HABITICA: Your Fridge Is Stinky. Roll For Initiative!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Vast Derp, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    instead of framing at as not forgetting to do stuff, try framing at as a positive habit instead? so instead of forgot to eat -1 its ate some food, +1 and so on
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  2. Lambda

    Lambda everything happens so much

    you can choose a class at level 10, so if you're not there yet, you didn't miss anything
  3. evilas

    evilas Sure, I'll put a custom title here

    Well I mean I keep those as dailies because I have to do them every day. Like, "take my meds"...
    Though I could put "choose to eat food at a regular time", right?
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  4. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Heck yeah you can! It seems to me like maybe you need more examples of things that can be helpful/positive framings of habits or dailies? I will totally share my lists if you think it will help - I have to phrase almost everything creatively-positively bc my depression is waaaaaay too good at using self-punishment to just hurt me and not get anything done and use that as an excuse to yell at me more.
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  5. paintcat

    paintcat Let the voice of love take you higher

    I've got laundry, showering, and cleaning the litter box as positive habits. My dailies are taking my meds, brushing my teeth, checking my email, and doing at least a little bit of creative work (which is easy right now because I've got a knitting project on the needles pretty much always lately.)
  6. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Not forgetting = remembering, right?

    So, you make positives for REMEMBERING

    Not negatives for forgetting

    The way to do that with dailies is to play as a class that eliminates the negative effects of forgetting

    You can also turn your dailies into habits with a positive-only.
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  7. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    And for stuff that needs regular times, putting up alarms on your phone is much more effective than habitica. Habitica is designed for some things, but not the best for everything!
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  8. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    I have eat as a positive habit
    also drink
    because i often forget to eat or drink
    :I *shrug* might not be for you?
    I also have a positive habit called "effort"
    and if something is harder to do today, i press the effort one too, to get more reward for doing it
    so if it took me a lot to get up and brush my teeth, then I would tick off brush teeth, but for more reward, hit effort habit too
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  9. evilas

    evilas Sure, I'll put a custom title here

    Sure but I can't allow myself to forget stuff! And tbh punishments are the only thing that works consistently.

    Also @Kit yes please that would be really helpful.

    Shower! That's a good one that I don't have to do every day!

    • Eat within a certain 3-hour window
    • Shower
    • Shave which I really hate doing :P
    Yes! Thanks guys!
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  10. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    Ohhh I'm gonna steal this one.
    I basically use Habaticia for an instant reward thing. I often say to myself. "Do the thing, win the points!" And with Habaticia, I get actual points somewhere, so it's instant gratification. Sometimes something is super hard though and "effort" would be a way to get more points relative to the amount of effort I spend...
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  11. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    oh yeah, i have one just called "free points" which is for when i need extra points because something was hard or if i do something that wasn't on my list but took mad effort like answering the door or something.
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  12. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    i have a habit called "effort" and i click it when something took more effort than it should have/than i thought i had, etc
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  13. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Here goes!

    • three separate habits called "quality [name] time" for spending good time with my wife, moirail, and sister (social bonding super important for maintaining mental health!)
    • sunshine time (for getting outside, even if it's just to the car to an errand. on hard days, getting nap-in-a-sun-puddle time.)
    • do an art, be the hero (incremented - I click for every 20 minutes I spend actively improving my art skills. it used to be 5 but I was keeping it too consistently bright blue so I upped my challenge level recently.)
    • being patient and loving (trying to retrain my brain to be more charitable and less hurtful-when-panicky)
    • fell asleep 'naturally' (specifically for managing to fall asleep without doing something to distract myself to exhaustion - i have some Problems with sleep)
    • solo writing projects (I let myself click if I even just wrote a sentence - I click as much as I feel proud, basically)
    • unfuck a space (definition reads "remove all dishes and trash from one lurk zone" - for example, collecting cups and food wrappers from around my computer chair, or coffee mugs and makeup wipes from my bedside table)
    • 5 min happy moving (ie my super low effort attempts at tricking myself into "exercise")
    • listen to my body (this is generalized - I click it for things like "got myself food when I realized I was hungry," "stretched or got pain meds when I hurt," etc)
    • knitting (like art, and solo writing)

