Femslash February!

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Jean, Feb 1, 2018.

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  2. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    So femslash february is coming tomorrow, and I guess I'm starting with disney. Undersketch for ink.
  3. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster


    (the one in question is denim. i am so...ambivalent towards denim.)
  4. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

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  5. Jemmy

    Jemmy Don't Do A Hit


    first day first day!!!! meet my feral egirl demera and her dumbass jock illiana.
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  6. Jemmy

    Jemmy Don't Do A Hit


    aaand day two! swapping aesthetics!!
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    Bit behind on things to say the least because of school. But here is an Edeleth one for the rainbow prompt. It takes place in my damned Star Wars AU. Behold newly Mando El picking her armor colors:

    It was an array
    Of colors there,
    Refracted rainbow
    After life’s storm
    A family together.
    One in purples,
    Another in green,
    And Byleth’s own grey.

    It was an array
    Of colors then
    Given to her
    Her first choice
    In the years since
    That were not just
    Dingy browns and
    Black upon black
    Forced upon her.

    It was an array
    Of colors there
    And out she picked
    Red, deep red,
    For father dear
    Dead now gone
    But ever loved
    In lonely times
    And these now too.

    It was an array of colors
    And they together
    Were red and grey.
  9. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    CF based Edeleth for the 'note' prompt:

    A note was found
    Slipped under the door,
    The first half of it
    In her consort’s awkward hand
    And the second half in
    Her own careful cursive

    A poem in two hands:

    The day’s sun rises
    And twin duties rise with it
    Carrying us off…

    The sun falls at eve
    Followed by troubles and work
    Leaving only us…
  10. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    An Edeldetta based on their C support for the ocean prompt. Thinking I might recreate their entire support line in poems:

    You stood there behind her
    Watching her every move,
    Hanging to every word
    In search of courage.

    For when you look to her
    You see her standing tall
    In spirit if not in height
    And you can but marvel.

    You stood there behind her
    Till she snapped at last
    Lashing out like all do,
    A lesson Father taught you.

    For you are quite the coward
    Who rambles and raves
    Hoping to retreat off and away
    To hide from the world around.

    She stood there before you
    Admonishing you harsh and hard,
    Yet not for your weaknesses
    But instead for her own.

    For she fears the great sea
    So vast and wide and cold,
    Capable of swallowing her up
    As she cannot swim at all.

    She stood there before you
    Revealing herself to be a girl
    With fears and frights her own,
    And weaknesses aplenty.

    For you are but human
    Beset both by frailties
    Falling heavy on the shoulders
    As all fears must.

    You two stood together
    Upon even ground it seemed
    And your heart rang out
    For that to never shift.
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  11. Jemmy

    Jemmy Don't Do A Hit


    a couple of days ive really liked, so far
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  12. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    I can't do the makeup prompt because makeup triggers the ever living shit out of me so I did this pretentious ass ropeplay Edeleth poem instead. Edeleth is the sub.

    What’s it like to
    Lose control ceding
    All to
    Another your trust
    In their hands to
    Carry you through
    It all

    You don’t know the answer to that

    Till you sit before
    Her on your
    Bed right there one
    Night after
    Having said
    “Yes” when
    She asked “Are
    You sure, El”
    That day

    There’s a
    Of fear boiling
    Up in the
    As she walks
    Over to
    You, her hands
    Carrying it, that,
    The rope
    And she asks
    Again “Are you
    Sure, El”

    But you say because you’d like to know

    What the difference is
    Between chain and
    Rope on the
    Wrists from her
    Before you, walking
    To the bed you’re
    On, waiting, watching
    The breaths you
    Breathe heavy, hard,
    One, two and
    Three a careful count
    Kept to keep you

    “Are you really sure about this, El” the

    Third time she
    Asks the words
    Stumble out the
    Throat with a
    Nod and your hands raised
    Up as your fear
    Rises to meet
    It taking you
    Back to a time
    In the dark far
    From her here but
    She is there
    And she is
    Here, her smile
    Carrying you back
    To this

