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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Kittenly, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. KingStarscream

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    If you have Origins Access and the preorder, you can play a ten hour trial of Andromeda!
  2. KingStarscream

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    (Note: this doesn't include the side romances and one-off dates you can have with NPCs, which devs have talked about before.)

    EDIT: Moved Jaal, because it's looking like he's not romancable by dudes after all. WHICH SUCKS.
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  3. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    I cannot decide whether to get the trial or not >.>

    On one hand, it'll lack the first day patch, i won't want to stop, and i won't be able to talk to anyone about it...
    on the other hand I could make characters in the CC
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  4. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    So I got the trial and played about an hour and I had a few questions (not about the content of the game)

    Do you know if the Early Trial activates the Origin refund policy? It's either 24 hours within first launching the game, but does the early trial count? I ask bc the mouse and keyboard controls are really not working well for me, also I'm having pretty noticable framerate problems and I'm not sure if that's my computer or what. things are all a bit stuttery, which is annoying. On the other hand, I don't want to lose mod capabilities.
  5. KingStarscream

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    Iiii don't know-- I'm guessing that Origin doesn't have an answer anywhere? I'm inclined to say "yes" just to err on the safe side.
  6. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    I got a refund (that was a trial in itself) and I'll get in on ps4.

    I was a little let down by the CC. While it does things like make distinctive races much better than any other BW game thus far, it seems oddly limited. Like you can't customize eyebrow shape or color. The hair is better in some ways from previous games (there's not 50 different buzz cuts like in dai), but I don't see any black coded hair for sisRyder. I was impressed by the twin it creates off your Ryder. You can fully customize still, but it starts you in a good place. DadRyder fit well with his kids, though it helped for me that Sal and Scott (still annoyed you can't give him a custom name >.> He will always be Maka in my heart) are mixed race. They def look like his kids, but he looks Latino where they have more Pacific Islander in them.

    So far the music reminds me of the score from Planet Earth. I keep half expecting David Attenborough to start narrating. I took a look at things on high graphics, and it all looks really nice. Graphics on high made me have a frame rate of 15 so I can't say how motion looks in high xD. World design is gonna be a shining point on this game. Things are just really pretty and a bit alien.

    Dialog choices seem decent so far. I hope it doesn't have DAI's problem where dialog was too similar. VAs sound good, but they're no Shepard. I fell in love with Shep's voice the second she opened her mouth, and my response to Ryder is not nearly as intense. That's to be expected though, at least for me. I adore Shepard and I don't think anyone can unseat her as my favorite of everything. I'm getting much more of an ME1 vibe from things thus far. Starting from a place of general optimism (it seems like the Andromeda Initiative wasn't put together in response to the Reaper war which strikes me as a weird story choice). Things seem to be going to hell quickly, and I'm sure there will be no shortage of drama. I just can't get over wishing they had taken the refugee angle. I guess they left during the events of ME2 rather than 3, but still... *sigh*

    Ryder is much more at the start of their hero's journey whereas we joined Shepard pretty in the middle of theirs. Still deep in dad's shadow. That should be fun for character development and stuff. Liam is a cutie pie. Cora hasn't quite grown on me yet.
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  7. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    I'M LATE BY A LONG TIME BUT I BARELY STARTED PLAYING ME2 AND ME3 ( i got me2 for free thanks to an origin thing so i was like ok i might as well try it out ) and i'm in love with garrus???? so much??? i love him??? i'm interested in andromeda but at the same time im like "my husband isnt there."

    i also haven't beaten me3 but it's been out for so long i already got spoiled for the ending and i'm just like "i refuse." because i dont want to suffer..
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  8. KingStarscream

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    Man, replaying ME3 is gonna be weird, since I think they finally pulled down the multiplayer servers? Thank fuck they never repeated 'forced online interactions' because that's a clusterfuck and a half right there.
  9. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    HE'S SO PURE...



    like, i had a feeling i'd like him because i had a crush on his looks when i saw art or screenshots, but when i actually played the game i did not expect myself to fall so deeply in love with a fictional character. which is why i refuse to beat me3 because i just... I KNOW IT'S GONNA GO BAD.... i did buy the citadel dlc at least so i can spend more time with him but i'm just... please... let my husband have a good life.

    i've never done the multiplayer servers before tho :O
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  10. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon


    im so glad i got this dlc. it was... so funny? and im usually kinda :/ about dlcs in general. but the story was hilarious and just being able to interact with my crew was fantastic. i loved the banter garrus and my shep had while in that... thing. the thing they get locked into whatever it was, with shepard being like "DO I REALLY SOUND LIKE THAT" and garrus just "Yeaaaaaaaaaah" and my shep was just "I SAY COOLER THINGS..." and liara is just "holy shit".

