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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by idiomie, Feb 9, 2019.

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    so, i started working at another mcdonald's a little over a month ago? joined as crew, starting manager training, gonna be the new night shift manager.

    the current manager is this woman, who i'll call S.

    we ... do not get along. she runs a horrible shift. slapdash, she doesn't do any of her managerial duties, she plays favorites with the crew. all of which sucks, but w/e.

    except ... the very first shift i ever worked for this mcdonald's, she called in a friend of hers (who also works at this mcdonald's) and had her help close ... only S paid her in cash and never had her clock in, because S "didn't want labor to go up"

    that's illegal, but it's my first day, and it's already going poorly, because i am a bossy control freak and have spent this entire shift going "but ... what if we did this instead?" because S doesn't know the first thing about being a manager. so i'm like, hmm, but don't say anything.

    time goes on and it gets... worse. she routinely has people come in and do closing duties for her, but never clocks them in. (and to my knowledge, only the woman from the first time ever gets paid; everyone else is doing it to "be a team player") her boyfriend, who does not work for us, cleans and closes our lobby for us. another coworker's boyfriend, who also does not work for us, will come behind the counter and wash dishes for us at night. she's had other crew members clock off, and then continue working for two or three more hours before sending them home.

    things finally came to a head when she made me work through my break, at which point i went to the store's general manager. it felt like he took me seriously, but ... nothing happened.

    or actually, what happened was 100% retaliation: S did get some sort of warning about "remember: when people are clocked off, they legally can't work!" and responded by ... i can't call it anything else but picking on me? she threatens to write me up every shift at least twice, because my uniform isn't up to code (it is; i've checked with the general manager), or because i wanted to wear my sweatshirt over my uniform and that's "against the rules" (which! it technically is! but i am the only person she makes follow this rule), or because i'm "rude" (yeah, probably).

    i think she has tried to write me up, only the GM won't approve it, which has only made her angrier.

    anyway, after going to the GM, she seemed to have backed off on the whole breaking the law thing, only she's back at it again, and bringing this issue up to the GM hasn't solved anything.

    even though i have dates and times that can be verified against the camera, where she's had non mcdonald's employees working for us, or had employees working off the clock.

    i'm sick of this

    how do i escalate this further?
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    I think you go to HR and report the retaliation, I guess?
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    Yeah, at this point, you need to go up the chain further. Contact HR, check if there's a phone number to call for this sort of thing, and if contacting HR still doesn't do anything? Look for the number for the local labour board or whoever's responsible for monitoring to make sure that employers aren't, y'know, breaking the law and see if you can anonymously report. (Tell them you're afraid of retaliation, since it's already happened once.)
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  4. Ouija

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    (hello fellow MacDombls)

    Pretty sure OurLounge has your local store's numbers (I can't double check if they do just because it's NOT LETTING ME LOG IN!!!! Evil). If you work under a franchise and not corporation, call the owners first? It would get you faster results, unless the owners are aware of this behavior.
  5. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Also! get documented proof of these bullying tactics and rule breaks. Note the day and time, tell them to watch the tapes (does your store have audio-visual or just visual?), etc. Witness testimony from the GM (since you came to them for the initial issue) and whoever else you can get on your side.
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