fantroll arr pee planning/ooc (open!)

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  1. i'm gonna
    i'm gonna do the thing

    so! imma words abt my space station a lil!

    parvin/seven sisters station

    parvin is the collective name of the seven* helmsmen that make up seven sisters station. no matter the hatchnames of the individual components, the name of the helm as a collective is always parvin. in addition to their duties managing the busy space station on which they work, the only one of it’s size in their sector, they also help to moderate a support forum for the quadrants of helms run by their helmstech, astfel bahram. the pilots are as follows-

    halcyn danica
    she, yellow, 11
    halcyn's the second youngest component of parvin, and sometimes she still gets silly ideas about leaving! astfel's made sure that she can't manage to make her ideas a reality, mind, but sometimes she's gotten fairly close.

    terope (aister arevik+sarope equzki)
    they, rust (13 and 12, respectively)
    terope is a tandem helm that no longer registers that they're tandemed! they're just one component of the station that happens to have two bodies.

    celano hinata
    he, olive, 18
    celano's a burnout who's only kept around because astfel's fond of him. now that he's no longer the station, he has a fair number of problems, both physical and psychological. helms aren't meant to live outside their columns, after all. astfel's a good helmstech, and can keep him alive, but he can't make celano any less of a fucking wreck.

    elktra youtah
    she, olive, 17
    elktra was a singer before she got helmed. she's pretty wrapped up in parvin by now, but that bits of herself that are still hers miss singing. she hums sometimes, but her voice is pretty fucked from disuse.

    maiyah tessni
    she, brown, 13
    maiyah's the one who's put the most effort into becoming what she was hatched and trained and installed to be out of all of them, including terope. she's the glue that helps bind them all together into one relatively cohesive whole.

    merope chanry
    they, brown, 20
    merope, as the oldest helm in parvin, has final say on the shots that get called, at least when it comes to shots that helms are allowed to call. they've managed to stay separate enough to maintain their own sense of identity out of sheer force of will.

    tayget korray
    ey, yellow, 10
    tayget used to have a retrofitted crop duster that ey could plug into and do sweet tricks in. ey were a stunt pilot, and the retrofitting that ey had to do to make the duster psionic-compatible was wildly illegal. naturally i had to put the stunt pilot in a stationary helming position 8)

    astfel bahram
    he, teal, 30
    astfel considers himself to be in a relationship with parvin- not the individual helms, parvin as a whole. he sees parvin as an entity that doesn't depend on any one helm, though he does sometimes get fond of individual parts of the station. see celano.
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  2. the space pirate version of my fantroll is distressingly hot oh no


    @a small fis)( i think u said somethin abt ur jade helm in the chat last night after i crashed out? you should ttly share here if u wanna!
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  3. a small fis)(

    a small fis)( 26 people in a trench coat

    here's!!! a super quick doodle of her oh gosh,, her name's dodeka aither... i was kinda planning to have tandem helms themed around platonic solids + their associated classical elements but im super lazy rn!! ; w ;
    she's kinda an asshole who thinks she's too good to be doing something Meant For Lowbloods and tries to exaggerate the whole creepy rainbow drinker thing to remind ppl ! her quirk is all caps and replacing s + o with 2 + 0!

    Attached Files:

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  4. [8/11/16, 10:02:57 PM] schrodinger's queer: so i’m answering ask memes on my fantroll blog and
    [8/11/16, 10:02:59 PM] schrodinger's queer: 23. Do you consider yourself the hero or the villain of your own story?
    xX Villain. What do you think I am, some kind of prep? Xx
    [8/11/16, 10:03:03 PM] schrodinger's queer: i hate my fantroll
    [8/11/16, 10:03:07 PM] schrodinger's queer: i hate him so much
    [8/11/16, 10:03:11 PM] schrodinger's queer: i hate that this is ic
    [8/11/16, 10:05:59 PM] [some nerd]: oh my god i already love your fantroll
    [8/11/16, 10:07:35 PM] schrodinger's queer: his name is dezdee monnah and he wears a trenchcoat no matter the temperature and always has poorly-applied Guyliner TM on his lower lids.
    [8/11/16, 10:08:01 PM] schrodinger's queer: he’s an assassin except he’s so flailingly incompetent that he’s never even killed anyone
    [8/11/16, 10:08:23 PM] schrodinger's queer: dude’s in love w/ the #aesthetic

    okay so i need to rp dez, like. immediately.
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  5. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

