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    hey, question
    I know in Joey's time on Earth there's not that long, really, before SBURB
    do we know how the Hiveswap timeline matches up? I've forgotten, if we do know, but someone mentioned to me that 'all of the kids we're meeting are going to die not that long off in the future' and I just had a moment of...are they, though? do SGRUB and SBURB go off at the same time in Homestuck's two universes? are we in fact like 13 or 14 years off from both games? and do we know that Joey and Xefros's timelines correspond, that Joey didn't somehow get sent farther back timeline-wise in the troll world than she came from in the human world?
    and if they ARE all doomed to die not that long in the future, is that maybe why we never heard of another rebellion? like, maybe Dammek is actually part of a pretty significant rebellion, but they....all die before they get anything off the ground.
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    Okay, well, my classpect thoughts are going off other people's descriptions of the classes, I warn you :) Mind has been described as covering outer pretenses in contrast to Heart's true self. The Maid class has been described as starting out relying on others for their aspect and their challenge being to learn to make it for themselves. Chixie starts out being shoved around by others, relying on what will most please others for how to present herself, and when she rises to her challenge she chooses a disguise for herself and uses it to present herself how she wants to, showing off her talent for thinking on the spot i.e. more Mind.

    As for Skylla, I'm certain she's a passive class because her best ending comes from helping her lusus with no regard for her own safety. Sylph is the creation/healing class, and she colloquially-speaking "makes Time" for the player by helping them, and she provides medical care which speeds up the Time taken to heal. On the other hand, she really doesn't have the meddling personality of a Sylph. For Rogue, her personality's closer, and some theorists have noted that taker classes start out lacking their aspect; she feels uncomfortable with the passage of Time because she'll have to leave Lady behind and be stuck in a shitty job forever, and she's older than most of the other kids so she is lacking in remaining Time to do anything about it. Then, she steals back her lusus from the thieves, and plans the mission to do the same for other lusii, thus saving the Time they will spend with their trolls and in some cases the trolls' lives. However, I'm not sure that counts as "stealing" and the other taker classes have generally been a bit more unambiguous about it (even my guesses - Cirava comments about stealing art and music, Amisia is literally stealing people's heads). She might also be a Knight, as both these would come under the serving Time heading, but I'm a) not sure her personality fits and b) pretty sure they aren't doing repeats.

    Also I made an error; Ardata should be Maid of HEART.
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    hm. I like it! I agree that Chixie as a Maid makes a fair amount of sense, and also can I just say her rap battle ending was amazing.

    passive makes sense. personally I'd think Rogue could work, and I would count 'stealing back lusii from the the lusus thieves' as stealing even though it is done through someone else--plus, Skylla was totally ready to go off and help with the theft effort herself, and redistributing a thing you steal IS very Rogue-like of her, that's like a major part of Rogue, and theoretically could be considered theft of Time in more ways than one I think? like, she's giving back Time with their lusii to the kids who had their lusii taken, but she's also giving more Time on Alternia safely with their troll charges to the lusii, and maybe you could even argue she's taking Time from the smugglers, albeit indirectly (my first thought was taking Time they've spent on this project so it's now meaningless and like they never spent time on it at all, and the second was 'also they died' which I mean, death feels VERY Time-related), and then that Time is what's redistributed to the lusii and their trolls. I guess it kind of depends on if you consider indirect thievery--setting the thievery in motion and mostly handling the redistribution of what is stolen rather than having stolen AND redistributed it yourself--to be a Stealing class thing still? but I actually really like Rogue of Time Skylla. good headcanon thank you
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    Yeah, that does make sense! Meantime, stream players are going with vague personality impressions for classpects instead of actually analysing what they do and it's annoying me to a unreasonable degree >:( (ETA: Also healing could count as giving more Time being un-hurt to the PC?)

    As for the rebellion possibly going well but being cut off... Well. The Grand Highblood is still around, and from the silhouette it appears to be the one we know, Gamzee's ancestor. In the time of Hiveswap, the cult is still going strong and is noted to be the heiress' enforcers, but by the time SGrub rolls around, the cult is "obscure" and no one is remotely scared of Gamzee. What if the rebellion succeeds in killing GHB and thus disrupting the cult's power?
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    Also, off-topic, but I don't trust Elwurd. She doesn't openly use any psychic powers but some of the complaints about her route are that the PC goes on and on about how cool she is when she barely does anything and actually acts like a jerk, and that could be a parody of Vriska stans, but she's a Hope player. We've seen Ardata use her powers to force other trolls to praise her. What if Elwurd has a low-key control field going to make people actually think good things about her, i.e. put their Hope in her?
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    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    that is....annoying, I agree? idk classpects can have SOME bearing on personality and interests I think but like...they're more about arcs and actions and the way a person effects things

