Friend is ignoring me and I don't know why?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by dorkfang, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. budgie

    budgie not actually a bird

    @whimsicalobservant I suppose "Are you fucking shitting me?" was not what you were thinking.
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  2. dorkfang

    dorkfang not here

    I'm pretty much going to have to go with her to this concert, I've got my heart set on going and I don't have any way of getting there on my own (or I would just meet up with her there, get my ticket from her and get away from her). I kind of thought about just saying fuck it and buying another ticket and letting her keep mine, but the type of ticket I bought are now going for four times as much as I paid, hahaha... I mean, there are going to be two other people in the car, one I'm friends with and one I've met a few times and seems decent, so it might not be too horrible.

    So basically I'm just going to be on my ~best behavior~ (ha) for this trip and try to avoid talking to her that much.
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