  6. cerulean! dez is gladys' captain, btw. (gladys is the helm i mentioned way back at the beginning of this thread that got shoved into a puddlejumper/ship that wasn't exactly meant to have a helm in it, which is somewhat akin to putting a motorcycle engine on a child's trike. she's installed in the kitchen because it was the only room big enough to fit a column.) he prolly does a lot of biz on alternia, for a given value of 'a lot,' because kids are the only ones dumb/inexperienced enough to hire him 8')
  7. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

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  8. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @cryptoThelematrix hey, I have the impression that you're super busy right now, so if you need a while to respond or don't want to RP with Kypher anymore, no sweat. but if you're still interested, I'm sorry I lost track of your responses, totally my fault. as it is I don't think we have enough to jump right into the RP (at least, I don't have a clear picture of the initial situation or how you'd like them to interact later on, and I am much more comfortable RPing with that kind of structure in place), so I guess we'll get back into sorting things out whenever you're ready to. in the interests of transparency, though, I think one of the reasons I'm not comfortable with the amount we've established so far is because you didn't address all of the questions I posed to you. I'm not mad at you for that, nor do I think it was intentional, but I'm gonna put together a list of what we've established and what questions are still unresolved, and it'd be quicker and easier if you're able to respond to all of them. (I'm... not sure how bothered I am by having unanswered questions is reasonable, actually, so please let me know if it isn't. I'm aware that getting upset when things aren't 100% factually established is unusual, at any rate.) so anyway, here's what we've got down:
    • @antinomianAnomaly : Ferrat Matsui, male, jadeblood, Noctua (sign), mutant (blood color, six functional fingers on each hand). eight sweeps. Sufferist, objects to the Empire's tendency to destroy weird and fascinating things instead of studying them. regrets breakup with moiral (troll Stan) after disastrous Great Desert Adventure. is angry at people who are Wrong On The Internet a lot.
    • @Kypher : goes just by Kypher, which was originally his sign name; he guards his hatch name very carefully. (it's Biliam, which he hates and thinks is embarrassing.) male (though not particularly interested in the typical trappings of masculinity), yellowblood, sign: triangle with oval inside, missing an eye (quadrant-flipping gone wrong), powerful psionic (psionics are electric blue). seven and a half sweeps, although he likes to pretend he is older on the internet. amoral, selfish, and very clever, particularly with coding, all of which mean he is very rich and has a kill count in the hundreds. hates the Empire for expecting him to become a helmsman, hates highbloods for commanding more respect than he does, hates anyone dumber or more gullible than he, and especially hates anyone smarter than he is. an incorrigible blackflirt but more or less puzzled by the red quadrants. has a lot of enemies as well as people he's tricked into liking him. thinks nothing is more fun than trolling and thus has a proliferation of internet identities; the one he uses to talk to Sufferists and/or on lowblood rebellion forums is chaoticDreamer, who types in yellow.
    • Ferrat and Kypher meet first over the internet, then run into each other in person when Kypher lays low with Ferrat's underground Sufferist cell.
    • we're planning to start with RPing Ferrat and Kypher's meeting via chatlog.
    let me know if any of that is inaccurate and/or if there's anything you'd like to change. but yeah, now for the questions and/or things that need confirmation (I'm just gonna quote my posts):
    and I think that's enough questions for now, but I'm sure I can come up with more later. :P anyway, yeah, hope you're still interested! you seem like a really good RPer and I think these guys could be a lot of fun to play together. :)
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  9. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Hey guys, I made space-opera grown up versions of two of my fantrolls, Vastar Agouti and Maelas Ghast! Pictures upcoming, also if anyone is looking for a good kismesis I really want to play Maelas in that quadrant <3<
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  10. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

    I love love love shippy RP and I adore pitchmance, but my only adult troll with a spade open is, uh, problematic.

    Any desire to RP ur troll in a relationship with a narcissistic former intelligence officer with a sadistic streak?? Cos she's available!! And as a bonus for rebel sympathizers, she's on the run and wanted for conspiracy to commit high treason ;D

    It doesn't have to be shippy RP with her at all, really, my muse for Liamah/Anglerjaw/Arachnid needs some exercise.
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  11. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Oooh, she sounds like she might work well with Vastar, actually! Lemme just write up her adult stats -

    Vastar Agouti
    (Witch of Heart)
    20 sweeps
    Indigoblood, Blue-violet, #8A2BE2
    WanderingWorrier, TENDS to only ever capslock at the start of sentences. but SWITCHES OVER WHEN VERY EMOTIONAL!

