Furvilla and You: A Guide to Serf Neopets

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    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    New update: REGISTRATION CLOSES JULY 8TH. Please make sure to get in by then.

    I made a google spreadsheet for us! Edit it as necessary, find some buddies. Also! All the greyscale bases, for your paintie needs (thank you to @mek )

    I figured I'd make an official thread about it since it's technically a petsite and you don't have to be a furry to enjoy the game.

    So Furvilla had a really rocky start and is kind of in the "augh" stages regarding staffing (coughs) but it's actually pretty entertaining for being in beta? If you don't have an account I suggest joining and checking it out and playing around.


    If you use this link it gives me referral rewards so that's kind of !! if you do use my referral link.

    I kind of want to make a guide for people who are SCOFFS CASUALS or lol n00b at this game and don't know what to do so I guess here's the thread to do it whoo.

    Step 1: Choose a village and create your first villager

    There's five villages to choose from: Oceandome (water themed), Quetzal Palace (angel? air? crystal? It's pink themed), Dragonsmaw Manor (Halloweentown if it was made up of furries), Olde Foxbury (Medieval themed) and Tigereye Peak (snow themed). Generally? The place you choose doesn't matter at first, but certain shops have themed morphing potions and "costumes" and stuff. You can get a Wickerbeast recipe from Dragonsmaw, a Manokit recipe from Oceandome, and a Dutch Angeldragon recipe from Quetzal Palace.

    Personally those are one of the three I'd pick based on the recipes alone, but each village has its ups and downs.

    You can switch villages ONCE. Think carefully on your decision.

    There's also a premium currency called FurDollars, which translates at 100 FD for every real $1 (USD). You can get a special pet called a Gembound from the FD cash shop for $20, which in itself is both cool and frustrating. Gembounds kind of look like cash cats with long whisker-feelers on their faces.

    So you get one free villager slot and 500 FC (FurCash) to start out with, which is pretty dismal but it stacks up. Your villager can also select a career! There's a bunch to choose from, but my advice is if you're not going to buy a second slot, you need to make it an explorer. Otherwise it'll be impossible to make more FurCash.

    That being said, you can immediately buy a second slot with the initial 500 FC. The third slot costs 1500 FC and the fourth is 5000, and the slots from there on cost a house item. To make a house item you need a carpenter.

    A good strategy is make your first three villagers explorers, the fourth one a carpenter, and build a house. Turn one of your villagers into a Doctor and then your fifth villager an herbalist. After that, have any villager you like. Why? Well that's because

    Step 2: You gotta rely on other careers to get anywhere and it sucks.

    So your villager got sick. That's not the best, because your productivity is halved. The clinic in your village offers a free cure once a day, but that's not the best with how active you are on the site, because Susy Snow Leopard caught the plague twice in a row.

    What's worse is after your two-week grace period, if you catch a major disease (Ferality, Neptune's Disease, Broken Limb, Plague and Hypothermia), your villager can't work AT ALL. You'll need a doctor.

    Doctors rely on plants to make their remedies, which are supplied by herbalists. Herbalists grow their plans from the items found by explorers. Everything all trickles down to explorers eventually.

