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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by jacktrash, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Alska

    Alska Well-Known Member

    That's probably because you're seeing mostly undercoat in the shed fur- the shiny part is usually the top coat/guard hairs.
  2. Aviari

    Aviari PartyWolf Is In The House Tonight

    So, so much undercoat @_@
  3. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    hermes is your standard original-flavor maine coon, so a brindled tabby varying from light gray through golden brown to black. once it's carded together, his fur makes a gorgeous warm charcoal gray.
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  4. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    that sounds awesome
  5. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    So I've been sitting on way not enough of a beautiful Prospit-yellow fluffy fabric since two or three years because I wanted to make a Prospit Dreamer Gown, and I haven't seen that fabric since on all the fabric bazaars I've been to, and it's hella not enough because I found it at the end of the tour and didn't have any more money on me than to buy what I ended up buying.
    But with winter coming (heh), I thought to myself, Kite, get your ass up, procrastinate on your other projects, and do some sewing instead! So I got down my fabric bags.
    (Which have recently been joined by several metres of pitch black, breath blue, and derse purple firm cotton fabric for a cargo skirt and tabards, as well as a green furry fabric im currently using as a WARM THING and a red/black drapey fabric, because when I visited my parents last weekend the bazaar was in their town so ofc we go.)
    (Mom is An Actual Dragon, her hoard is fabric)

    Good news:
    • The only stuff left to do is line everything, and sew on the turtleneck
    • There's enough cutoff for a turtleneck
    • It's like a wearable hug
    • No seriously my mom loves that fabric too it's awesome (we both have sensory processing disorders)
    Bad news:
    • There was only enough fabric to make a thing that is a bit longer than a T-shirt
    • I need to get a diferent fabric and make harem pants to go with that, probs yellow fleece
    • rn everything is covered in yellow poofy stuff that came from the cut edges aaaaaah
    • I never saw that fabric again I am so angry I want an everything made from that stuff
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  6. EulersBidentity

    EulersBidentity e^i*[bi] + 1

    An attempt was made.


    This is test swatch for a knit version of this, since I don't have a loom/don't know how to weave. But I want an infinity scarf with this pattern. (Definitely not with these colours, they were just the most contrasty I've got in my tiny stash.)

    Crit is welcome. I can post the chart if people want it, though when (if) I finish an actual scarf I'll probably write up a full pattern & be looking for testers.
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  7. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    @EulersBidentity I love that design. Did you crochet the red and duplicate stitch the pattern? (Otherwise I really wanna know what stitch you used, it's such a satisfying texture)
    I can count the stitches and knit (another) swatch if you wanna, I think I have basically all the colors of yarn :3
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  8. EulersBidentity

    EulersBidentity e^i*[bi] + 1

    The red is all knit, the blue is a combination of regular stitches and fair-Isle floats brought in front. The yarn I want to use arrived yesterday, so I'll knit up another swatch soon-maybe tonight? I also want to test the same pattern but just in fair-isle, since this float method is cool but it uses a lot of yarn and I'm not totally satisfied with it yet. I will absolutely make a chart for you to experiment with though, I just have to figure out a way to make the instructions clear!
  9. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    sooooo I've been working on Christmas presents

    (don't worry @Imoyram there's nothing you can't see)



    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  10. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    Oh my, that knotwork. Unf.
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  11. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    N-no I don't have a thing for self striping yarn, you do! Kintsugijin no baka!!1
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  12. spockandawe

    spockandawe soft and woolen and writhing with curiosity

    Hey, guys, I have poor impulse control and I'm perseverating on transformers and I'm getting close to finishing the giant cascade cross-stitch. Any thoughts on which of these patterns I should do next? I'm torn, but one way or another I'm buying materials by lunchtime. I really wanted to do the rewind/chromedome moment at the end of the overlord fight, but I think I'd need to draw over that image and work out the embroidery to go over the top to make that work :T Any of these would be striking, I think, with varying degrees of tedium to get a cool final effect (like for Rewind on the right) or WHY ARE THERE SO MANY COLORS (especially for the leftmost Megatron). Oh, and @prismaticvoid, these are the potential patterns I was referencing in my status, and the last project in this post is a (very out of date) wip of the homestuck cross-stitch I'm finishing up.

    transformers cross-stitch.png
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  13. prismaticvoid

    prismaticvoid Too Too Abstract

    Yoooo (I like the center one! It has a very appealing color scheme)
  14. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    i also like the middle one the best, though the right one is pretty cool too
  15. spockandawe

    spockandawe soft and woolen and writhing with curiosity

    Belated response! I ended up going with the first megatron image for now, because the other two would take a lot of dark stitching on dark fabric, and after all the low-contrast work on the cascade cross-stitch, I was dying for something a little easier on the eyes. and OH HEY CLEVER SEGUE, GUESS WHAT I FINISHED


    This is about eight by fourteen inches, which works out to around 22,000 individual stitches, and I am very, very glad I didn't do that math until after I was finished. Please make better life decisions than me. I have a lot of regrets, but also a lot of smug, smug pride. I'm going to wash and iron it tonight, and hopefully take it to be framed tomorrow.
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  16. prismaticvoid

    prismaticvoid Too Too Abstract

    Holy shit that looks amazing!
  17. Aviari

    Aviari PartyWolf Is In The House Tonight

  18. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    So this is the first time I've used pic2pat for a thing. I just spent like two hours cleaning up an image so that it has only like 5 colors. But when I upload it, it gets horribly pixelated or something again. It's saved as a png too, so I have no idea why it's doing that.
    Any ideas? Otherwise, I think I'm just gonna take the time to do it by hand...
  19. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

    AAaaaaaa I have to work on this project for my grandma if I want to get it done by Christmas, but I have INSUFFICIENT PODCASTS
  20. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

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