    At twenty sweeps and counting, Vastar has already seen some shit. Her wigglerhood issue with being a projective empath has been nullified by a voluntary psiionics dampener around her neck- she can take it off, but she doesn't want to, because no pale quadrant means she's a hot mess of issues and hair-trigger PTSD, not to mention it's much harder to lie when someone can tell you're being shady af - and while she still wears the paint of a clown cultist and can prove her faith if needed, she's very much a Sufferist at heart. Her apptitude with tolerating slapstick and other things she can laugh at without actually finding funny has meant that her brothers and sisters have mostly left her alone after training, and she pretty soon vanished off the radar all together.

    She's currently wandering around a massive dead cityship - the helmsman is dead, but the life support is still on even if no-one else is around. Her horns are broken and she talks to herself a lot. Mostly she looks after the garden which provides most of her food as well as oxygen and sings to fill the silence. She's already as tall as an adult indigo, but thin as a rake with a long hoofbeast-tail brush of hair that reaches nearly to her waist.

    The place would probably make a good hideout, if you could get the inhabitant on side.

    (Ideally she wants someone to look after her pale, but a kismesis would at least wake her up and make her feel like a living troll again XD)
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  12. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    @PotteryWalrus I suspect Ellehi would very much want to smack sense into Vastar... It would be a slightly spiky diamond until they settled into a groove, but she would see shades of her old moirail in Vastar - broken but forcibly holding to independence, likes nature, sings...
  13. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology


    Liamah Morray (aka Administrator Anglerjaw, the Arachnid)
    105 sweeps

    Liamah's got a thick seadwwellin' accent an' don't much care for grammar so long's she's understood. (An' don't make her repeat hershellf for cod's sake! Listen the first time!)
    This gill makes nautical puns like it's a part'a her job description an' sometimes makes her wwords all slanty for emphasis. Her most well-used trollhandle is superciliousUndertow.

    Liamah's had some dealings with Sufferists, even helped get some to escape to safety and communicate amongst themselves under the radar, but it's always with the motive of fucking over the empire. Girl's got a grudge over feeling disrespected. She will, in fact, viciously mock any religion she comes across and refers to Sufferists in particular as "delusional fuckin' hippies." Clown get a wordless grunt of disgust, but at least their religion makes 'em useful (but she doesn't trust subjugs).

    Right now she's terrified and injured and alone. If she found the city ship, she'd try to board by force.

    I'd offer Russel if you wanted to try out a moirail, but not if u rly wanna RP with Liamah. Russel isn't supposed to know Liamah is still alive (yet), and I dunno if she's equipped to even be near a highblood right now. My girl hasn't had anyone to be properly close to for a while now though, and it would be cool to see if being alone on a dead ship with someone also incredibly lonely would be enough to break down her walls a little.

    She's desperate for somewhere to hide almost as much as Liamah is, too! And being at Liamah's mercy for almost half a sweep has left her more than a little fucked up emotionally because, let's face it, Liamah is terrible. Dunno if I'd call Russ' PTSD hair-trigger, but it's certainly not fun and cake time for her lmao
  14. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Hee, choices! @Kaylotta Vastar could definitely do with some percussive moirailing, tbh. Could you tell me more about Ellehi? (Also by singing I mean Vastar has added like another thirty verses onto 'There's a hole in my bucket' and makes up another ten and forgets them each day. She sings a lot of old folk songs ala troll Decemberists, as well, but that's mostly on days when she's in a mood.)

    @cantankerousAquarius Pfft, I think Liamah would be pretty pitch for Vastar if only by dint of her caste - she's too purple to be a true indigo and too blue to breathe water. She's got gillslits that don't work and her skin and horns dry out too easy, but she swims pretty well for a landweller and has been keeping the previous captain's aquaculture alive. She wishes it were freshwater, though. She was a bayou child when she was a wiggler, and she misses it. She wouldn't give three shits about someone breaking in, as long as they didn't let the air out and didn't bother the plants.

    Russel might be good as well! She'd probably be scarred of a ten foot tall scarecrow of a half-feral to start with, but Vastar's about as aggressive as her capybara lusus (was? I'm not sure if Capymum is still alive or not) when she's not being actively provoked.
  15. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

    @PotteryWalrus the more I hear abt her the more I'm convinced that Liamah would loathe her and everything about her, but I am also wary of trying to RP this particular troll of mine with any new RP partners. I'm actually scared to go into her full history here because I'm (irrationally?) convinced someone is going to get pissed off at me over my troll being morally repugnant on almost every level.