    So! Here's a quick guide on who needs which career to supply them their items:
    • Explorers don't rely on anyone. They find the raw materials for other careers. They can gather 20x per hour (10x if sick with a minor disease)
    • Crafters rely on Explorers and Warriors to make their base items to sell to other professions.
    • Tailors rely on Crafters. They create "costumes" (basically like paintbrushes from neopets). Costumes will be available by their home-village, so if you want a Quetzal-based costume, you need a tailor who hails from the quetzal palace. Only the basic animals (dog, cat, wolf, fox, dragon, horse, rabbit) are currently available for costuming.
    • Blacksmith requires Explorer's raw materials to make weapons and armor.
    • Herbalists requires Explorer's raw materials to grow plants. Specifically they need the seeds. That's about it. ._.;;
    • Doctors require Herbalist's grown plants to make their medicines. Without the doctor you basically are at the whim of 1-a-day heal from the clinic OR buying the medicine from user stalls, which will be grossly overpriced. Luckily you can only catch diseases from your village, and thus you only need plants from your village to make healing items.
    • Alchemists require Herbalist's grown plants to make morphing potions, Gender Potions (for animals), HP Potions, Durability potions, and Miracle Gro potions. As I said before, Oceandome can create Manokits, Dragonsmaw can create Wickerbeasts, and Quetzal Palace can create Dutch angeldragons. Oceandome can also create a species randomizer morphing potion which is...basically useless lmao why would you ever.
    • Animal Husbandry relies on no other profession and is basically just there for bragging rights. You can find animals (petpets anyone?) out in the wild and attempt to domesticate it, or if you have two animals of the same kind of opposite sex you can breed them (gender potions can solve the problem of having two of the same animal but they have the same sex). Basically useless but hey bragging rights.
    • Construction Workers rely on Explorers for their wood. Look for "slab" anything, even if it isn't wood, and gather 150 of those, and then you can build a house congrats. You need a 150 each time per house.
    • Warriors rely on Blacksmith's weapons and armor. They also get a boost from Alchemist's HP potions, so it's always good to check that out. There are three elements that work like rock, paper, scissors (Balance, Light, and Dark). Your weapon is what you attack as and your armor is what your villager is aligned as.
    Step 3: This is the Furry Hunger Games

    This is very stupid, but Furvilla doesnt allow for village mingling beyond selling your finished product. Your villager from Quetzal Palace cannot learn the Manokit Morphing Potion reciple from Oceandome, you'll have to buy the potion itself.

    The exception to this for some reason is Herbalists, who can plant seeds from other villages and Carpenters, who can use any type of wood to build their structures. Unconfirmed on my end but I am aware cross-village recipe learning is now a thing. Trade at your leisure!

    Luckily(?), this thread has at least one person from every village, so put a shout out for an item you want, offer something in trade, and it should be golden, assuming the person is skilled in that profession.

    Step 4: Being a Special Snowflake

    So Furvilla has the neat idea of making something called a Paintie, which is a recolor of one of the Furvilla bases and making your villager unique. They cost $1 in real money (100 FurDollars). It's actually a really neat concept and I would love to get a paintie for my fursona but I am absolute garbage at art.

    Step 5: ???

    Since the site is in beta there isn't much beyond what I wrote above, however, for a TL;DR version:

    • Oceandome aligns under the "balance" element. Benefits include High Durability and Low Battle Requirements, while Drawbacks are Low Attack and Defense
    • Their alchemists can create a "randomizer" species morphing potion as well as the Manokit morphing potion
    • Their Tailors create Aquatic, Pirate, and Diver costumes
    • Their major sickness is called Neptune's Disease
    Quetzal Palace:
    • Quetzal Palace aligns under the "light" element. Benefits include High Attack, while Drawbacks are Low Durability and High Battle Requirements
    • Their alchemists can create gender morphing potions (for animals) and Dutch Angeldragon morphing potions
    • Their Tailors create Angelic, Fairy, and Galaxy costumes
    • Their major sickness is called Broken Limb
    Olde Foxbury:
    • Olde Foxbury aligns under the "balance" element. Benefits include High Defense and Durability, while Drawbacks are Low Attack
    • Their alchemists can create Durability potions
    • Their Tailors create Warrior, Steampunk, and Royal costumes
    • Their major sickness is called Plague
    Dragonsmaw Manor:
    • Dragonsmaw Manor aligns under the "dark" element. Benefits include High Attack and Low Battle Requirements, while Drawbacks are Low Durability
    • Their alchemists can create HP Potions and Wickerbeast Morphing Potions
    • Their Tailors create Reaper, Beast, and Spooky costumes
    • Their major sickness is called Ferality
    Tigereye Peak:
    • Tigereye Peak aligns under the "balance" element. Benefits include High Defense and Attack, while Drawbacks are Low Durability
    • Their alchemists can create Miracle Gro potions
    • Their Tailors create Fluffy, Sorcerer, and Mythic costumes
    • Their major sickness is called Hypothermia
    In general:
    • It's a very good idea to make your first three villagers explorers, and your fourth one a construction worker. You'll earn a lot of FurCash quickly during your first two weeks of resistance to illnesses (meaning you can work even if you catch one of the major diseases).
    • Remember, you need 150 slabs to get a fifth villager, so hold onto your slabs during exploration.
    • After you create a fifth villager slot, switch one of your villagers to doctor so you no longer need to rely on the clinic, and create an herbalist to supply your doctor with plants for their medicines.
    • This site is in open beta, which means items/cash are likely going to be reset at the end. Don't put too much stock into your items, and use them as soon as you're able. It'll be a very frustrating experience if you expect to hoard your items and end up with nothing.
    Again if you haven't joined and you're super interested after my explanation, consider signing up with my referral link! Also, if you already have an account, friend me! My ID # is 16148, and I'm Carnivore.

