Homestuck-Style Cross-Fandom Shipping Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by autopsyblue, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    baru cormorant....very <3 tain hu
    i'd say <> her assistant but there's too much of a power gap....maybe the more traditional highblood <> lowblood would fit
  2. Silvereye

    Silvereye 89 White Paladin Traverses The Cosmos

    Yes. It's a part of Baru's horror, I think, that she really needs a moirail and she really cannot have a proper one.

    Several of Dickinson's stories could be quadrant-shipped with little effort. They're not quite Homestuck quadrants, but they definitely have shades of them (for example, Nico<>Dominga in Please Undo This Hurt, sort of Kavian<3<Fereyd in Laws of Night and Silk).

    every time I mention any of Seth Dickinson's stories I feel like I should trigger warn in advance. Not because they're particularly horrifying, but because of the bright, terrible, knowing pain of them. He'll fucking stab you with his words and if you're anything like me, you'll love it even as you bleed
  3. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    have i talked about skip beat! here? because i'm rereading it rn and i need to talk about skip beat!.

    kyouko has some definite <3< going on with both sho and reino. the power imbalance with reino is ugly though, and those two really, really need an auspistice. problem: the only person capable of making reino back off is ren, who is otherwise quadranted with kyouko.
    sho fuwa is the reason kyouko even went down the route of becoming famous, and her scorn is a big part of what keeps her going especially in the beginning. her character arc is growing out of her hatred, but a genuine pitch relationship between the two might be interesting, as kyouko is a driving force for sho as well. as in, she annoys the hell out of him. if it balances out, it might be actually be a healthy thing for him.
    reino, on the other hand, is attracted to the literal hate demons kyouko manifested, and his obsession with her is unhealthy af. reino needs to fuck off.
    (crack idea: maria auspisticing this. in at least 5 years soonest though because she's a child. and the only reason i'm even considering her is because she has some knowledge of the occult and has half a chance of understanding what the fuck reino is even talking about)

    now the manga plays ren up to be the flushed love interest, but between the shared past and bad decisions, the budding honesty and trust between those two, it's pale. pale as starlight. i'm not going to go into details here because literally everything about ren's backstory is spoilers of the highest caliber but jegus grist on a slimer pogo this guy needs a moirail (and lbr, so does kyouko). kyouko is an anchor for him, and, in turn, he's an anchor and reliable person for kyouko. those two need to stop dancing around each other and pile already.

    now with the whole business of kyouko's major character arc being learning to love again, we kind of need a flushed love interest, even if there's multiple forms of love (and she got familial down pat with maria). kanae might be a good match here, kyouko and her have their moments, although a good deal of their acting juxtapositions is, for some ungodly reasons, being love rivals. just cut out the middle man, literally. he's a fucking cutout.

    speaking of kanae, she has her own spade in erika. who had a good deal of character development and got knocked down a peg by kanae and kyouko, and is doing her best to claw her way back up. (and she needs to ditch her three minions. she tried, but they continue wrapping her in bubble-wrap. poor girl, in some ways.)

    WHILE I'M TALKING QUADRANTS let's talk akatsuki no yona
    now yona <3 soo-won got unceremoniously shot when soo-won killed yonas father, and again in chapter 141 with yona royally wrecking soo-won right back. right now, that relationship is unbalanced with soo-won in a better political and social position, but yona is gaining, and she's gaining fast and has no intention of stopping, and their mutual existence is a threat to the other.

    yona <3 hak is the traditional flushed setup that would work much better pale. they have their history, they have their unfaltering trust in each other, and they don't even need to tell each other stuff because the other was there when it all went down.

    there was some hak <3</<3/<>???? soo-won going on, the two clearly respected each other a lot. soo-won still respects hak and losing hak to yona hurt him, but hak is currently pretty murderous towards soo-won. soo-won hurt yona. that is unacceptable. i don't think that relationship is in any way salvageable. soo-won you fucking disaster.

    i swear i'm almost done with him, but he's the central antagonist of the series and he's beautifully multi-layered. if he stops listening to his current advisor and starts listening to lily, who is speaking sense, soo-won <> lily might be a thing that works well. she's sensible and curious, and while sheltered and inexperienced, a quick study. she got a good deal of that from yona.

    i don't think yona-lily works as anything but friends, but that might just be because yona is absolutely covered in people.

    tae-jun tried being possessive of yona and got shut down, watched her fall to her death (she got better), and when she turned up alive again, became her loyal dog. there's still pedestaling there, and i don't think that would work out until tae-jun grows out of that. he has a lot of growing still to do, but he's making progress. i'm mentioning him here because he got played as the possessive jerk asshole love interest trope.

    the four dragons (kija, shin-ah, jae-ha, and zeno) are paaaale. so pale. pale dragon pile. there's a reincarnation deal going on here, and they recognize each other on a visceral level, same with yona, who is their dragon king. she is part of that pale pile. so is hak, and so is yoon, whether he wants to or not. just a big happy pile. yona is the one they were all waiting for for over a thousand years and she delivers. they're hers, hers hers hers, and she's theirs, and prayer won't help you if you hurt someone in that group because the group will proceed to WRECK YOUR SHIT.

