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  1. Winds of Vos

    Winds of Vos disembodied narration

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    (*cuts ribbon* the rp is now open!)

    The sky was perfectly clear overhead, not even the usual wispy clouds that Cybertron's thin atmosphere could support were visible anywhere in the vast expanse of blue. A brisk breeze blew through the ranks of newly forged lined up i near the edge of the ceremonial amphitheater of the vaunted Aerial Academy of Vos. The rest of the school and faculty watched them from the stands, some bored, others interested in what the crop of fresh scrap had to offer.

    The Aerial Corps anthem suddenly began to play from what seemed like every direction at once. The murmuring died away as the Headmaster and the senior faculty flew down to a podium that rose from from the ground to meet him. The Headmaster was a large and stately flyer who gleamed almost blindingly in the sun. His blue and gold plating was polished to such a degree that he could be used as mirror from the right angles.

    The academy staff in their finery hovered in their root forms behind him. They gleamed with exotic metals from all over cybertron and the colonies beyond. The headmaster cleared his throat and began his speech.

    "Welcome my esteemed collegues, councilors of the state, and cadets. On this day we welcome the new sparks into our academy.” his booming voice traveled through the arena, then he addressed the new recruits directly. “Today is the most important day in your short lives. Today is the first step you will take toward the Destiny that Primus and Adaptus have set before you at the moment of your creation. each one of you has been blessed with the gift of flight. And thus, you have the honor and privilege of serving in the Vosian Aerial Corps. The road to your appointment will not be easy, each of you will strive and struggle, but those that thrive will become part of the most highly trained fighting force on this planet, surpassed by none! For the glory of Vos!" He paused, the words were some kind of signal, every older student saluted and shouted "for Vos!" as one gigantic voice that surrounded the new forged.

    Suddenly, engines screamed of overhead. 12 jets painted identically in blue and gold flew overhead in formation. They began a series of complicated maneuvers and dangerous stunts in perfect synchronization as the entire student body looked on. Some watched in rapt fascination while others cheered and hollered at the display. The energy of the arena shifted from restrained decorum to enthusiasm as the acrobatic squad soared through the air.
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  2. Refractor of Vos

    Refractor of Vos More Than Meets The Eye | 18+

    Refractor buzzed with excitement- both literally and figuratively. He was fairly sure he couldn't have kept from bouncing a little if he tried and his vocalizer kept producing all sorts of random sounds of elation as he watched the jets overhead. He wanted to be like them! So badly! To soar and fly stunts like that and glitter in the sun!
    An excited chirp escaped his vocalizer as he craned his head to watch what was happening- even as he kept having to readjust his optical feeds against the glaringly bright sky.
  3. Topspin

    Topspin New Member

    The little bot standing nearby was also found it impossible to keep still. Topspin practically vibrated from ped to ped as the planes soared overhead. He wanted to be up there with them so badly! He tried to get the attention of his nearest neighbor with an insistent elbow. "You see that?" he babbled excitedly "That's going to be me someday, I'm gonna be the fastest in the pack!"
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