i guess child services is gonna be a thing now (help?)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Fucker, Oct 8, 2016.

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    she's martyring herself, not putting in any actual effort. catalogue that shit. if you talk to her, do it via text, and ask her to reply in text. a) paper trail of evidence, and b) it helps sort thoughts! the b) one you can give as reason for the request. maybe a c) of how it helps you w/ your memory issues.
    since she openly lied to you abt your dad's opinion, it's setting off red flags in conjunction with the "i know best" and "I am the poor martyr who has it so difficult with you" and the "you stay here!!". i'm smelling something ugly.

    bottom line: get the fuck out of there. and have everything in writing so you can show it to authorities or your shrink or whoever needs to see it so help you sort shit out if push comes to shove. and if she ramps up her tantrums, that's an extinction burst/dog science - weather it, document it, it's her flailing that she's losing control.
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    im continuing my thread there, all replies beyong this pls go there

    Yeah its like.. shes trying to be fair very hard but in the wrong ways, shes just very close minded and refuses to actually listen to me or allow different opinions. she gets defensie and sarcastic. i feel like im constanly being judged and that i can never do wrong and that im by default guilty if i challenge her
    its very very very tiring

    (we dont text much.. and usually when we do its cause im with dad so we tend to get along better, shes not all bad she just does a lot of stupid stuff)
    yeah she kind of dont like me going out, i dont go outside cause im constantly questioed where ill walk, she is super sceptic of friends (i dont think its to any use hanging with gay people, does your bestfriend got issues- etc) it genuinely feels like im not a person if i went into all the ways she subtly ruin my self esteem and try to keep me down.
    also what does the dog science thing mean? im bad at idoms
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