    Tao and Kouren need to be referred to together because. Those two are a mess. They're sisters with drastically different view of what to do, but they still love and respect each other. They also need to figure out whether they need an auspistice or manage to balance out to pale.
    Yona simultanously balances and unbalances that, because both Tao and Kouren respect Yona and are respected by her, with Yona endorsing Tao's methods, but being challenged by Kouren, and understanding where Kouren is coming from. In the meantime, Tao tries to auspistice between Kouren and Yona, which causes Kouren to go pitch for Tao which leaves Yona as the middle leaf. Now the only thing that's missing is Yona for some reason flipping her shit in Tao's direction and Kouren being saddled with the middle leaf.
    Kouren is not a good middle leaf.
    They need to balance out with Tao <> Kouren, Tao <3 Yona, and Yona <3< Kouren, marrying both of them, and uniting the kingdoms. Currently, their dynamic is some sort of wonky and rotating clubs and no one is happy.

    OH MY GODS how did i miss the absolutely fucking massive soo-won c3< THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF KOUKA c3< yona. not even soo-won c3< kouka c3< hak because hak is so fucking angry he wouldn't let that stop him, but yona? yona knows that soo-won is doing is damned best to help the country that has massive troubles plaguing it due to the ruling style of the previous king. and soo-won has, multiple times, come across yona's massive efforts to help the country in whatever way she can, be that assassinating a drug boss, procuring drought-resistant crops, or attempting to single-handedly stop a war. helping kouka is a thing that enables them to work together, and between them they can grind everything to very, very fine dust. they might view each other as personal enemies, but their country is far, far more important than that. yona just has to remind soo-won of that. which she does by utterly savage pointed remarks about his actions.
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  4. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    I like to think that Levi Ackerman and Lisbeth Salander would be pale bros
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  5. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    I just watched the Castlevanina mini series on Netflix

    Can Alucard <3< Trevor be a thing forever now, please?
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  6. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    mike <> chuck from motorcity
    haven't watched a ton of episodes but That's My Hot Take
    also noah fence but aang <> katara is much better than <3. thanks
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  7. Fullah fence fight me >:[
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  8. LadyNighteyes

    LadyNighteyes Wicked Witch of the Radiant Historia Fandom

    Honestly, that's the most plausible theory I can think of for why Alucard would decide to do that entire fight shirtless.
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  9. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    IKR they're such a good match :D
  10. LadyNighteyes

    LadyNighteyes Wicked Witch of the Radiant Historia Fandom

    Since I mentioned this in the Dresden Files thread, I figured I might as well put it here:

    Codex Alera, Isana <3< Invidia, discuss.
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  11. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

  12. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Into the Badlands is basically Pitch Mobius Double-Reach around The Series.

    I ship it. All of it.
  13. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    look I don't mean to keep harping on this but every single one of their interactions continues to just be straight out of a Homestuck humanstuck fic
  14. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    El-ahrairah <> Rabscuttle forever

    El-ahrairah<3<Prince Rainbow (he doesn't respect King Darzin enough)

    Hazel<3<Bigwig (The healthy kind where they have a lot of respect for each other and push each other to improve)

    Hazel<>Fiver (because brothers aren't a thing if you ship trollishly)

    General Woundwort<3<Everything

    (Guess who's been listening to the Watership Down audiobook over again)
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  15. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    riverdale because that's my life now i guess:

    jughead <> betty
    veronica <> archie
    betty <3 veronica
    jughead <3 archie
    (look a lot could be improved by just.. switching the <> and <3 canon relationships)
    jughead <3</<3 jason but i recognize this is a crackship and based entirely on a friend and i's headcanons
    cheryl <> jason (because this smooths out the weirdness in their behavior)
    fred <3< hermione (...yeah, this looks really weird out of context)
    fred <3/<> FP (past)

    edit: heathers as well
    heather chandler <3< veronica
    J.D. <> veronica (briefly)
    there's not actually a lot of content here that i remember well so i can't make a really defined chart but these are the two off the top of my head i can think of
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  16. Hawkeguy

    Hawkeguy struggling to complete this thought

    [slides in on a pile of sound horizon feels]
    nobody's into SH probably, but i feel strongly about Elef <> Misia. also kid!Elef<>kid! Orion, and -if they ever met- general! Elef <3< adult!Orion.
    (Because adult Elef is already stern and bitter and focused as all hell, while, if the implications can be believed, Orion is going off to boast with about his mad archery skillz at the olympics. i have a headcanon that his dramatic front increased tenfold growing up) [coughs]
  17. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Extremely unhealthy and unrequited 9S<3<A2.

  18. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    Ivy made me watch Voltron and damn, it's good. It's also pale as fuck. I choose to believe the pilots are sleeping in a pile and also habitually pile on each other.

    First of all, the pilot pile is a pale fiveway and there is no way around this
    Keith <3< Lance
    Keith <3 Shiro onesided, partially because of
    Keith c3< Shiro c3< Lance
    and occasionally,
    Keith c3< Allura, Pidge, Hunk c3< Lance, aka when it gets egregiously bad, Keith and Lance are unceremoniously shoved to opposite ends of the pile while everyone else is sitting between them.
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  19. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    misfire<>grimlock is canon
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  20. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    Legends of Tomorrow / Flash fandoms: I don't know if I'm more into Leonard Snart <> Mick Rory (basically canon) or Len <3 Mick (also excellent).

    I am very firmly in the Barry<>Iris camp, and am forever bitter that they ended up flushed.

    ! Len <3< Barry? At least to the point where I've watched. I can see it.
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