Escape From Homeworld

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  1. Melo Pearl

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    Melo made a sqeuak at Citrine's sad words, and tightened her grip on the bigger gem.
    She could just get her arms around, only her hands clasped together behind them.

    She hugged with all her might, glad that she could do something to help Citrine's distress
  2. Citrine

    Citrine Young and Stupid

    Citrine laughed again when Melo squeaked, and squeezed her gently in a bear hug before standing up again, smiled at her. "We should hang out more, huh?"

    Something occurred to her and she looked at the little Pearl with more hope. "Hey - do you wanna dance?"
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  3. Melo Pearl

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    "Yeah! Us.... oranges? gotta stick together.."
    Melo snorted and added
    "that was so dumb"

    Melo heard Citrine's question after, and her eyes widened a bit
    "uh- Sure! I dont think I'll be very good at it, but I can give it a shot?"
  4. Citrine

    Citrine Young and Stupid

    "Heh, you don't have to be good at it, just enjoy it!" Citrine was getting back into the beat now, bobbing her head from side to side and jiving a little before locking her arms and dropping into a shuffle-step, beckoning Melo. "Come on, just move to the beat!"

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  5. Melo Pearl

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    Melo let herself fall into the beat, and found herself twirling and undulating to the music.
    Wow, dodging angry archers really gave her core strength
    She joined up with Citrine in the middle and they danced around and with each other, each in their own way, but influenced by the other.

    Melo had never felt more at ease with herself, she almost felt like she was lighting up from happiness.
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