    also dancing with garrus was NICE AF.... watching my crew dance in general was great like.



    i unfortunately didn't get all the people i could get at the party. im missing tali and a lot of other people but i enjoyed what i was able to get.

    also I FEEL BAD BECAUSE I CHOSE... THE GETH OVER THE QUARIANS. DID ANYONE ELSE DO THAT. LIKE i didnt have enough rep, ( i did everything in me2 right tho, i got both tali's and legion's loyalty without losing either of their's once but i fucked up the admiral mission in me3 so i couldnt even.... do a reputation check to save the geth and the quarians ). i just really felt so bad for the geth. and legion is my love??? i love him??? so sad i couldnt romance him. let me show him how to love. even if he's gone now he will forever be in my heart.... but then like, THE QUARIANS BASICALLY GOT WIPED OUT. TALI DIED. AND I'M JUST "WHY THIS".

    im still not over it.
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  11. KingStarscream

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    THE CITADEL MISSION IS SO GOOD I honestly think we were cry-laughing half the time when we played it. Citadel DLC for the best written thing Bioware has ever made.
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  12. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    I DIDN'T EXPECT THE CITADEL MISSION TO BE SO GOOD??? but it was SO funny. and i just loved the humor of it all between the characters and how they poke fun at each other or joke around and it's just??? it was a Serious thing but also took the time to be Fun and i really, really enjoyed that out of this DLC. props to bioware for it to be honest, i want more games to be written like this DLC was.
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  13. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful

    dawning realization that i dance exactly like kaidan
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  14. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    @Kaylotta i wanted to let you know that i'm on chapter 33 of your story and i love the story?? and i love you???? and i'm not crying. ( im totally crying. but also smiling super wide. )

    i love your writing!!
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  15. Nochi

    Nochi small waterfall of pure void

    I maintain that citadel is a love letter to 80s action movies
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  16. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA you have no idea how happy this makes me :D :D :D please feel free to tell me anything you think about it!
  17. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    Citadel is so good. I love it so much. There are so many times when it drove me to tears laughing (Joker's story? Covering for Grunt? Garrus and Shep casually bantering while Kaidan freaks out about air? Fucking Blast-o) It also has some super cheesy power of friendship moments that are just 50000% my bag. I love the vignettes like Kaidan cooking for me and trying to set up Garrus (or his romance scene which is priceless. "I'm Garrus Vakarian, code name: Archangel, all around turian bad-boy and dispenser of JUSTICE in and UNJUST galaxy")

    Everything is just pure gold. Tali singing space "My heart will go on".

    and Garrus is the best. His romance is good, but he's also just the best best friend. They did a good job of making Garrus<>Shepard amazing. A non romantic but intimate relationship that is really important. Like, you do miss out on some great scenes if you don't romance him, but it doesn't feel like your relationship is any less strong if it's platonic. Unlike, say Kaidan (mostly me1 Kaidan) who had a lot of backstory weirdly gated to romance conversations.

    I'm enjoying mea. I still get flashes of: you're not [OT character], but it's not really a bad thing, I just miss my old crew. Like meeting a pilot that wasn't Joker. That was weird.
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  18. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    the main thing that keeps me from trying to romance garrus is that then you don't get to see him and Tali fall in love
    and that's just way too adorable to miss out on
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  19. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    it's hard to articulate words that aren't "LOUD SCREAMING" because that's... how i feel like all the time.... i love garrus/shepard so much and having them have a "happy" ending sort of while figuring stuff out after the reaper fiasco is just. i love it. it makes me feel better about beating my own game because then i can just think about this story and be like "this is canon for me fuck off bioware"
  20. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    thAT MADE ME LAUGH SO FUCKING HARD WHEN IT HAPPENED? AND WHEN THEY KEEP GOING HE'S JUST "ok i'm running out of banter" AND IM ... HE'S SO PURE.. .and i think thats why i ship shepard and garrus so much romantically, because they ARE both like super best friends and it's So Nice to me.... pale or red i love them. ( mostly red tho. but pale is great. )

    @littlepinkbeast when i found out they could have a romance together i was just like "IM SORRY TALI HE'S ALREADY TAKEN 8(" because i was already determined to romance garrus. but i love their lil banter and they're just so great and funny... if all else i could be like "FUCK IT" and imagine a poly sort of relationship between garrus, shepard and tali.

    ok so when i had to choose between the geth and the geth to, i chose geth, and so tali... died.... and fuckin garrus was so sad and just said that tali probably looked like an angel behind her mask and that at least she's with them now and im just IM SO FUCKING SORRY GARRUS... IM SORRYRYYYYYYYYYYYY

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