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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by budgie, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. chthonicfatigue

    chthonicfatigue Bitten by a radioactive trickster god

    Just to throw more data in there, we have an ice cream maker - one of the ones with a paddle and its own refrigeration - and it does have a distinct smell when making ice cream, mostly vanilla with a vaguely metallic, cool edge which could well be the refrigerator coolant, but also that smell persists even once it's in the bowl. Similar to the smell of a frosty morning, in some ways. Not sure if it's a true scent or more a sensation, though, sorry.
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  2. Artemis

    Artemis i, an asexual moron

    Oh dairy (with bovine milk) is definitely a smell. And I mean yeah, chocolate smells like chocolate, mint smells like mint, fudge smells different than chocolate...

    I couldn't describe it though other than Ice Cream smell. Which is subtly different from Frozen Yogurt smell.

    Now self-conscious of the fact that yes I know I have a very sensitive sense of smell heh

    As additional anecdata, my father and twin can't smell anything unless it's practically shoved up their nostrils, while my mom is like me, so.
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  3. Deresto

    Deresto Just a critter

    Nah, i think its awesome! I cant smell for shit, so its really cool to me :D
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  4. Artemis

    Artemis i, an asexual moron

    I don't want to derail this from The Mayo Discourse but yeah if you ever have smell-related questions feel free to randomly ask me, I don't get to talk about scent enough
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