    Phew! I think I got everything. There's a Newbie Guide if you'd like to read things more in depth.
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  3. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?


    Also! if it wasn't obvious or you didn't go to my profile and instead just used the referral link, I chose Dragonsmaw Manor as my village, which means I can grab you the wickerbeast MP and hp potions. I don't have an alchemist and can't make them (at the moment; working on getting an alchemist next), so if you want those HMU.
  4. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

    How do I send you a friend request? I'm in Tigereye
  5. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    http://furvilla.com/profile/16148 There should be a little friend icon in that mix of stuff in the shape of a people (people? in my furry game??)

    I don't get to see who I referred, otherwise I'd be friending exactly all four of y'all.
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  6. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    I've been doing that thing where I create personalities for my pets/villagers/what-have-you again and ive been making villagers based on the careers

    which is why the horse is a Clydesdale carpenter. He's a workin' class horse. It's funny because cliche.
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  8. Ouija

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    welcome to furvilla the anti-vax community, apparently
  9. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

    Yeah, I'm a bit flummoxed as to why the people who live in ICE have low durability
  10. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Actually that applies to weapons and armor.

    There's supposed to be a 1% chance at disease catch rate but i call shenanigans.

    If you haven't yet, go to your local clinic! You get single free cure a day.
  11. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    I shot you a friend request! (I'm RodimusPrime) And fwiw, I'm okay doing Painties for pretty much anyone-- fiddling with the size requirements is the hardest part, and I've painted on their bases before.

    (Don't do what I did. I made a warrior for my first villager, blew all my money on weapons, and then died repeatedly because the protection quotient made it impossible for me to fight the rares that came my way.)
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  12. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Friend request approved! I am now rubbing elbows with an alien robot from outer space.

    (It was suggested in Dragonsmaw forums before the forums got overrun that if you're just starting out, only fight enemies that are 10-15hp, run away from the rest until you get the good weapons, aka the things blacksmiths make and not the stuff in the NPC stalls)
  13. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Yeah I was doing that for a while, but I ended up throwing my hands in the air and saying fuck it. There were a lot of nasty "OMG WARRIORS WHY DO U SUCK SO HARD OMG" threads in the village forums, which did not endear me too much to the class either-- after I get my doctor/herbalist setup really going, I'll probably give warrior a try again. I mean, that was the whole point of making Starscream first!
  14. Mercury

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    @Carnivore sent you a friend request as well. (I'm mercurialMalcontent, as always.)

    I signed up a couple? of days ago but have yet to really figure anything out. Is it better to autosell stuff or try to sell it through the dinkyass little shop thing?
  15. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Well, Dragonsmaw figured out that warrior rates needed to go down in order for us to cull the masses, so a "please stop making warriors until you have better gear thanks" was made. A lot of people set aside their warriors for explorers or doctors until it was "safe" to switch back.

    There was so much frustration for the beginning of it, though.

    My original mistake was making an animal husbandry career villager and realizing "this is useless?" before switching to explorer. Then I saw the light.
  16. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    @Mercury it's better to hoardsell most items. Slabs net you quick cash at least double their value because people are starting to need wood for their houses (I'm lazy and set my wood at 45FC, I don't know if I'm undercutting but I also don't care). Steel is still awful, and I'm hoarding all my seeds so I'm unaware if certain ones earn more than others, but I do know to cure most/all diseases in Dragonsmaw you need Angry Root and Chomper Plant, which means those are probably expensive.
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    i'm unknown20troper on there now
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    Oh yes, I'm KathyGaele on there
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    i'm phrench and i'm in the cloud town however the hell you spell it.
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