Forest Run: Warrior Cats DnD [Semiclosed RP]

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  1. Mosspaw

    Mosspaw Rabbitcruncher

    "Ah, hi Cloverpaw," Mosspaw meowed. He looked around, surprised to find himself in the middle of what looked to be like an apprentice pileup. "Er.. Brightfur wanted to give me some advice."

    He turned his attention to the other apprentices, who seemed to be showing off their tails -- Mosspaw had never seen a short tail on a cat before, and he had only heard stories of cats with crooked tails before -- maybe this cat knew of them too?. "Are you in Shadow Clan?" He asked, "Because, I remember my dad sometimes tells us stories about when the clans lived in the forest, and he mentioned that the old Shadow Clan leader had a tail just like yours!"
  2. Minkpaw

    Minkpaw New Member

    Minkpaw took a step away from the knot of apprentices and turned to @Thistlepaw, hoping the other cat would be a little less exuberant. "Hello," she meowed. "My name is Minkpaw, who are you?"
  3. Sockpaw

    Sockpaw ShadowClan Apprentice

    Sockpaw was actually a little relieved at the approach of Thistlepaw, who he at least recognized by name. She'd just started her apprenticeship, though, so he didn't know her quite as well as he knew some of the others. He still meowed a greeting in her direction, before turning his attention back to the conversation. "--Uhm. Thanks? I really don't know why my mom couldn't've given me a cooler name, 'Rabbitpaw' would have at least sounded, you know, like a--" He looked at Rhinopaw "Oh. Yeah, no, uh, haha, I wasn't offended or anything, really? Your tail makes you look like a fully fledged warrior or something."
  4. Rhinopaw

    Rhinopaw New Member

    "Oh, excuse me, Pansypaw's only almost always like this," Rhinopaw corrected himself with another amused twitch of his whiskers. "Though I'm pretty sure they have snored occasionally."

    Swiveling his head around to the brown tabby--Mosspaw, apparently--Rhinopaw twitched his ears. "RiverClan, actually. So unless someone crossed some borders once I don't think I'm related to him... not that I think I'd want to be, anyways. Wasn't he one of the evil leaders?"

    And one more swivel back to Sockpaw as he let out a snort of laughter. "If getting your tail squished by rocks makes a warrior, then yeah. I totally beat that pile of rocks. Didn't know what hit it." He knew it wasn't the most glamorous story to ever be told, but he didn't mind, honestly. Not every scar had to have a deep and tragic backstory.
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  5. Thistlepaw

    Thistlepaw New Member

    "Oh, I'm Thistlepaw," she meowed in response. "Is this your first gathering too? If it is, you don't seem too excited."
  6. Sockpaw

    Sockpaw ShadowClan Apprentice

    Sockpaw snorted, despite himself, then looked immediately apologetic. "--I didn't mean to laugh, but that's, uh-- that's wow. That's really something. Really sorry about that, though, hah, hem, uhm. Yeaaah. Ouch." He tipped his head thoughtfully. "It works for you, though. I mean, I'd sure think twice about getting into it with a cat with a broken tail."
  7. Mosspaw

    Mosspaw Rabbitcruncher

    Mosspaw puffed up his chest "and I got injured by a rock too!" he declared proudly, tilting his head to better show off the scars above his left eye. "And yep! He was the one who made all the kits become apprentices too young."
  8. Minkpaw

    Minkpaw New Member

    "Oh! It's my second," says Minkpaw. "It is exciting, I just wish.." She looks despairingly at the other apprentices. "Everyone would be more serious. I bet we could talk about some important things if we weren't all crashing into things and doing flips."
  9. Cloverpaw

    Cloverpaw WindClan Apprentice

    Cloverpaw managed not to mrrt in amusement, although her whiskers did twitch a couple of times. She knew exactly how Mosspaw had gotten those scars. It was one of the best stories in the WindClan camp.

    And...this was kind of nice. Although the daylight gathering thing was fairly unusual, she was sort of hoping that it might be a more common thing from now on. Watching everyone have so much fun talking to each other was the best!
  10. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

    [And a pause for now, so everyone has a chance to interact before we go BARRELING down into characterization.]

    [Like Cloverpaw barreled into a tree]

    [And Mosspaw into Cloverpaw]

    [Get your shit together WindClan]
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  11. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

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  12. Amberpaw

    Amberpaw Loyal apprentice of ShadowClan!

