I can show you how to tie that: a menswear thread

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by theprettiestboy, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    (also the language around these clothes is unfortunately gendered but the clothing itself is for everybody)
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  2. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    My current quest is to find a kilt/goth boy skirt to wear. My biggest problem with the offerings is that they tend to be expensive and cut incredibly baggy. So much so I might need to make my own. (I have sensory issues with pants and am a goth anyway so it just makes sense)

    Also if you are european, masc in style, and can splurge a little bit on goth clothes, check out Draculaclothing. They carry femme clothes as well but affordable good quality masc goth clothes are so rare i feel i need to share my source as much as I can. Their pics are not the best but my dad got a coat from them and said it had great construction. (actually even if you are american, they ship free worldwide)
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  3. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    Ah, this is relevant to my interests. Yeah, really nice gothy clothes can be super hard to find, especially in the bigger sizes because all goths are apparently thin :|
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  4. Mercury

    Mercury 17 Quicksilver Scribe Tramples The Unrepentant

    *sees that they take paypal*

    *considers the chrimbo money still in my paypal and breathes a soft and very heartfelt heck*

    I'm not even goth but oh my god they have striped trousers...!!!!
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  5. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    Psa of the day: please wear an undershirt with your dress shirts regardless of your anatomical configuration!

    Not only does it protect your nice shirt from sweat and oils, dress shirts are often much more sheer than people expect.

    This post brought to you by a day of trying to ignore that I can see my boss's nipples :\

    (also if you tuck your undershirt into your underwear before putting on the rest of your layers it helps everything lay better and keeps it from shifting when you move)
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  6. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    reviving this thread to holler about my sudden intense desire for sock garters

    i don't even need them for any practical reason-- i've never had a problem with my socks falling down! and i don't even have that many good dress socks to wear with garters (though if i get a pair, i'll remedy that.) i just really love the way they look. possibly because i have finally bought some nice shoes, for once in my dang life, and so i've been wanting to get my knees-down look strong. whatever the reason, my brain has decided to fixate on them as something i DESPERATELY NEED.

    i'm thinking of picking up these cheap ones from amazon, and if i like wearing them a lot, maybe get some nicer ones later.
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  7. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    i have those! they aren't super comfy so i only wear them when i want to be Super Fancy, but they do look neat!
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  8. How do I spot the difference between a blazer, a sports jacket and a suit jacket? (Or, how do I tell what I already own)
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  9. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    i'm actually at work rn so i can give a few examples!

    a blazer is the easiest to id, it's a solid colored jacket (often navy) with some kind of metal for the buttons

    sportcoats can have a wider range of looks, from super casual coats with wild plaids and patch pockets to relatively subtle patterns, and can look like almost anything. if it's got a pattern, horn style buttons, and no pants, it's a sportcoat

    suit coats have pants in a matching fabric, and are usually solid or more subtly patterned, although more and more suits are fun colors and wild patterns these days (which i'm super here for btw)

    if a suit coat has lost its pants, it can probably be worn as a sportcoat with no one the wiser, or as a blazer if you swap out the buttons

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