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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by keltena, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    that isn't even something where one can say he initiated it and was the only one into it. because she's the one moving first and also That Look.
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  2. Verily

    Verily a very ineffective hitman

    I have plans to see the most recent movie soon and I haven’t been sure where to set my expectations. But this is rather encouraging. I mean, honestly I have very good luck if I actively seek out divisive media. Not like, some people loved it and others were sickened by the unapologetic transphobia. Just media that was really hit or miss with whether it connected with the audience.

    I’m not sure Star Wars is really actually that, because I think it’s more about decades of time for fans to develop ideas and expectations rather than having deeply challenging things to say. And the fact that they’re family entertainment movies, meaning a lot of young fans are passionately invested in them. I know I had a lot more trouble separating myself emotionally from characters when I was a kid and even a teenager. Maybe that’s a me problem, I honestly don’t know, but I found it much harder to be okay engaging with stories where characters went down a path I personally didn’t want to explore emotionally than I do now. In any case, it’s probably not the kind of divisive media I’d normally mean, so much as something popular enough that it will inevitably generate some sort of disagreement. But still. The way the arguments seem to be developing does give me a feeling I’ll probably enjoy the story.

    And I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I like stories where a male character seems to think that vulnerability to a woman is almost akin to destiny, and tries to show willing by making a sacrifice or change he considers actively destructive to who he believes he is, creating more vulnerability and making a concession to her priorities. And it’s not that she isn’t intrigued by the possibilities or that she doesn’t recognize that for him it’s huge. It’s just that giving a heroic woman the gifts of emotional vulnerability and good deeds is a little bit better than trying to impress a bank by depositing a lot of money. It’s not that it’s not appreciated or helpful, it’s just not a meaningfully personal interaction. It’s baseline for doing business at all. More money makes it a more important business transaction, not a more personal one. I don’t know why I never tire of watching stories where heroic women look at men who are making gestures about reforming their evil ways and weighing the interpersonal chemistry and even value as an ally against the bank deposit-esque misunderstanding, and coming up with no words to explain that the world just doesn’t work like that. Things aren’t that simple. But it always fucking gets me.
  3. Silver Sheep


    It was a bad movie but it was also very enjoyable

    just don't expect anything to make sense and you'll have a great time
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  4. spockandawe

    spockandawe soft and woolen and writhing with curiosity

    I mean, I'd humbly disagree that it was bad. It definitely wasn't perfect, but it was carrying the weight of an impossible number of expectations, so it depends what you find important in a movie. Some major plot points didn't make logical sense, but I've spent my day rhapsodizing about the Cats movie, which i think makes it pretty clear that 'sense' isn't one of my main priorities XD (i think I've just been gradually desensitized by homestuck and transformers tbh)

    God, it's late and I talked forever, and also have real doubts about my ability to words right now. Throwing a cut in and summarizing more briefly: The movie was entertaining, and to me, it was solid enough to avoid a bad label, and the amount of entertaining cranks it up to a personal 'good' rating XD

    This movie did some things I didn't care for. But it hit a bunch of my favorite indulgent emotional notes, which I wasn't expecting to see, and it took the mythology and plot in some interesting directions I hadn't predicted. It wasn't all that sensical, but I feel like a sensical big budget hollywood movie and all that entailed would have been just... boring. And it's a very personal preference, but I'd rather leave the theater delighted than bored, even if plot cohesion is a casualty :p

    (Basically I left the theater absolutely BUZZING, realized within a couple minutes that it would be really, really east to nitpick myself out of liking it at all, and made the conscious decision to avoid doing that. Which hasn't been easy, because that's my personality, but it's like... appreciating everything good jro fit in the ending to mtmte/ll, despite significant Issues, and also being aware that it would have been REALLY easy to have seen my faves unicron'd instead. I realized i could nitpick my way to unhappiness, but my gut reaction was enjoyment, and I like feeling happy things)

    Oh, on a thread note, i finally got a star wars post on my dash from an anti XD I kind of expected it, because that person IS a self-identified anti and I'm following because 1) they're in touch with the YA SF/F world, and 2) morbid fascination. But oh man, I was CACKLING. The post was something about how 'WELL 90% OF THE MOVIE WAS GOOD AND THEN EVERYTHING WENT TO SHIT', which is pretty much exactly was i was expecting when I saw the kiss in the theater. I'm so delighted by this ship on its own merits now, but it originally pinged me from pure unadulterated spite, and it is AMAZING to see canon join me in putting my middle finger up at these preps XD
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  5. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    Here is the most cursed combination of words I've ever seen from the Three Houses fanbase: Edelgard is Vriska
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  6. Maya

    Maya linhardt propaganda

    love it when akutagawa stans call him, a serial murderer who very much takes delight in killing people, a "used and abused child" karen he is 20 years old and a serial murderer
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  7. Maya

    Maya linhardt propaganda

    The whole point of this series is that not a single character is reprehensibly evil yall just don't wanna acknowledge that your faves are all morally grey and you can't completely villainize the characters you hate
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  8. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    "broke: edel*th
    woke: byleth being edelgard's lesbian mentor"

    oh. we're gonna have problems. for more reasons than one.
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  9. LumiLapin

    LumiLapin Bad Bad Bun

    W....what does that even mean
  10. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    This means that Edeleth is a predatory/pedophilic ship and Byleth is only permitted to be a platonic inspiration that Edelgard looks up to in the pursuit of other, less problematic lesbian ventures. As her ventures must be lesbian and not bisexual, ignoring that El is bi. Undeniably so.
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  11. Maya

    Maya linhardt propaganda

    lets all just conveniently forget that El is canonically in love with By in every route (that i've seen thus far at least) no matter what
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  12. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    She does canonically fall in love with Byleth in all routes, yes. The non-CF routes also all have The Edge of Dawn as the credits music, which is very unsubtle about the fact that she's in love with the professor.
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  13. YggiDee

    YggiDee Well-Known Member

    I can just see the edges of CATS shipping discourse on the horizon and I am just fucking praying it doesn't spill onto my dashboard. They're cats! They're cats!
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  14. Verily

    Verily a very ineffective hitman

    Really delightful media tweet, justifiably getting a lot of traction. OP has seen an opportunity. They have replied to the tweet with another tweet saying that while you’re here you should block a particular user because they ship underage fictional characters.

    Somebody done got blocked there, that’s for sure. What an asshole.
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  15. Maya

    Maya linhardt propaganda

    noah fence but if you're going around qrting and screenshotting ppls completely innocuous tweets to make fun of them, you don't get to complain about the fandom being toxic
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  16. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    Dear Three Houses Fandom,

    There is a character in the game who is a sadist that canonically tortures people and enjoys such things. This character's name is not Edelgard von Hresvelg. I will give you a hint. The name starts with D.
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  17. LumiLapin

    LumiLapin Bad Bad Bun

    But he stopped! Thats all in the past now, he hasn't tortured anyone for two whole months! Isn't it more moral to have butchered people and stopped, then never butchered people at all, because that just means you don't care about the human cost of the war. Clearly Tortureman is the best possible absolute ruler.
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  18. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    I wish to fuck the themes of this game weren't apparently impossible to grasp. Like you don't even need to like El or Dimitri but like.


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  19. Pumpkageist

    Pumpkageist Warning: I Shitpost

    I suspect we've encountered the same fic. And if so, the cruelty depicted way exceeded anything I'd find believable from any character in that game including Dimitri at his worst, including TTSITD. What really got me is they used the 'canon compliant' tag, and like... no?
  20. Aondeug

    Aondeug Oya Manda

    If it involves crucifixion then. We have.
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