its just so good.

    Im really excited that the scenario writer for the DRK quests is working on Shadowbringers MSQ *_*

    There was also some stuff i definitely missed the first time around, or possibly forgot, but man.

    The Flame in the Abyss is Love. I knew it was implied but it's way more obvious on a reread. I love that the edgelord class is literally powered by love. And a group of very traumatized people bond together and have some rough spots but actually talk about their feelings and their bonds become stronger for it.

    When Sid gets angry at Rielle for not telling him that the person hunting her is her own mother, and she scolds him for saying it's her fault that Fray is dead--that he and Fray made a choice and they're obsessed with fighting the Temple Knights for justice but she's the one who has to patch them up when they come home all cut up. Man. And he eventually admits that she was right! Despite looking like a stereotypical bad boy type at first he actually processes his emotions and grows as a person.

    Rielle confronting her mother in the end...was horrible but incredibly cathartic for someone with an abusive parent. "How great your love for [the Fury]. Greater than any you ever bore for me." A.k.a. "hey mom i realized you love your religion more than your own daughter and that the way you treated me isn't my fault, it's yours."

    Also...(gestures at Myste) that whole thing. There are too many feelings.

    Idk if it's just my experience playing a female character who isn't into guys, but Sidurgu just reads as gay to me...i was on the fence about whether he and Fray had an actual...thing before, mostly because i thought he was like 19-20 because of how he acted. When i found out he was 26 i was like "lol ok they were boyfriends". (As in i wasn't sure they'd have spent enough time together to develop that if Sid were younger.) So while i don't see his feelings toward the WoL as always romantic, there's definitely a deep friendship there. (In my case, Imry is between him and Rielle in age so she's more like "annoying little sister that you'd still kill a man for" than anything else lol)

    So while i don't ship Sid w any of my characters i find it interesting to follow the people who ship him w their dude WoLs, lol. Though that demographic seems to lean towards the "dead Fray is actually still around in the soul crystal" thing which i get the appeal of but...i thought the entire point of the lvl 50 quest was that Esteem *is* the player character's inner darkness and only looked like Fray bc they were...borrowing his corpse. I think this is reinforced by the fact that Esteem-Fray's pronouns change to match yours if you play a lady which wouldn't be evident to people w guy characters.

    The Stormblood quests made that odder by having Esteem show up looking like Fray again, but...i feel like if it were *actually Fray* they would have had more of a moment with Sid and Rielle. So idk. Nothing wrong w making fanworks w that interpretation, but it always makes me wonder if the person is aware it's wish fulfillment or they actually read the quests that way. Esp since part of the theme of the quests is moving on from the mistakes of the past. Fray is dead, and that sucks, but having him linger around as...not really himself anymore seems worse to me? Like whatever Esteem is, even if you say there's some OG Fray in them, they're still heavily influenced by the WoL so like...it's not Fray anymore. It's like Fray became a piece of someone else, which i get the impression that Fray himself would definitely not like. I write Keten as unconsciously using some of his mannerisms & speech patterns, but it's basically in the same way that people learn techniques from the soul crystal--they needed a model for human behavior to imitate a human so they used the most recent one.

    I guess what bugs me is that people just say "Fray" and never specify whether they mean "original Fray" or "the player character's inner darkness inhabiting his corpse" and I'm like. Please make a distinction so I know which one you're talking about!!! They are two different characters!!!

    I want to write fanfic abt younger Fray and Sid but I'm also like...people will think my headcanons are weird...weh.
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    Sidurgu is relatable to millennials because he's 26 and still figuring out how to adult
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    Dream Daddy: Eorzea. Ft. Sidurgu, X'rhun, Raubahn, Thancred, Edmont, Jenomis. People keep asking for Gaius & Varis routes and the devs are like "wtf are you serious". (screams)
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    i drew the monopoly meme w my static because i thought it was fitting

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    I got to see my brother's cats and i apologized to my sis-in-law for not greeting her properly bc the cats were so cute and distracted me and she just laughed and was like "I completely understand"


    Tragically i didn't get any good photos because neither of them likes to stay still

    Teddy just followed my bro or his wife whenever they went into the kitchen, meeping at them, clearly hoping for food lol. He's a big black shorthair that acts like a dumb teenager still even tho he's like 4

    Zoe is smaller but you can't tell because FLOOF. Her face looks tortie but she's mostly that really pretty medium brown with a dark undercoat and she has black socks which is the cutest. Also she has several mitten paws with fluff stickin out between the toes ;____; i sat down and she just jumped up on the table next to me and chilled for a bit. She used to be really shy so i was like !!!!!!.
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    Made another plushie hammock over the weekend to keep myself from going insane being stuck in a car with my mom for a total of nearly 15 hrs >.> I've gotten a lot faster at crochet since the scarf escapade, tho i still need to look up how to do specific stitches each time...
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    It just occured to me that you can just. Screenshot videos. So KITTIES

    Screenshot_20190513-105616_Video Player.jpg
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    Mystery Foot

    This came w my sewing machine but isnt in the manual, nor was anything like it on the various lists of sewing machine feet i looked up.

    The closest thing I've found to it is the foot that comes on the serger at work which makes me assume it's meant to be used w a twin needle or at least the faux overlock stitches, but it's still very weird that i can't find any documentation whatsoever.
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    ...i feel like i should add that Teddy's full name is Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim

    Zoe is named after Zoe Washburne from Firefly.

    This should tell you all you need to know about my brother and his wife.
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    Me every time Krile starts pining over Ejika again: oh no baby what is you doing......

    ...anyway, I'm Eureka lvl 47 and he's still a dick.
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    So i have really good color vision, in the sense that i can differentiate between two very similar shades when they're next to each other, etc. However, i am absolutely terrible at distinguishing relative color for whatever reason. This has led to many debates with Aki about the hair/eye color of certain characters.

    Me: why do so many people draw Nanamo with pink hair? I mean it's cute but--

    Aki: she has pink hair.


    Me: but she's blonde.

    Aki: she has pink hair. (pulls up several screenshots and eyedroppers them on image editing program)

    Me: :psyduck:

    (This happened with Rielle too...i thought she was also blonde. My mind is blown every time.)

    So Aki has a character that is meant to be blond...and i said something about him having pink hair and Aki was like "no...he's blond."

    Me: :psyduck:

    a few days ago they sent me this

    "I dyed his jacket Salmon Pink and it matches his hair"

    (something something different monitor screens (i am used to looking at things with f.lux on so that can skew it) but also i might just have a different way of defining the boundaries between colors? Hmm.)

    EDIT: reworded for clarity
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    no its that its a blond colour on the colour picker, and the character creation screen is not accurate to whats in game AT ALL. X_X i hate it. hes blond everywhere but uldah and i tested it and salmon pink looks different from his hair in ul'dah and it drives me INSANE. i dont mind him being strawberry blond, its cute lmao. but god there is no colour consistency in this dang game. Which means its their shaders and light source colouring in environments :I
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