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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Wiwaxia, Oct 28, 2015.

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    My favorite part I didn't even realize was as amazing as it was until I talked to someone who had actually watched the show, which is that
    the villain literally did not have a motivation in canon. When Kirito asks why he did it and he initially replies "I forget," that's the original line. SAO:A actually doesn't do a lot of ~Take That~s at SAO, but they made that one count.
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    HAHAHAHAHA oh no.

    I tapped out of SAO before then because it was just, I dunno. There were effective story elements and on some level I did want that stupid relationship to fucking work. But it was also the relationship equivalent of the heat death of the universe. You don’t get married and settle down for real in a VR game that has maliciously, intentionally trapped you unless you’re ready to admit that this is the life you expect and you’re done assuming you’ll ever have anything beyond. This game is still slowly but steadily killing off the player base, y’all?!?! It was a little much. If it had felt more self aware it could have been astoundingly good but it was not. It felt like the story had stumbled there by accident. It accidentally found the lowest possible energy state. It was entropy, the game, the show, and it didn’t seem to even know it.

    I’m not really surprised that there was no explanation, but I am glad I didn’t find out the long way.

    Getting married because you’re both too awkward and horrible as people to handle a relationship or admit you can’t handle a relationship is way less depressing. It’s fucking hilarious. It’s even extremely believable, at least within the context of the story. I like this relationship a lot better. When it’s sweet it’s because it’s earning it by defying every damn expectation you might have about comedy involving people who don’t understand an orphanage, not because sweet was the closest it could reasonably get to absolute zero.

    The explanation they give for the people trapped in a death MMO for years until they have no choice but to marry each other and adopt children is the funniest, most creative fucking shit. Fantastic.
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    does anyone know how the heck you're supposed to navigate wattpad? every so often I get the urge to check it out because there's probably some quality stuff hidden in there, but I have no idea how to effectively separate the good from the dross.

    edit: poking around is giving me some serious FFnet nostalgia, though :')
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