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    Just throwing this up for a Hogwarts rp.
    Note: Starts in September of 2015 (so concurrently with SCA). Hopefully nothing literally world changing happens between now and next September.

    Suggested Format:

    Gender Configuration:
    Muggleborn, Pureblood, ect:
    Anything Else:
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  2. Arxon

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    Name: Lenore Wakefield

    Age: 15

    Gender Configuration: Cis Female

    House: Slytherin

    From: Born in London, but was raised mostly in Manchester

    Muggleborn, Pureblood, ect: Halfblood

    Appearance: Tall and willowly with pale, sallow skin and extremely pale blonde hair that falls straight to her waist and gets wavey at the ends. Her eyes are dark brown and she wears thin glasses with green frames.

    Anything Else: Lenore’s mother, Elisa Fawley, was a Ministry worker during the Voldemort take over, and while she was not explicitly a Death Eater she did work closely under Dolores Umbridge. Although she was not indicted after the war, many of her colleagues pointed to her as being Umbridge’s close confidant and right hand woman. Whether this was true or not, the rumor did enough to discredit her, and she lost her ministry job and had a hard time finding work or friends in the wizarding world. Instead she took to the muggle world, using magic to fake credentials in order to find employment and starting a short lived relationship with muggle Tom Wakefield that nonetheless left her pregnant. For six years she lived in a nice London apartment with her daughter, Lenore, using magic to enchant, befuddle, or forge anything she needed. However, in 2006 she was caught by the Improper Use of Magic office and was convicted and jailed. Her daughter, Lenore, was sent to live with her muggle father in his Manchester home.

    Lenore came to Hogwarts a brash, football loving, rambunctious young girl and was sorted into Slytherin. Within half a year she had transformed herself into a calm, cool, collected, and snide young lady, befitting the general tone of her house. Still, she is very principled and wishes to improve Slytherin’s reputation, especially after learning more about her mother, who had been a Gryffindor.
  3. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    Name: Aerynn Kaplan

    Age: 13

    Gender Configuration: female, super ace. I mean, she's 13 and she doesn't exactly have access to the internet, so it's not like she knows that most people have attraction towards other people (the whole arranged marriage messes that up for her too)

    House: so Slytherin it's a little painful. Entire family is Slytherin, except her older sister, who went to the Salem Institute in America.

    From: All over. Her wand is Maple (the traveller's wand), and it applies to her family as well. Most recently, America, visiting her sister at school for a while. Before that, her family lived primarily in Turkey.

    Muggleborn, Pureblood, ect: super Pureblood. Her family probably only missed the rise of Voldemort because they've only recently moved back to the UK - previous generations have been overseas. They've noticed the changing times of "suddenly muggles and werewolves are ok now", and are making a token attempt to change with the times (to their previous generations' portraits' horror), but there's still a lot of prejudice in her family's attitudes. Aerynn understands no Muggle pop culture whatsoever, and freely assumes that "Martigan the Mad Muggle" is a perfect portrait of most Muggles, despite the fact that she's a third year this year and has met muggleborns in school.

    Appearance: Pretty short, longer dark hair usually in a ponytail, fairly tanned. Light blue eyes.

    Anything Else: Aerynn comes from a fairly old Pureblood family, and so seems fairly aloof in person. To her friends, she is a slightly less aloof person. However, that attitude is totally reversed when she's on a Quidditch field. She usually plays Beater when she practices, and has tried out for the Hogwarts Slytherin team in the past. Unfortunately, her family's insistence on not taking a side in the previous war (and their tendency to adapt to the newer, more liberal policies of this time) has not won Aerynn any friends in the Slytherin House. Aerynn's magic style is more like her Quidditch game - aggressive, competitive, and with a lot of rough edges. She's got a formidable source of power, but not a lot of control.
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    ((bluh, I'll probably add to this one too, or not.))

    Name: Annabeth Griffiths-Chang
    Gender Configuration: Female, cis
    From: Currently London, though her family has property near Dartmoor and in Hong Kong and China.
    Muggleborn, Pureblood, ect: Pureblood, comes from a long line of Slytherins or Slytherin equivalents
    Appearance: She's tiny in build with dark skin and short black curly hair (of Afro-Asian descent), usually has a wide, bright grin on her face. Sometimes wears glasses, for reading/ close work.
    Anything Else:

    Annabeth's genealogy is long and complicated, but basically, they've managed to do the money marries into more money, and pureblood families stick together thing. Her mother is a Chinese M.O.M. liaison, she conducts business between the British and Chinese Ministries. Her father is a board member for St. Mungoes, among other things.
    Annabeth is absolutely fascinated by muggles and muggle culture. Her parents find it somewhat charming, but her grandparents totally don't approve (Her first year she got angry Cantonese howlers from her Po Po for "slumming it" with mudbloods. Which she just kind of laughed at, because, oh, poor dear Po Po, she's so silly and old fashioned, and probably getting a bit senile too.).
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