Firefly wedding help?

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by mizushimo, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. mizushimo

    mizushimo the greatest hits

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a Firefly themed wedding, the problem is that the bride wants us to come up with our own costumes. I know absolutely nothing about steampunk/victorian/edwardian costuming or how I'd put together an outfit. I do much better with direct references, but the costumes from the show look to expensive.

    She wants to emulate the episode 'Shindig', we are supposed model our costumes off the general aesthetic of the ball.

    I can't sew, so I'm going to have to buy it, probably online. Does anyone have recommendations of places I can look for costumes? I'm very close to being plus sized, so that's another hurdle.

    Here's some stills
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  2. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Whats your price range?
  3. mizushimo

    mizushimo the greatest hits

    I could probably spend $200-$250?
  4. Acey

    Acey that's my fun and i like fun

    If you have any vintage costume-y type shops, those might be a good place to look--I got my prom dress at one of those, and a lot of the stuff at the ones I've seen would fit the aesthetic pretty well. They're usually a lot more affordable than mainstream Fancy Dresses, too.
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  5. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat
    While this is aimed at goths, victorian leaning goth brands often carry steampunk stuff! One thing, I could not recommend going for a steel boned corset if you´re just wearing it for one event (if you do a corset at all) Get one with plastic boning, you´ll be safer and more comfortable.
    Also, try searching steampunk in amazon or ebay even if you don´t buy anything it might give you ideas. (If you do like something, always check the size charts, don´t buy anything that looks wonky in the product photo. It will look as bad or worse in person)

    Also for a more shindig specific look instead of general steampunk, go for a skirt with a petticoat. You might get something my looking at prom dresses as well.
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  6. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    More on the aestetic kind of things: Shindig is inspired by steampunk on the one hand, and old southern USA stuff on the other. (Think gone with the wind) So you have the steampunk look and playing with historical styles, but more colour, more wide skirts and frilliness. (idk if oyu watched firefly, Kaylee, one of the characters, gets a pink dress that looks like a frigging ruffle layer cake in this episode. I would not suggest going that far, but it gies you an idea of what to mix into steampunk)
  7. Marimo

    Marimo Member

    Depending on how long you've got to get stuff together I've actually had quite a bit of luck buying dresses off of Ali Express (I've seen online that other people haven't been so lucky but I've gotten two formal dresses there and not had any problems)

    If you have some sewing skills/time and energy to figure out how to stick on embellishments etc. Looking in op shops for a dress with the right silhouette then overlaying fabric or buying clothes that fit the general aesthetic (long/frilly skirt, corset style top-belt-thing, off the shoulder top) and add embellishments to make into a cohesive outfit might be cheaper than buying a dress outright.
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