    ((I hope its chill for me to do a quick post rn since I wasn't around yesterday?? If not sry))

    Sootfur was standing at the base of the log on the shore, opening his mouth and scenting around for his apprentice, who had disappeared at some point in ShadowClan's patrol to the island. All the scents were mingled, though, and he only just managed to notice Amberpaw's scent carried towards him on the wind before she ran through the reeds and onto the shore, a frog dangling from her jaws.
    "Srry Stfr!" she meowed, hardly pausing in her stride as she hops up onto the log and starts trotting across, Sootfur sighing and jumping up after her.
    "Why did you catch a frog? The clans each brought plenty of fresh-kill to share already?" he asks, but Amberpaw doesn't dare try to speak and drop the frog in the water, jumping down onto the island and getting distracted at the sight of Thistlepaw and Sockpaw with a bunch of other apprentices, running over to them and skidding to a halt next to Sockpaw, dropping the frog. "Hi! Sorry I'm late, I scented a frog and well, the elders must be fed first even on a day like today, so I figured I'd catch it for one of the elders that came with us today!" She gave a slight smirk to Thistlepaw. "It's only polite, you know? It's such a long journey and no one else caught frogs for the pile here because other Clans don't eat them or something."
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  13. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

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  14. Cloverpaw

    Cloverpaw WindClan Apprentice

    A frog?? Ew. Those were gross, from what Cloverpaw could see of it, and she shrank slightly back from the two ShadowClan apprentices, her pelt brushing against the cat next to her.

    "I didn't think you really ate those!" she mewed, her tail fluffing out. "I thought Sandblaze was having us on again." The scent seemed all marshy and boggy and wet and gross. At least fish were somewhat normal, ShadowClan probably had rabbitfluff (or pine needles) in their brains if they liked eating that.
  15. Sockpaw

    Sockpaw ShadowClan Apprentice

    Usually the undercurrent of friendly tension barely even pinged on Sockpaw's radar-- Thistlepaw and Amberpaw's general oneupmanship wasn't malicious, as far as he knew-- but he shifted on his paws nervously, worried it would be misinterpreted by the other clans. He decided to cut in.

    "It looks great," he meowed, eyeing the frog. "I'm sure whoever you give it to will really appreciate it."

    Frogs were definitely an acquired taste, though he actually had grown to like them. ...Not every day, though. He couldn't imagine life in the old forest, like the elders were always talking about.
  16. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Amberpaw lets out an amused purr at Cloverpaw's disgust. "I guess WindClan doesn't really have many frogs... you're missing out, though! They're great, and the warriors say they're super easy to catch in leaf-bare when you find them! They get really slow or something." she looks around the clearing. "Did you see where any of our elders went, Sockpaw?"
  17. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

    “Your conversations are interrupted as Brightstar bounds across the fallen tree and addresses the whole group."

    “‘While you young warriors have been gathering,’ she meows, ‘a group of queens was introducing the different Clans’ kits to one another. This may have been a mistake, though. A group of kits has gone missing!’”
  18. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

    1. Cloverpaw (Wind) - Sun Patrol
    2. Amberpaw (Shadow) - Sun Patrol
    3. Rhinopaw (River) - Sun Patrol
    4. Sockpaw (Shadow) - Sun Patrol

    1. Mosspaw (Wind) - Moon Patrol
    2. Pansypaw (River) - Moon Patrol
    3. Minkpaw (Thunder) - Moon Patrol
    4. Thistlepaw (Shadow) - Moon Patrol

    (I tried to get it to list by patrol but for some reason it's disagreeing with me :|)
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  19. The Leaders

    The Leaders Leaders of the Five Clans

    Miststar, Streamstar, and Russetstar pad up after Brightstar—the three of them look worried and distracted, with Miststar's ears pricked, as if listening for kit cries, and Russetstar looking around the clearing, hoping that the kits will be close by.

    Streamstar steps forward. “A group of kits has snuck away from the Queens that were watching them. Every available warrior has been sent out to look for them, but we need your help, too."

    Russetstar's ears flick, and she joins the other two leaders, Miststar barely a whisker behind. "The kits are all from different clans, and we've found two trails leading away from the gathering. We're splitting you into two mixed patrols," she mews, pointing her tail at Amberpaw, Thistlepaw, and Sockpaw. "Amberpaw, you'll be with Rhinopaw, Sockpaw, and Cloverpaw. Thistlepaw, go with Mosspaw, Pansypaw, and Minkpaw."

    "We trust you'll do everything to find the kits safely," Miststar said, inclining his head. "You four will take the trail towards the RiverClan camp, and you four will take the one that leads towards the horseplace. May StarClan light your path."

    The leaders split up, to speak to more of their warriors.

    What will you do next?

    [Sun Patrol Objective]
    Follow the kit trail that leads towards the RiverClan camp.

    [Moon Patrol Objective]
    Follow the kit trail that leads towards the horseplace.
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  20. Cloverpaw

    Cloverpaw WindClan Apprentice


    Lost kits? This had to be the worst possible thing that could happen at a special Gathering. Besides a fight. Or a badger invasion. Or a herd of raging foxes. Or a rain of toads—ANYWAY, lost kits, lost kits, that meant they had to do something. "We should probably get going before the scent trail fades any further," Cloverpaw mews, and bounds over to the tree bridge.

    Once she's over it, it's not that hard to pick up the trail Russetstar's mentioned, and she keeps her nose to the ground and ears to the wind, as she follows it, hoping one of the more experienced apprentices will be able to pick things up as the scent trail goes fainter and fainter.
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