    fuck yes holy shit
    I _really like_ that idea
    they accomplish killing one of the most important highbloods around
    it's not quite who they were aiming for but it's damn impressive
    probably even weakens the empire some, at least for a while

    hi yes strong agree
    I felt like there was like. some lowkey emotion manipulation or adoration manipulation happening with her?? and I mean, that could totally be a psychic power--and I know she doesn't LOOK like she has a psychic ability, like no vision eightfold or extra eye or anything, but purplebloods and rustbloods and bronzebloods can have chucklevoodoos and telekinesis and animal communication, respectively, with no outward appearance indicators, so who's to say a cerulean with psychic abilities and no outward indicators isn't totally possible but maybe a little bit rarer than psychic mutation plus actual apparent physical mutation?
    in conclusion I think she has some sort of power and I don't trust her and heck maybe she could even be more obvious about it but she's LEARNED to be subtle with it. maybe she's practiced with this power so she can get away with most not even considering "hey, my sudden adoration for her seems a little weird?"

    ...on another note, do you think Remele has a power or just the strange pupil and that's it
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    ChelG Well-Known Member

    To be strictly fair, Elwurd might not know she's doing the Hope-y thing, if she is. She doesn't seem to be checking to see if the PC still thinks she's cool or actively trying to seem cool, she just sort of takes it for granted. That could fit with either intentional subtlety or genuine obliviousness. Then again, Tumblr's skaianradiance pointed out that Elwurd's sign invokes misdirection (two arrows pointing in opposite directions) and a black-clad blueblood with a Hope classpect invokes the infamous dress meme, so, mistaken first impressions... I kind of hope she's not a villain purely because I don't want to have to put up with the tag being full of endless pathetic justifications for every evil act she does.

    I think Remele could have some minor ability - she doesn't outright control the security guards but she does get them to accept her excuse without actually checking it, and that could be her pulling rank on them or it could be more.

    Also, for the record, I don't trust A. Claire either.
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    hmm. I kind of want Elwurd to be a villain because narratively it could be interesting, but I also don't want the fandom bullshit that would come with that. I am...torn. she could be an interesting villain, especially with an either unintentional or subtly-used emotional manipulation ability. but also, there are so many people who'd probably be up in arms about that and others who would then bend over backwards trying to explain why she's ACTUALLY great and I want neither of these.

    Remele having a minor ability would make sense tbh. I hope we get some sort of confirmation/denial of that at some point?

    also fair.
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    I'm similarly torn about Lanque. I think there would be outcry if the only confirmed binary trans character was a villain, but there are little hints. He was the only one in the leak to have a name, implying he's important, and he "craves eternal life", which is something the Condesce could offer him... I'm leaning "villain no, manipulable by villains yes". Of course, if my theory about Xefros is confirmed, then he wouldn't be the only binary trans character anymore, but... Azdaja's also someone to watch out for, since his name is that of a demon born when (guess the symbolism) a snake eats another snake.

    As for A. Claire, Homestuck has a recurring theme of guardians turning out to not be what their children expected - Mom is sincere, Bro is actually insane, Dad is a normal businessman. Also, both the kids have a ton of Light symbolism/characteristics going on, and a lot of Joey's at least was apparently picked up from their mother. Joey got the star symbol and dreams of fame from her, and Jude studied the portal (he has blueprints for it in his treehouse and knows roughly what it does), so knowledge about a thing which produces literal light, which there are some fairly strong hints A. Claire used, even if the theory that she went to Alternia instead of dying isn't right. Light as an aspect is mentioned by the Extended Zodiac to potentially include "grey morality". There is also the theory which was originally a joke that Elwurd "knows your mom" because A. Claire DID go to Alternia and met her, which has some ominously plausible backup...
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    I'm almost certain Joey is a Life player but can't pinpoint her class. Knight is my best guess as she's serving others with Life in the form of both healing and encouraging their agency and personal growth. Could be Sylph, but she's not really a meddling type IMO.

    Also randomly guessing others; Daraya is likely either a Maid or a Mage - she's a grumpy-looking Hope player, and according to various analyses a Maid would start out relying on others for positivity/faith, while a Mage would experience both the highs and lows of it. Marsti has Maid and Seer visual cues (cleaning work and goggles) but those don't necessarily mean anything; "practicing self-care" could be a Sylph thing but they're supposed to heal others, not themselves. Dammek I'm betting on either Thief or Bard, but we have to meet him before I can figure out his motive sufficiently to pick which.
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    ARE T H O S E

