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  1. Gee

    Gee the mail never fails

    I've been a member since the founding of this site (under a previous name), and I still don't know how to rotate pictures :)

    Hello again friends. Your local (former) mailman here.

    Big life updates since I last existed on the seebsnet:
    • Despite best efforts to shove myself into a cisfem box, I am a he/him trans! I've been on T for a full year as of April 30th :)
    • I quit the post office! There's a longer post regarding that TBD.
    • I'm in a loving and healthy relationship with another ftm trans named Nate who comes from an incredible family.
    • I am 100% sober as of January 1st 2021
    • My biodad has been clean since October 2020
    • My stepmom, who I loved more than anyone,my queer and autistic mentor, passed in November 2020.
    • I left therapy, but have found my perfect med dose / combo for my brainweird, which has helped significantly.
    • My narcmom is in trauma therapy following her kidney transplant, and it seems to have helped a lot with our relationship. Hurt people hurt people, etc.

    Maybe I'll be on again, maybe I won't lol
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  2. Gee

    Gee the mail never fails

    Hi again, all.

    • Still a trans, two years on T
    • Married Nate, and things aren't easy
    Sometimes you get married under duress of the political situation and suddenly you aren't your partners favorite person and things are hard
    • Back in therapy, still on a good meds dose, though I did have a full breakdown hospitalization in may
    • Biodad is three years sober
    • No contact with bionarcmom following some Events
    • I fell out of touch with a lot of people.
    • My two best online friends of many years hooked up at my not-wedding and since cut me off forever after I called them out on it.
    • Were living in a much safer house, but I'm going to be moving next year. Even if my partners don't come with me.
    • I wouldn't consider myself poly necessarily I don't think, but I have a platonic life partner in my meatspace best friend Wynter, and by proxy his romantic partner Jayson
    • I just got back from picking up my kid sister from Pennsylvania and she's 18. Also
    • West Virginia takes so fucking long to drive through
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