How do go back to school?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by eddie, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. eddie

    eddie ...

    I currently have a full time job (with some threats of layoffs), but I'm kind of being pressured from all sides about going back to school to get a degree.
    Thing is, I already dropped out and failed community college two years ago, right after graduating high school. I liked a couple of the classes I took, but balancing work and school full time was really hard on me.
    I can't cut back on hours at work because I'm currently paying off my car and trying to get a place to live that isn't with my best friend's parents.

    How do I get knowledged without overwhelming myself?
  2. Hobo


    Well, first of all I'd make sure this is something you want for yourself, not just because other people want it for you. That sort of thing is almost always a recipe for failure, it's why I ended up having to take 2 years off university after... shit, like 4-5 years trying to finish a 3 year degree.

    That said, I would look into doing a part time degree that does night classes (I'm assuming you work 9-5). With work, you probably won't want more than 1, MAYBE 2 units (classes? I don't know what non-Aussies call them) per semester. You need to gradually work your way back into it, and since you already have paying work, I'd start with 1 and see whether it's possible (balance-wise and in general) to slowly work in more classes over the coming semesters. It's not worth burning yourself out over. I think some universities are starting to do more online learning directed classes, so that might also be an option for you, since you'll be able to learn at your own pace without really being stuck with a schedule (outside of any practical type classwork that needs to be done, I suppose?).
  3. pixels

    pixels hiatus / only back to vent

    There's also online degrees, though I don't give them a whole lot of credence because they're usually run by for-profit institutions.
  4. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    Yeah do not go to school just because people pressure you. Go to school to learn useful things you will need or want in your life (professional or personal).
  5. eddie

    eddie ...

    I figured it would be worth a shot to attempt again at the local college. No application fee aside from 8 bucks for transcripts.

    I really miss learning, and I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING other than work that's productive. I'm mostly worried I'll fail out like my first experience.

    I think I missed one of the deadlines by three days though for financial aid, so I might end up having to wait or just. Not college. I know I should do things for myself, and I think it would be good for me to move onto better opportunities.

    Lethargic as hell from all the productive-ing I tried to do, though.
  6. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    If scheduling and financing are issues, you might try some open university stuff like Coursera. I know that there are accreditation options available, but you could also go the "i'm gonna learn me some skills" route which might open up some employment opportunities.

    Also, doing an open/online course might help you build some confidence before going back to school, if that's what you decide on doing.
  7. eddie

    eddie ...

    The issue with Coursea is there's too much freedom. I've tried it multiple times, but every time I get ExCITED TO LEARN i shut down because there aren't any courses I'm inherently interested in actively learning. And the certificates cost$50 for the group of courses to obtain them, which is pretty alright considering the cost of real school.

    I applied to the local college yesterday just because, and didn't realize I'd signed for summer semester, which has all financial requirements needed by TOMORROW. I spent all of yesterday getting my ducks in something resembling a row only to find today that my aid application won't be processed until wednesday and my transcripts wont be sent until friday. On top of that, there's issues with how they have me listed with all the information (ie, they have me listed as out-of-state for tuition purposes when I live in the same city, my last college transcript is blank, but they're requesting it-- stupid things).

    And I have remembered why I put all of this off. :|
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