    And yeah, Russel would be terrified! Absolutely terrified! In all likelihood, she would try to curry favor by acting servile because she is a rust and this is an indigo and being slave to the whims of a highblood is all she knows, and then she'd be livid upon realizing this isn't ur average subjug! Russel was going to gain her trust and then kill her! She can't do that if she's decent! Ugh, and she wasted all that time shredding her dignity by being all submissive and compliant. Fuck her life.

    ETA: I JUST REMEMBERED THAT RUSS HAD A GARDEN ON ALTERNIA oh goodness the nostalgia trip she'd have...

    Liamah wouldn't let her have plants and she didn't realize how much she missed them :c
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  16. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

    Oh hell im talkin myself out of RPing the fish woman again aren't i x(
  17. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Eheh, Russ the rust, I like that. Vastar would probably leave her alone to start with, tbh - she's been alone long enough that she wouldn't be sure that Russ wasn't some NPC hallucination until maybe she made some kind of impact that couldn't be written off as her own work.

    Also, if Russ asks her for things to do she might well tell her - her caste meant she was above some folk in the pecking order, but she was mostly in maintenance. She'd def try to phrase it like ‘only if you want though' even if she knows that doesn't always work for non-sufferist warmbloods.
  18. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    @PotteryWalrus Ellehi: works in the birthing caverns, smuggles strong psionics and mutants to the Sufferist ring she's connected to. Takes NO shit. Used to be seriously involved in war-readiness stuff as a top grade sniper before Ascension. She switched to crowbarkind (I think) after Ascension bc it's quick and dirty - usually no time to plan a shot if someone attacks the caverns.

    her previous moirail was culled pretty recently - he was caught smuggling wrigglers and pretty much culled on sight by imperial drones. Ellehi saw it and managed to lie her way out of the situation.

    she has a long-distance red crush on a Sufferist rustblood, and she's in spades with a childhood 'friend' violetblood who works a cushy desk job.

    it would be easy to get her off planet - empire gets too close for comfort, she hightails it out courtesy of well-placed blackmail to her kismesis (whose matesprit is in the space corps and is also a violetblood). Maemei (kismesis) would find it HILARIOUS to ship Ellehi off to a deserted cityship. "oh don't worry no one will come looking for you here hee hee"

    Sevrid (old moirail) would have definitely been a folk singer. Very mountain man kind of guy. Grew up in the forest at the base of the mountain Ellehi grew up in. Really gentle guy, very well suited to the pale quadrant. Ellehi was probably a little too dependent on him - his death has made her really bitter. He went through some shit with the empire that left him pretty broken up - that was his cue to get into the Sufferists.

    Ellehi herself: very butch femme, likes to listen to folk metal, decent cook (very simple stuff though), can't garden for shit, misses sniping, likes whittling, loves exploring. She would be AMPLY happy to take a survival backpack and chart out abandoned sections of the city ship - she'd clean and oil a couple guns, pack a bunch of old MREs, and head out. She doesn't mind being alone - prefers it to most company, but isn't antisocial. Has a secret affinity for kinky violetblood porn. Didn't actually hate her job in the birthing caverns. More or less subscribes to Sufferist philosophy - more on the hemoegalitarian side than anything else. Doesn't give two shits about the Cult of the Mirthful Messiahs. Thinks the Empress is a bitch, but an impressively powerful and smart bitch nonetheless. Doesn't dislike the concept of an empire so much as the dumb way in which the current one is organized.
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  19. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

    (Russel Burgun. I named her fucking Rust Rust.)

    That'd work for Russ! She's rarely been interacted with directly outside trolls asking to dock at the station Liamah commanded, Liamah herself, and trolls working on the station who hadn't been properly terrified out of the habit of acknowledging her.

    Russel response to kindness: weird frightened anger bc this is not how seadwellers (or almost-seadwellers, or trolls above cerulean) are supposed to act! They have never acted like this! What fucking gives??

    Aaaaahhh man this sounds kinda fun...! I def wanna do smth with ur troll, but it's up to you and what sort of thread to have. I think I'm down for either Liamah being disingenuously charming or aggressive or pitiful, or Russel being angry and scared and mistrustful.
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  20. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    hey @cryptoThelematrix I'd really appreciate it if you'd like my post yesterday in this thread when you see it? you don't have to read it all or anything, I'd just like to know that you're aware of its existence, since I don't want to be bugging you by asking if you've seen it when actually you're working on getting a reply together. this is probably a weird thing to ask, but anxietybrain is insisting... :/ sorry to bother you!
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