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Discussion in 'Howdy there!' started by houndsoflove, Mar 25, 2023.

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    Hello! I'm houndsoflove (a.k.a. Hounds or Julian), whom you might know if you're in some Seebs channels on Discord. Let me know if you hang out there and also here.

    I joined the forum because I like the ethos of mutual support and compassion, even towards people who've done awful stuff. People at a local LGBTQ center essentially approached me with that ethos when I was a social justice guttersnipe at them. I learned a lot from that and I'd like to play a small role in helping others grow, or just acknowledging that everyone's suffered and some stuff's unfair. Also, I am nostalgic for forums!

    I'm still building life skills and figuring out how to be a person because it turns out that my specific tragic backstory limits me in some ways. We'll get into it later, maybe. I got some diagnoses and some childhood experiences, oh my. I also spent ~3 years not leaving the house much and having interpersonal drama over Skype. (I imagine you read this sentence, went "oh, pandemic" and then I bodied you with that time capsule.)

    Now to overshare about my fucked-up gender. Let me know if this needs a cut or to migrate to the gender forum.

    I'm a trans guy so I use he/him but they/them is also fine. I thought I was "nonbinary, definitely nonbinary, not a lady or a guy" or "nonbinary but I low-key wish I were a guy" for like 6-8 years. Also had a lovely phase where I thought I had to live only as my assigned gender and identify with womanhood. Eugh. Nowadays, I am like... nonbinary-adjacent? I'm somewhat non-conforming to dominant models of masculinity which makes my internal gender a mite wobbly. But "GNC trans guy" seems like a good enough label for how I think about myself and want to present myself to the world. Ask me again in a couple years. Also, I'm jumping through hoops to get top surgery this summer, knock on wood. Hooray for bodily autonomy.

    Nice to meet you guys. Please tell me a combination of building material and object/structure you like. For example, I like buildings that use a lot of glass and concrete (see: Modernism).
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  2. vegacoyote

    vegacoyote dog metaphores and pedanticism


    The forum isn’t as active as it once was, but it’s nice to see new people!

    I like stone, water, and plants, and would be delighted to live under a waterfall if not for all the mildew.
  3. houndsoflove

    houndsoflove New Member

    Hi! Thanks for the welcome.

    Yeah, I noticed there isn't a ton of activity, but I'm happy to give contributing a try. :)

    Not quite the same as your waterfall dwelling, but have you ever seen pictures of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright? S'good stuff (it has all three of the materials you like!).
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