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  1. Victor Rose

    Victor Rose New Member

    We'll to be honest I got lost. Then I got stuck under a shelf. Then I got hungry and now I'm here what a day
  2. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose Role-Player: Assassin/ warrior/ vampire

    "Well at least your here now dear. So where to now. Are we going to try to go back in the library or what? Cause I need new blades."

    I pull out my sword and wipe it off with my shirt. Looking them over.
  3. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    I tilt my head a little to look at the cover of the book, curious about the gray elvish. I've never heard of that one, and I'm hardly illiterate. "If it helps any it was found among other potions books and it smelled a bit like fennel before he put it in his bag." I ignore the rotting tuna -ew- in favor of scratching the kitty's ears some more. a bit of mangy fur comes off in my hand, but not more than a particularly bad shedding would yield. I don't mind much. He's a sweet kitty.
  4. Kwon Quarrel

    Kwon Quarrel New Member

    "You seem to like dead as a subject and a word quite a bit, Avi, was it?" I take little note of the newest arrival since he seems to be familiar with one of the others in this rag tag group. It appears now that I am a part of this group now though.
  5. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose Role-Player: Assassin/ warrior/ vampire

    "Ok so what can be done for you , Frank? The cat said 'his master wanted a word with us mortals'."
    I look at the cat and then back a working on my swords and clean the dust off my boots and things from the battle.
  6. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    I look to the sky. "Night is falling. We should probably build a fire and find some shelter for the night." It shouldn't be hard. There are plenty of abandoned buildings around. None so grand as the Hall of Magics, but I'm sure we could find something to keep the night's chill off. I start moving toward an empty house with a tree limb weighing down the roof. It doesn't have too many holes and looks like it will be willing to hold some adventurers for the night. There may even be dry firewood inside.
  7. Kwon Quarrel

    Kwon Quarrel New Member

    I follow Sethrial towards the hopeful shelter.
  8. Frank Avilia

    Frank Avilia New Member

    I move to follow towards the empty house. Somewhere dry will be marvelous for reading. "Mostly I wanted to know what you had found in there. If you know the signs, you can feel powerful magic when it's used. The more skilled you are in particular discipline, the more readily you can sense it. I felt the flow of necrotic energy inside, and sent Stenmur here to wait on whomever came out."

    "I also called you f..." Stenmur tries to interrupt me, but I shove a piece of fish in his mouth before he can be too terribly rude.

    I look at the group. "You're interested in life, and I am interested in death. We study the same coin from different sides."
  9. I've heard him talk about the necrotic energy before, but casting is not my strong point and I didn't want to start a lengthy discussion on it. I was more worried about finding dinner. Sethrial started walking toward an empty house, and everyone else was headed that direction, so I went, too. Hopefully there would be something edible, or at least a decent place to set rabbit traps for breakfast.

    The house is definitely deserted. I've managed to reach it first, not really paying attention to the people around me. I occupied myself instead with the ground, looking for any slight trails in the overgrown grass, any sign of digging or rodent droppings. There's nothing, though. A couple of patches look sort of pressed down, but it's not consistent. I set my hand on the doorknob and turn it to go into the house. I'll set the traps later, when everyone's asleep and I can do it secretly.
  10. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    [would anyone mind if I jumped us ahead to tomorrow?]
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  11. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    The night is quiet and peaceful, and the morning dawns bright and warm. The remains of your fire smoulder in the crumbling fireplace, and the smell of your travel packs has attracted a few curious creatures, most of whom scatter as you wake up and begin moving around. A clever wolf or a quick knife would catch breakfast.

    It looks like it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day
    , perfect for adventuring. To the south lies deep forest. To the north are the river lands. All around you is the Universitarium, of which you have only explored a small portion. There is plenty to do, even more to see, and a chance of excitement around every corner.

    What will you do?
  12. As soon as I roll away from the sun, I flop onto something small, furry, and very much alive. Startled, I hurl myself back in case I've rolled onto Stenmur and release a rat. With a surprisingly lucky downward swat, I catch its tail and quickly stab it while I have it. They aren't particularly tasty, but food is food. Panting slightly at the startling awakening, I glance at the fire. Crumbling, predictably. They rarely seem to stay hot during the night.