    A moment just
    Long enough for
    You to assent
    Again heart steeled at
    Last lest fear take
    You down deep and
    Away from her
    Who wraps the
    Rope about your
    Wrists which tense
    At the feel of
    Rope foreign to
    Your mind all
    Weight but no
    Cold like chains and
    They bind tight over
    Time keeping your
    Hands in one
    Place unable to
    Part when pulled

    There it is again, the panic, but she’s there too

    And the rope’s
    Weight which you
    Don’t know quite
    Yet keeps you
    Bound right
    Here with a
    Weight foreign to
    The touch and
    Like chains but
    Unlike chains and
    The bind is
    Similar enough that
    You tumble down in
    To a pit pitch
    Black with fear for
    What happened there but
    She sits here and pulls
    The rope taut
    Part of a
    Knot in your
    Stomach falls from
    You as you look
    At her, your safe
    Haven there, here
    In all times and




    Sinking down
    Twin pulls
    Joined tight
    At the

    You think you
    Know now the
    Difference and
    You start to
    Laugh right
    There though there’s
    Nothing to laugh
    At that you
    Know of, save
    That you

    And she asks you again once more and

    The answer is
    Yes because
    You sink right
    Into her
    Safe haven
    Always and
    Ever, here and
    Now, then and
    There though
    She was not
    There not even
    Known not
    Then, but soon
    Soon, now, now
    You know that
    The difference is
  13. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Did a series of four poems today. They are all Edeleth poems because I Have A Problem.

    For the "competition" prompt:

    It’s just a game
    Is what so many say
    After their games
    With the princess.

    She’d run right through
    To the reviews
    Playing back each move
    In careful sequence
    Always asking questions
    More to herself
    Than her partners
    And even Claude tired of it.

    They tired of her moods too,
    For she frowned at failure
    And criticized each move made
    When she saw she slipped,
    But she boasted proudly the same
    At every falter of her foes
    No matter who they were.

    It’s just a game
    To so many
    And one not dire
    To any but the princess.

    But the professor?
    Her professor?

    She never said those words
    And she liked the reviews
    When they had the time for them
    For she’d cut them short
    When lecture time came around
    Lest Seteth complain at her.

    So the princess’ partners rose
    From two to three players
    And this newest one was
    The most prized of them all
    For she was the toughest yet,
    Making even Claude seem weak.
    The most frustrating too
    For she’d try to share mid game
    Her battle strategies
    As the princess pondered through
    The game’s course before them.
    Help was unwanted, unneeded
    For though it was just a game
    She’d best her yet, her teacher,
    And by her own grit alone
    As the thrill of the fight
    Meant all in the world to her.


    For the "blush" prompt:

    There was a sort
    Of way El would blush,
    Uallach noticed,
    When she was hugged.
    She’d go stock still
    As her face lit up
    And if they were together
    With others still
    She’d purse her lips
    Making an odd frown
    To stifle a smile,
    And if they were alone
    She’d still try
    On reflex alone
    Before settling down
    Into a warm smile
    That only Uallach’s seen.

    She liked those blushes.


    For the "combat" prompt:

    She’d strike her down
    If she must, her teacher
    Who stood before her
    Face hard, sword upraised,
    And she told herself again
    She would fight ever one
    Without a hint of hesitation
    For her will must be firm
    And her grip certainly was
    As she raised her axe
    And her voice with it
    To declare her intent, solid
    As the lump in her throat.

    She’d strike her down
    If she must, her teacher,
    For love holds naught against ambition,
    But she’d like it not.


    For the "shield" prompt:

    The Emperor, she carried a great shield,
    That stood almost as tall as she did,
    Onto each and every battlefield
    Not a sword could pierce it
    Nor spear or axe nor arrow
    Letting her charge as she saw fit
    But magic can bite through all
    And troops beyond count can pile on
    Till the Emperor seemed ready to fall
    Only for her consort to step forward
    Deep on into the frenzied fray
    Cutting through foe after foe onward
    The Emperor, she carried a great shield
    And an even greater behind her
    Such that none could best them on the field
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  15. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    oh, it's february, isn't it
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    Aaaaaaugh the prompt list is not sparking anything this year T_T
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  17. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    I've decided to go to tvtropes and hit the "random tropes" button, possibly followed by the "random media" button. Hopefully this works.
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