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    "I understand some of the mechanics, I was also thinking maybe the kelpie could help us out a bit, it'd be a lot faster if it would be willing to help us." I look in the general direction of the beast wondering how helpful it would be and if maybe Sethrial could help convince it to not drown us all...
  2. "You do realize their main lore is drowning unsuspecting travelers?" The boat suddenly seems like the worst idea I have ever come up with. "Mechanics.... We're on the same page there, I've never actually done this before. Can't be hard, though." As I look closer at the boat, I begin to wonder if all of us will fit. Towing it with the kelpie makes logical sense, and it does seem to like Sethrial well enough, but it's still a kelpie, no matter how docile it's acting right now.
  3. Kwon Quarrel

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    " I'm not even sure if I have actually been on a boat or not before, perhaps if I get in the boat something will come to me. Also, I seem to recall that kelpies without any bridle, once captured with a bridle, must then follow the orders of those who captured it, or at least something to that nature. It may try to outwit us though. So we will all have to be on our toes. Orin, aren't you the one that technically wrangled it though? Maybe it has to listen to you." That would be funny, especially after how extreme his reaction was to finding out what it was in the first place.
  4. "I have heard that, but I've never trusted it." If it's true, though, it's going to be my job to convince it to tow the boat. The kelpie's still grazing peacefully next to Sethrial, and at the moment, appears harmless. Almost innocent. "Alright. Kelpie, do you want to float us downstream about ten minutes and land us below those rusty barges?" I couldn't think of anything more specific to say. It wouldn't be that hard for the kelpie to find a loophole if I spoke vaguely.
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  5. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    "Kelpies drown unsuspecting humans. None of us are unsuspecting and not many of us are human. We're safe. The fey have rules." I pat the kelpie's neck, pulled myself onto its back, and gesture it to the boat. It gives me a scathing look that I return tenfold, and then goes to do what Orin asked. It stands on the water as easily as it did on land.
  6. "Still don't trust it all the way." I watch the kelpie gracefully walk onto the water, standing on the boat. "Half-human might count." Now that it hasn't drowned Sethrial, I'm beginning to wonder if I should've taken the creature for myself. The curiosity is somewhat squashed when it nickers again, flashing fangs.

    "Off we go, then," gingerly, I step into the boat, "no drowning us, Kelpie. I expressly forbid it."
  7. Kwon Quarrel

    Kwon Quarrel New Member

    I follow them to the boat. "I suppose this means that we are beginning an adventure." I feel myself smiling, this group may be an odd mismatch of many walks but at least they keep things interesting.
  8. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    When all are aboard who are coming aboard the boat starts moving completely under its own power with the kelpie following not far behind. It pushes away from the shore and into the rushing water, but as it goes you realize that the waves don't have much effect on your heading except to make the going a little rougher. You round a small, forested island and see a structure rising out of the river. It is a tower, about two stories tall, surrounded by floating wooden platforms. On some of the platforms there are small, locked boxes. There's something on top of the tower, but you can't make it out from here. As the boat brings you closer you can see a shadow moving under the surface, patrolling the area around the structure.

    The boat comes to a stop between two of the platforms and the shadow slowly rises from the deep. Prepare yourselves, adventurers. This battle will be like nothing you have seen before.
  9. "What in the world...." I was already unsettled by the boat moving without the kelpie. The shadow trolling its way through the waters around the tower sends an icy chill down my spine. Sucking in a deep breath, I draw both swords. At least, I think to myself, at least I'm not alone with this one. How on earth can we beat a shadow? "This boat's not going to hold."
  10. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose Role-Player: Assassin/ warrior/ vampire

    As I prepare my self for what may lay ahead I make sure I have all my gear and fix what gear is in need of repair. " So glad I know how to swim. And am ready for a good run."
  11. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    The armored beast of the river has been defeated! Our ragtag group of adventurers, using their wits, their might, and a sphere of annihilation, have driven it back into the depths. Perhaps it has survived. Perhaps they will meet it again. For now they are victorious and deserve to celebrate.

    The boat and the kelpie ferry them back to shore, where pieces of armor like thick shells have washed up on the rocks. They are smooth to the touch and too heavy to lift more than one at a time, and it looks like some of the pieces might fit a human limb if that human could strap them on correctly.

    The kelpie finished gnawing at its reigns and flees back into the river. It won't be bothering these adventurers again. On the downside, they have lost a horsey friend. Poor adventurers.

    It's just past noon, the sun is hot, and the river is safe to traverse once again. To your south is a forest, to the east and west are more river, and mountains loom in the distance.

    What will you do?
  12. Apologizing to a Kelpie sucks. I don't want to do it, but it didn't drown anyone and I'll look like an arse if I don't. I take a deep breath and pat its neck, "thank you, Kelpie." I barely get the words out before it vanishes back into the water.

    "What's going on with those rocks?" They look like armor, but not any armor I've seen. Of course, I've only ever seen the metal and leather armors from my village. I glance around for any signs of more magical creatures, but there aren't any. The river is calmly trudging east, murky brownish water smoothing out now that the island creature is gone, finally allowing the boat to rest.
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    I'm walking on a shore I have not seen before. Lost and alone after losing my only allies at the library, I walk along the shore wundering if I'll ever see them again. Then in the distance is notice a ship with a familiar figure on it. "It can't be", I tell my self. With new hope filling my heart I start to scream and wave my arms. "ORIN, IS THAT YOU!"
  14. "What in the world?" I turn and stare up in the direction of a familiar voice. "Captain Cuddles!" I raise one sword and wave. I'd thought he'd grown bored and left, or maybe that something had eaten him on his way out of the University.
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    TIME FOR A NEW GAME! Disregard everything that has come before. If you played in the last game your characters have reset and you no longer carry any armors or bonuses you earned. (that's what you get for not playing for a year.) Once again, I'm your friendly DM/plot fairy. Narrator posts will be in italics. Plot fairy posts will be normal. Who's ready for a new adventure?
  16. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    You round the mountain pass, headed in from the south, and see the fair Barony of Faila Ranae stretched out below you, burnished red by the setting sun. Tidy farms stretch the length of the valley, surrounding a town built into the bend in the river. On one side is a small grid of houses and shops, on the other a castle, with a bridge connecting the two.

    There have been strange rumors from the area recently. People are being robbed, losing their minds, and going missing at an alarming rate for a prosperous little town. No one knows the cause of it for sure, but there are whispers. Some say the local guild of wizards has gotten involved in the wrong sort of sorcery. Others talk of invading fae. There are a few who think the Baroness is responsible, but no one has any proof one way or another. People who dig too deeply end up among the missing or are found dead.

    Your party arrives one summer night just after sunset to find the streets of the town nearly empty. Doors are closed, windows are shuttered, and the couple people you pass don't pause to talk to you. The inn is empty save for the innkeeper and a group of men drinking and playing dice at a table in the corner.

    I think it's high time you introduced yourselves. Don't you?
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