    These are all things I am mostly doing on my own, but I remember them more when I get rewarded with XP and mana (which is another feature that won't become significant until level 10) for clicking them, and being able to see my progress bars also helps me notice how much stuff I'm doing! There are a couple other habits p specific to my religious practice, and then there's my dailies.
  14. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    also: my "something was hard and I didn't expect it" habit is called "was BRAVE." I have been known to allow myself six clicks for a single incident (navigating a group social occasion with my abusive ex present, for example.) It's a v good force multiplier!
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  15. Yeah this. I'm actually really proud of my meds streak because it means I've been making a consistent effort to take care of myself for a really fucking long time. Plus I've seen a lot of improvement in my life since I started taking meds, so it's like a constant visual reminder that I did the thing and I did it good.

    I have habits I check off every so often, but honestly they're probably one of the features I use the least. It's nice to reward yourself for something that takes effort, like I have a habit for an hour of work, but I mostly just forget they're there.

    Dailies are something I've found works best if I only put in things that'll fuck up my day/week/month if I don't do them. Like showering, taking my meds, getting to bed on time, doing at least a little bit of homework, etc. I've tried to put things that take more effort in there like putting some major effort into a project that needs to get done and it just overwhelms me instead.

    So I keep those things in the ToDo section! I really like the ToDo section, specially cause the ToDos are worth more experience the longer you leave them. I usually feel useless and like the effort's not worth it when I miss a deadline, but now I keep everything I have to do in there so I can really see what I have time for! I like it the most when I finish something massive with like 30 steps to check off, check off the task itself and go up like 5 levels at once. Very rewarding, perhaps more so than my actual rewards.

    That's how I do the positive thing. I think even if you're using the negative consequence of not doing your Dailies it can be p easy to turn that into a positive framework. Even if your dailies are basically like "don't fuck up" if you check them off that means you didn't fuck up! Hooray! (Results may vary, of course, but that's how I see it.)
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  16. evilas

    evilas Sure, I'll put a custom title here

    Thanks everyone, for all the help!

    And I love your suggestions,@Kit! I'm gonna take some of these for my own :D

    Okay here's what I'm doing:
    • Unfuck A Space sounds just up my alley because it's something I LIKE to do so it works good
    • Listen To Body - when I'm feeling overwhelmed by something and I realize what it is and take care of it without help
    • Quality Brother Time - maybe. My dad says I should call him more often and that seems like a good one to do
    • Fall Asleep... at a decent time - less than 1AM on Mon Wed, less than 3AM on Tues, and less than 4 (EDIT:5) AM on Sun. Maybe I'll add the other days later.
    I'm not doing the Art ones because I don't Art. Though maybe.... at some point?

    And the ones I'm unsure about:
    • Go outside - And do what?
    • Exercise - eventually gonna work it in there somehow, maybe.
    • ...
    • POKEMON GO! When I start getting time to Do Shit, on a weekend when it's not this cold, I will start going on Go walks at some point.

    EDIT: AND I took out an unnecessary daily that I was stressing over and half-assing anyway!
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  17. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    @evilas Pokemon GO totally counts as going outside AND exercise.
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  18. Carnivorous Moogle

    Carnivorous Moogle whose baby is this

    man, i'd love to join the kintsugi party but also i cheat like a motherfucker to associate Doing Things with Good Feelings instead of Despair and Shame; it works great for me so far, but i'm worried it'd unbalance a party dynamic for everyone else D:
  19. Anomal(eee)

    Anomal(eee) Grumblepunk Gremlin

    ...I was genuinely under the impression that that's how Habitica was *supposed* to motivate you, so I'm not sure that's cheating. You still would take damage for not doing dailies, or whatever, anyway.
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  20. Carnivorous Moogle

    Carnivorous Moogle whose baby is this

    hmm, good point; i guess what i mean by 'cheating' is 'not holding myself accountable for undone dailies/etc if i think the negative will outweigh the reinforcement' (so for example 'ah dammit i forgot to make dinner, ah well' would get marked, while 'oh fucking fuck me fuck this i'm going to have broken a 10-day streak because i don't have any time/energy left for this one' gets a pass), mainly. and marking easy tasks as hard for that extra little rush of validation from extra gold+EXP. in fact i mark most tasks as hard unless they're already done by the time i check them off. that kind of thing? would that be okay for a party, or too munchkin-y?
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