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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by prismaticvoid, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. kmoss

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    .........i would like the link

    (mental note to self to just send Lin manuel miranda a bunch of money someday and an apology ok good)
  2. applechime

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    @Mala .....god i feel like a monster, but. i will never be able to see it on broadway with the original cast, so... i turn to this life of crime. may i also have the link?
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  3. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    I don't know when or how I'll give him money but I swear to god. IOU. Probably ten years in the future but hell. Understand Mr. Miranda I'm a poor lesbian trying to support a family

    It's a beautiful show on stage, I'm really enjoying it. The lighting design is super fascinating which I didn't expect and they use that stage as much as I hoped.

    Also, T. Jeffs. Needs to be seen. Listening does not do him justice
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  4. Mala

    Mala Well-Known Member

    I know Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to make an official recording at some point, but Broadway might not let him for a while. So hopefully someday there'll be a version we can throw money at.

    And I bet they'll do 10th, 25th, ect anniversary performances like they have for Les Mis.
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  5. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    by the time 25 years have passed i might be able to afford seeing shows. weirder things have happened ;u;
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  6. Mala

    Mala Well-Known Member

    Possibly! Although I was thinking there'd likely be professional recordings of those, if it doesn't happen during this run
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  7. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

    I just watched the animatic @unknownanonymous posted and omg, it's so great. I love angry dancing.
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  8. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    so i watched the sneaky pirate recording just now and like. uh. there are visible tear stains on my mattress. so. yeah. i'm just gonna lie here in my 'character death means 100% chance of tears' corner
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  9. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

  10. Mala

    Mala Well-Known Member

    I kinda wish they'd actually done this, but then I love waltzes/tangos in general. Also kismesis songs.

    Another neat choreography thing: generally if there's ensemble dancers, then the whole main cast is somewhere there with them. Like in the Schuyler Sisters, the whole squad introduced so far is dancing with the ensemble dancers. Washington is at the ball and wedding with Hamilton in Helpless and Satisfied along with the rest of the squad. Hamilton actually pushes Laufayette out of the way to talk to Angelica. Farmer Refuted has Laufayette distracting Burr while Mulligan and Laurens egg Hamilton on.
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  11. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

    A rad thing: In Helpless, Lafayette just talks to Angelica for most of the song - no interruption by Hamilton. Angelica approaches A. Ham, and it's with her sister's approval. Meanwhile, in Satisfied, Hamilton hip-checks Laf out of the way so he can flirt with Angelica. Different perspectives!!
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  12. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

    Could I have the link, too, please?
  13. same!
  14. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    Good evening Hamilton thread. It's been maybe three days since I last filled you with words, which means the time has come again.

    I will guess most of you will know about Ham4Ham, but some might not, so let me introduce you. The Ham4Ham show is a two to five minute show that Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with other members of the cast or other Broadway stars, put on for the people waiting to try to win lottery tickets for the show on every night it is preformed. A ridiculous amount of people show up at the doors, hoping to win a handful of tickets, and Mr. Miranda endeavors to leave them all with SOMETHING, even if that isn't seeing the show. So he rallies up a few of his fellow actors, convinces them to do something dumb, and then does something dumb for the ragtag audience before jetting out to get ready for the show. Over the winter, because he didn't want people to wait in the cold, he did Ham4Ham shows online, filmed at other Broadway productions, at home, and in the godblessed White House, and it's easy to find a lot of them.

    Here's the guy who acts as George Washington singing The Story of Tonight with Elmo.

    Here's Jimmy Fallon singing You'll Be Back in various voices.

    Here's some gender-bending.

    Here's some more gender-bending, feat. female cast members doing the raps in I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot.

    Here's Lin-Manuel contributing to the Broadway production of Les Miserables.

    Here's Lin-Manuel and Daveed Diggs switching their roles for the first cabinet battle.

    Here's the same cabinet battle being recited, in the White House, as if it's in an episode of the West Wing.

    (You don't have the votes. You don't have the votes. A ha ha ha ha.)

    Here's my personal favorite--the actor for Burr mashing up Wait For It and Stars, Javert's number, from Les Miserables.
    I may or may not be prone to looping this.

    Thank you for indulging me. I should be working right now.

    ETA: Here is the presidential band playing What Did I Miss while Daveed Diggs jams in the background. He has such a beautiful suit. Such beautiful hair. How is he so beautiful?
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  15. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    That was amazing, thank you!
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  16. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    I've been listening to parts of Hamilton for the last week or so; last night I finally listened past The Room Where It Happens (because I'd been listening to it on loop, because I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and ended up finally finishing Act 2. I cried. Then I bought the soundtrack, because who knows if I'll be able to actually go see Hamilton someday.

    The Room Where It Happens is probably still my favorite song, and I have to say it may be one of the most Slytherin songs I've ever heard.
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  17. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

    @littlewhitemouse oh shit, thank you! I was keeping up with them for a while but I haven't recently - the West Wing cabinet battle is a thing of genius, oh my god. (one day I am going to spontaneously combust bc of my hate-lust for daveed diggs' Jefferson)

    edit: accidentally tagged littlepinkbeast instead, whoops
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  18. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

    He's so beautiful. He's so infuriating. I'm troubled by my feelings but I like to ascribe it mostly to Diggs' acting, voice, and beautiful self rather than to weird feelings about a long-dead democratic republican.

    I laughed so hard the first time I watched that ham4ham tbh. "You don't have the votes. A ha ha ha."
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  19. leitstern

    leitstern 6754 Shatter Every Sword Break Down Every Door

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  20. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

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