    ....Tegiri's weird appearance aside, which I suppose there must be some logical explanation for (eta: yup they're contact lenses for cosplay apparently, so I guess he must cosplay....a purpleblood anime character at points? is this legal.) I have come up with a thought for why Vriska couldn't have let her lusus die
    Tegiri states that before a certain age, a troll with no lusus or home is slated to be culled
    and I admit we don't know what age that is, whether it's significantly before trolls leave the planet for adulthood or what, but...what if Vriska couldn't kill her lusus or let her lusus starve because she wasn't old enough to be able to escape culling if she was found out, yet? it would kind of make sense why she'd have to fear culling for starving her lusus and so is forced to keep her alive at least for now, but Skylla (for instance), who apparently is much closer to leaving the planet, might have less to fear about being culled and instead want to keep her lusus with her because Skylla loves her lusus.
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    Polypa calls you her moirail when you meet Tegiri with her and I can't decide if it's because she doesn't have another word to CALL you (friend? acquaintance?) or if she actually. somehow. has come to think of you that way.
    if it's the latter....I have a bit of concern, because Polypa's... not the only troll story/ending where diamonds have been involved, from what I remember. I know at least one of Chixie's endings involve a diamond in the end picture, and I have to assume that means SOMETHING. and it kind of makes me wonder if that's ever going to come to anything. I mean, probably not. it's very doubtful. but it's....a little disconcerting?
    but also being called Polypa's moirail is a GREAT feeling thanks I love it 10/10

    Zebede is....interesting. seems kind of like one of those fanboys who considers online people who they follow and watch streams of friends or something similar, but so far nothing going beyond just kind of seeming to consider himself somewhat familiar with Cirava and wishing to hang out with them and maaaaaaybe a little jealousy that you're friends with them. and other than that he actually seems kind of sweet? lonely, and maybe a LITTLE manipulative with how he tries to get you to come visit, but not bad...
    then again this is Alternia maybe I should hold off judgment until I get to his house
    ....but oh my god he's so excited you came to visit when his hive is so far out and NO one ever visits him...........fuck. he's kind of adorable.
    and he's a beekeeper! and he has a bee-striped couch apparently. and flowers and plants everywhere :D
    ....and he apparently writes fanfic about IRL people. like Cirava. okay so MAYBE I was right about the 'kind of weird fan' vibe. I mean...I dunno. not trying to hate on people who write fic about IRL people....but it has always struck me as a little odd unless the person in question is putting on a character of some sort that happens to share their name or something. but it is kind of uncomfortable especially when you meet Zebede from him seeing you in one of Cirava's streams. and he seems a little obsessed with Cirava in general.
    ....but also he seems REALLY FREAKIN' LONELY and apparently he's actually a decently talented writer so like? I'm gonna go with 'not bad, probably harmless, just has a hobby I regard as a little weird and usually only actually not okay/super uncomfortable if people you're writing about have asked writers to Not Do That/stated it makes them uncomfortable'.
    though he can be a little quick to jump the gun on things, especially slights against him that he perceives as you prioritizing others over him. trolls go: pretty high up there in terms of 'a great guy', I think.
    also he killed the person who came to fuck you up cause you stole their scuttlebuggy and you know what if that's not friendship I don't know what is
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    If the rebellion does take down GHB, I'm betting on Marvus and/or Who Is This being the ones to either perform or mastermind that stunt.
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    Lynera's glasses are darker than Marvus' violet trim, but a similar hue. Both of them are slightly pinker than Eridan-level violet. I'm betting they're connected.
  15. ChelG

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    Apparently Mallek's route will canonise "controversial troll anatomy". My bet is that he really doesn't have a nose and that's a surface piercing in his face.
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    Lynera = cool. The inevitable Tumblrites insisting everything she does is "yaaas queen wlw icon" while condemning Zebede = not cool. Fingers crossed the number of those will be small.
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    Oh, I don't remember if this specifically was brought here, but the best theory I've seen about what "troll Jewish" means is that there is a subsection of trolls who believe a saviour will come to free them from the hemospectrum, and that Signless was not that saviour. Considering what the rebellion is trying to do... I hope it doesn't go in that direction, that could crash and burn spectacularly.
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    God I just finished Tegiri and Like FUCK

    I fucking love that shit head gor gor and TYZIAS is such a BABE and she's after MY HEART and I fucking love Tegiri for being A FOOL and a BITCH


    Tegiri and Polypa PLEASE!!!
    Konnyl and Azdaja is YES!!!!
    Kuprum and Folykyl is HORNY!!!
    Amisia and Chahut is :EYES: !!!
    Tagora and Tyzias is I NEED MORE!!!

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    I sincerely hope that's not it, that would be an extremely derivative and shallow view of what Judaism is. Judaism as I learned it is very clear that it's the duty of everyone to strive towards repairing the world now, and waiting around for someone else to come and free you is. The opposite of that. In general my experience is that we don't concern ourselves with a savior that much, let alone put one coming or not at the center of things. Up until one shows up it's pretty immaterial to the business of existing in the world.

    so if hiveswap goes 'judaism is just about not believing the messiah's here yet and waiting for him' that would be pretty shitty.
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