Horrifying headcanons here?

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by ChelG, Oct 10, 2016.

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    wait hang on are we assuming that there's blood color tiers or a spectrum. the post seemed to imply that it was using the spectrum model, which would make it _so hard_ to engineer a specific disease without spillover into the other castes - especially into the jade caste, ie virgin mother grubs. and that seems like it would happen anyways and STILL be more inconvenient than just forking all the lime bloods and waiting for the lusii to die out.
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    Well, given that humans have wiped out thousands of species while actively trying not to, I don't think it's outside the capabilities of trolls, especially when Doc Scratch is brought into the picture. The post suggests limebloods have access to abilities which threaten his plan, so he would have reason to get involved.

    On another note regarding Hiveswap, I'm pretty certain Joey and Dammek aren't ever going to get home. I know if I was writing it (as not being a self-indulgence fanfic I mean) I would have them have to sacrifice their ability to return in order to save the entire world(s). Isn't that usually how these things go?
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    Not precisely horrifying, but worrying:
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    Another theory implies there are at least two separate Big Bads in Hiveswap. What appears to be happening is that Doc Scratch wants Joey to be on Alternia, while someone else who's behind the monsters, probably the mysterious cult Jude's watching, released the monsters to prevent her from using the portal. Doc Scratch is the hint function, implying he's trying to urge Joey on a certain path and needs her for something, while the monsters cut the power, which either would prevent the portal working or they/whoever's behind them think it would, and eat Joey in the Game Over scene, implying whoever's behind them does not need her or possibly actively wants to remove her.
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    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    Vectron created sprites and voltbots to not have voices of their own. They're supposed to use Vectron's voice or no voice at all.

    Fen found a workaround.
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    The whole "aww, Karkat can only feel a mush of all the quadrants at once, how cute!" thing makes his relationship with Gamzee extraordinarily uncomfortable. If he can't feel pale, then it really looks like he just "seduced" Gamzee to save his own skin, whether consciously or not. Include his fascination with socially-acceptable romance, and we have him basically using Gamzee for a perfect palerom scene and then having no interest or ability in actually keeping up the relationship, thus making Gamzee feel even worse and more likely to lash out.
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    I'm trusting Elwurd less and less. Subtle little things are off, which wouldn't normally mean anything but Homestuck/Hiveswap character design doesn't usually do coincidence. We already know she's hiding at least her name and it's hinted there's more. Tumblr's skaianradiance pointed out that her sign is two arrows pointing in different directions, invoking misdirection, and she's wearing blue and black and associated with the gold-and-white Hope aspect, which they say made them think of the infamous dress meme - mistaken impressions. Some fans also complained about how quickly the PC decides she's amazingly cool when she's barely done anything. While that could be put down to the PC just being impressionable, which we already know, she's both Hope aspect (linked with positive emotions and faith) and part of the caste known for mind control powers. She doesn't demonstrate them openly and she doesn't have the cerulean psychic eye thing, but... Makes me think.
  8. Athol Magarac

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    Ignoring that Joss Whedon turned out to be a terrible person...

    I was thinking about Firefly and the Serenity movie, and that Companions might also have assassin training. There is the "special incense" in their temple which leads to a reasonable conclusion that they're expecting attack or getting a bad client that they have to defend themselves against. I was chalking up Inara's swordfighting knowledge as catering to a very specific fetish. (In Dollhouse, one of the ideal date scenarios showed a fencing match.) Saffron had Companion training, but she used it to manipulate people.

    What if, very rarely, a Companion is told that they need to dispatch a client and then say that they overstepped so far that there wasn't any other way.
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  9. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Part of the theory that A. Claire is actually alive involves the fact that there's no stuffed corpse in the house, which is inconsistent with Jake's previous behaviour, but how do we know he isn't carrying it around with him instead?
  10. goldenflowertea

    goldenflowertea this universe SUCKS but it is full of FRIENDS

    So. The first time in Persona 5 that we see Morgana, he's imprisoned in a dungeon in Kamoshida's palace. How exactly did he get there?

    ...the thing is, when you apply fridge logic, Morgana's life is actually pretty horrifying. He can only talk and be understood under one of two conditions; one, he's inside the Metaverse, or two, he's talking to Persona users. Anyone else, which means everyone, just sees and hears a cat. A dumb animal. It's really not so surprising that he's desperate to become human.

    We don't know how long Morgana existed alone before Akira/Ren and Ryuji met him in the Palace. But...I think it's fair to say that it was long enough that he started going more than a little insane just from needing to interact with people as a person. Because that is a legitimate need, hard-wired into the mind (and Morgana's mind is clearly close enough to human as makes no difference) and when people are unable to do that-when they're kept in isolation, for instance-the results are. Not pretty.

    I think Morgana got careless with desperation and revealed himself to try to talk to the palace's Shadows or to Kamoshida's cognitions of human beings. Just to be able to talk to someone, anyone. Even a figment of the collective unconscious or of Kamoshida's warped imagination, just so long as they could actually hear him. Of course this just got him thrown in the dungeon; the Shadows and cognitions protected their Palace and their 'king' above all else.
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  11. Acey

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    In addition to being underpowered compared to their Era 1 counterparts, Era 2 Gems have a much higher rate of defects.

    The majority of surviving off color Gems are Era 2s—partly because Era 1 Gems were less likely to emerge with any defects (most of the Era 1 off colors were likely permafusions), and partly because most of the Era 1 off colors have been shattered by now—or, in the case of those who were able to successfully run off and the rebellion, worse.
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    In the anime Goblin Slayer, the goblins are all male and reproduce by impregnating captive human/elf/dwarf/etc women, which is grimdark enough. However, we don't have proof that every product of same is a goblin, and we do have proof that goblins eat the humanoid races, so it's possible that serves more than one purpose...
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    The Looney Tunes Show episode "Off Duty Cop" features the G Rated Drug "Spargle" soda, but the symptoms it causes are those caused by amphetamine use (compulsive work, hyperactivity, and itching), and it's later revealed in the episode that the soda in question was made with some unspecified dangerous/illegal chemicals.
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    This is a silly theory and probably doesn't account for him saving Dave later, but it hit me that Dave complains of having to hide food in his closet, but it's never mentioned where Bro keeps his own food, nor do we ever see him eat. What if Bro is in fact dead, and is being used as a literal puppet by Li'l Cal?
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    If I was writing Hiveswap, at some point in it I would include a scene where Joey is forced to choose between using a gun and causing massive loss of others' lives.
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    Pretty sure Glomgold's backstory was changed from the comics the way it was in the Ducktales reboot because the hero getting another person arrested in South Africa is a bit Fridge Horror-heavy for a children's show.
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    Mark Beaks comes across very much as a stalker-with-a-crush to Gizmoduck.

    ETA: Come to think of it, he's also kind of racist. Fenton in the remake is Cuban, and Beaks addresses Fenton and only Fenton as "chico" and "amigo".
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    Grenda from Gravity Falls has some symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. I don't think this is "horrifying" but it's certainly not lighthearted and doesn't exactly belong in the gender threads either.
  19. ChelG

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  20. raydelblau

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    Little-known backstory of Lord Cutler Beckett from Pirates of the Caribbean, straight from the fandom wiki. Make of it what you will.
    However, during the journey, off the coast of Spain, the Lindesfarne was captured by the pirate ship Christophe-Julien de Rapièr. Cutler unwisely angered the pirate captain, telling him that his fancy clothes were out-fashioned in both London and Paris. The pirate captain did not like Cutler's attitude so he allowed his crew to "play" with the youngster, and they tortured him for days.
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