Help me come up with quiz questions? (on many many different topics, including fandom ones)

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Erica, Feb 21, 2022.

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    I'm hosting a quiz night for my friends - we're basically doing a spin on Tom Scott's Disconnected format (you lose one life everytime you get a question wrong and somebody calls you on it - if you answer confidently enough that the others believe you you're fine, even if you were wrong!) - and I'll be trying to give them questions that even if they don't know the actual answers they could believably bluff about, so I'm customizing the question categories to fit my friends. What this means is that during quiz night we will go from questions about geography and science to questions about memes and World of Warcraft lore and back, which is going to be hilarious, and I'm super excited.

    Unfortunately, I don't know shit about World of Warcraft lore. Or... several of their areas of expertise, actually? And while yes I absolutely could read a few wikis and pick things at random, that gives me no indication of how well-known or obscure a fact is, and the whole point is to have questions that are obscure enough that not literally everyone will know the answer, but still possible to know for someone who has not memorized the entire wiki.

    Also turns out I might just be bad at coming up with quiz questions.

    Help? Bonus points for questions people could theoretically bluff their way to fun answers for when they don't know the answers.

    The topics I'd really like help with are:
    • World of Warcraft Lore
    • League of Legends lore (or gameplay tbh. Or esports...)
    • Comics (yes he just said 'comics'. Can narrow it down to DC and Marvel bc those are what he's most familiar with - but let's be real asking him about some indie thing he's never heard of would also be funny)
    • Music theory
    • Cooking ????
    • Star Wars
    • CRITICAL ROLE I can't believe I forgot Critical Role
    I will take more standard quiz questions also - geography, history, literature - and I do have a 'wildcard' category for questions that are just fun (current entries there include: "What is the purpose of the Weeb Ass Shit scale, and how does it work?" and "In the kink community, what does RACK stand for?").

    Also if anyone happens to have worked at Starbucks I'd really love specific questions about like how a certain drink is made / how many pumps of whatever goes into smth / Official Policy that all employees definitely do follow bc one of them has worked there and I want to target him. But I haven't been to a Starbucks in 5 years.) basically anything goes. Help? ‍
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    A few potential broad ideas:
    • For comics, maybe ask who wrote or drew a specific Story in a series—like, “who wrote The Killing Joke?” or what have you.
    • Cooking…maybe the terms for certain things? Or the semantic difference between two similar dishes?
    • It depends on everyone’s involvement in fandom outside of just enjoying things, but it could be fun to ask questions about known Incidents in the fandoms for certain things—I know I’ve seen a few r/HobbyDrama posts on WoW and LoL, at the very least.
    • On the topic of WoW, I suggest looking into the Corrupted Blood incident—the basics are widely known enough that many people who’ve never played the game have heard them (see: me lmao), but the specifics could make for some interesting trivia questions—what caused it to get out of hand, for instance.
    I don’t have many specific question ideas offhand, I’m afraid, but I hope this helps a lil!
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    I've got a couple star wars and a couple cooking off the top of my head:

    Star Wars:
    What genre of music is playing in the mos eisley cantina where Luke meets Han Solo and Chewbacca?
    • Jizz. No I am not shitting you, that's the real name
    (Also requires meme knowledge) which character from the star wars prequels had a massive online conspiracy theory surrounding them that claimed they were a sith lord?
    • Jar Jar Binks
    What's the difference between sunny side up eggs and eggs over easy?
    • Sunny side up is fried but not flipped til the whites are cooked with a runny yolk. Over easy is fried and flipped til the whites are cooked with a runny yolk
    What is a roux?
    • An equal measure of flour and fat cooked together, used to thicken a sauce or soup. (Bonus: the four colors are white, blonde, brown, and dark brown)
    What is the difference between Baking chocolate and regular chocolate?
    • While any kind of chocolate can usually be used in baking, Baking grade chocolate has no sugar and is a mixture of only 2 ingredients, cocoa butter and cacao beans
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