Horrifying headcanons here?

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by ChelG, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. bushwah

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    I was on board the magical constructs thing but I was not aware anyone thought sans was older? To me sans is clearly an adolescent, I think young (maybe ~11), and very very neglected, while Papyrus is recently postadolescent, like... 17ish, and had some kind of guardian up until recently.

    The reason sans can run circles around Papyrus in combat is because he taps into desperation measures more readily, not because he's actually stronger in some absolute sense. When he comes at you like an avenging angel at the end of that run, and he says he should have stopped you and implies he's at fault for what you've done, it's because he's been hurt before (whatever caused him to be neglected, whatever happened to him while he was neglected) and he wants no one else to ever be hurt like that again. He makes himself responsible because he doesn't want to ever find out how Papyrus breaks under strain.

    In the end, he isn't there when Papyrus spares you. Isn't there to warn him, to try to strike fear into his innocent heart and make him save himself. Isn't there to see him choose mercy; paradoxical, absurd, but the only choice he could have made in that moment and still been himself. In the end, there is nothing sans can do to protect Papyrus, and he can't bring himself to mount more than one ATK against you, because by the time sans is standing there, ready to kill and die for the sake of the world that failed him, all his rage has settled onto one target, and it's not you. It's himself.

    (His DEF has never been above one as far back as he remembers. That would require a will to live.)
  2. ChelG

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    The creators of Undertale said that Sans was older, or at least that Papyrus would address him with the term "aniki" in a Japanese translation, which refers to an older brother.
  3. bushwah

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    Wow, apparently an official translator, or maybe the actual author, disagrees? Huh. I really thought it was just... blatantly obvious that sans was the ruthless little child soldier and Papyrus was his gangling role model.

    Papyrus doesn't seem all that young to me, just sheltered. And sans's maturity feels extremely... fragile. Like it's missing every single nonessential piece.

    Ah well. Turns out there is more than one reading of a pair of fictional characters. We can keep our headcanons and go our separate ways.
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    I've always found it rather easy to read Sans as older mostly due to the difference in their personalities. Well that and I've got experience with being the shorter brother. I'm a five foot nothing compared to my younger brothers! Who just fucking tower. There's also the fan shit that makes it kind of hard to read him as younger than Papyrus. Dad Sans is just a staple of the fanbase. Or at least it was? Not sure if it is now since I don't really look into what the fandom does much nowadays.
  5. bushwah

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    It's looking like maybe my approach was the weird one. I figured I had nothing to add to UT fandom, but... perhaps me writing out my sans & Papyrus backstory would actually give lots of people a new perspective.
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    It'd be interesting to see a different take, I think yeah! You often end up running around the same ideas over and over again in fandoms...
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    On Arthur, the dog and the baby can see and react to Nadine, DW's imaginary friend, which implies she's not so imaginary. Ghost kid? Or I suppose she could be a thoughtform/tulpa, but that would belong in the lighthearted theories thread.
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  9. Deresto

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    When Odin says "I love you my sons" that is the first and last time he's ever said that to Loki


    Irkens can technically get taller but the Tallest cull any before they're old enough.
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  10. ChelG

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    In "Holes", Lewis a.k.a. Barfbag is probably buried in one of the holes after his rattlesnake bite. It takes nine hours to drive to Green Lake, so an ambulance wouldn't do much good, and the Warden and Mr Sir haven't shown any concern for the wellbeing of campers otherwise.
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  11. ChelG

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    A discussion of Sandman I found on Dreamwidth:
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