    With the rat dangling from my belt by its tail, I slip out of the house to check my snares. Five are empty, so I stuff them into the pouch on my belt, but the other three have rabbits in them. Two of them are small and I'll have to cook the organs to get a full meal out of them. I clean them and put the meat on sharp sticks outside, not wanting to disturb anyone in the house, and then fill my waterskin in a nearby pond. The water wasn't horribly cloudy. It would still have to be boiled, though, to avoid taking ill. Quietly, I creep back into the house in case anyone's awoken. I have enough to feed myself, Mimos, and have a bit of meat left over for the cat.
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  13. Frank Avilia

    Frank Avilia New Member

    Rising from my slumber, I notice that things are still pretty quiet, and so I open the Elvish book to begin reading it. With a snap of my fingers, I brighten the light within about three feet of me to the point of the noon day sun, and the sounds in the same area become slightly more muted. Fascinating reading.

    Stenmur creeps from a corner where he has caught a large mouse. He quietly patters over next to Kwon, climbs on her, and sits there holding his catch's tail in his teeth...
  14. The sudden light almost makes me jump out of my tartan. Just to be sure, I tighten the cloth draped over my shoulder before I continue stoking the fire. It's hot enough that the water in my tiny, battered metal pot is boiling. I set it on the hearth to cool and hold the first two sticks of rabbit over the flames. I had hoped for some kind of stand to set them on, but I was lucky for the chain to hold the pot of water. Even that had been risky; the links were badly rusted and a few were barely hanging together.

    "What's it about?" Unless any of the sleeping bodies around me could magically create light in their sleep, the sudden flash meant that Avi was awake and probably reading.
  15. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose Role-Player: Assassin/ warrior/ vampire

    I awaken to a sound of a small squeak and see Orin leave with what looks like a rat hanging by its tail. ( well its food) I slowly roll over and see a flicker of the fire well what's left if the fire and slip outside for more wood. Quickly putting a few sticks and a part of a log on it to try to get it going again.

    I startle will the light and find a snake slither out of the log. Taking my knife out I quickly chop its head off before it bites someone or gets away.

    I turn to Avi "thanks for the quuck light. And morning all." I greet orin as he returns nd the rest who are waking up.
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  16. I am relieved when Victoria stabs something in the corner. What I really want is to eat my entire catch, but I owe Mimos. Noticing that the meat in my hands is nicely browned, I swap them for another two skewers. It was a horribly slow way to cook it all, but I doubted I'd have the time or resources to smoke or pickle the meat in the near future. What I really needed was a fruit tree, or to find tubers in the ground.
  17. Kwon Quarrel

    Kwon Quarrel New Member

    I awaken with a small weight on my chest. before I open my eyes I try to take in the sounds and smells around me. The first is that the weight on me is likely the slightly rotting cat from the night before. It's fleshy smell covers up most of the others around, but I can still get the smoke of the fire and the smell of multiple unwashed bodies, including my own. I open my eyes to stare at the cat, and it has a rodent dangling from it's jaws. " Are you going to share that with me or are you just showing it off to me?" I sit up and the cat moves down to the ground next to me with out answering. I guess I'll need to find something to eat and, hopefully, get to the river for a quick bath.
  18. I snicker at the gross corpse that Stenmur is currently jamming into Kwon's nostrils and scarf down two of the rabbits, imagining they are lamb and potatoes. Since he's still sleeping, I drop the rest of the meat on top of Mimos' things. No sense in waking him this early. The sun is still barely peeking over the nearby hills.

    "You might not want it if he's been chewing on it. 'S probably a bit slimy."
  19. Frank Avilia

    Frank Avilia New Member

    Stenmur purrs, "Do you not want some mouse, mortal? They're delicious, and I caught an extra one."

    I look up from the book. My cat's pestering people, but at least he isn't sitting on top of the pages. "Hey Orin, if I'm reading this correctly, one of these potions will do something pretty cool. I've got a little fennel. You know where we can get hawkweed and red saffron?"
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  20. "Rats are better," I toss my early morning catch in Stenmur's direction. It misses the cat and wetly smacks the wall. "There's hawkweed by the pond, but I don't know about saffron.... I think there's a river close by if that's any help."

    I leave the warmth of the fire to examine the potion book. The recipe looks difficult, or at least seems to be written with a long list of steps. I can read the numbers, when to stir, and what direction to stir, but the rest is lost for the time being.

    "Care to go exploring?"
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