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  1. i have?? no idea how much i'll use this since sometimes i have a bad sense of what's venting and not but here i am.
    and here's my list of accounts in places since i've diversified
    tumblr if anyone's still there: halftripletreblestitch
    mastodon: purugly@donphan.social (nothing here yet)
    dreamwidth: puruglyface.dreamwidth.org (nothing here yet)
    looking for folks to follow provided they don't post drama or social justice. feel free to follow me, even if we don't talk much or indeed at all.

    i'm not going to copy anything from my vent here because, and here's the thing, I can't be bothered.
  2. the obvious way to spend christmas at your parents' is obviously to teach yourself intarsia knitting with wildly inappropriate yarn (fluffy, slippery) in the form of a penis-shaped scarf.

    one (1) ball completed
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  3. Things to Collage:

    1) panty hamster (just needs gluing down)

    2) dicks out for ferelden (need to start measuring letter templates)
    3) apply the fuckit adjustment
    4) what would ash ketchum do
    5) suck my pokeballs (where will i find more pokemon related stuff to cut out?)
    6) just take a goddamn chill pill (use standout words among words design?)

    Also on the wall art front, found a nice crochet pattern that reads GO AWAY, that would also work nicely
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  4. HEY SO LIKE if you want a movie that is quite good but will leave you very emotionally distraught about space clones, there's a movie called Moon that came out in 2009 directed by Duncan Jones, and it's quite good but will leave you very emotionally distraught about space clones
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  5. terrible confession outing me as an awful human being:
    cute anime girls are cute and i like them
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  6. notes to self
    da:i npcs to pay attention to:
    lt farrow (the way he talks it should def be lef-tenant and not lieu-tenant in pronounciation)
    scout harding & prof kenric (they get married)
    knight-captain barris (duh)
    i had someone else in mind but have lost them i'm sorry random npc i'll remember you eventually

    if you want to write cole you dumb bastard you'll have to read more of his dialogue because he has a Very Specific Rhythm and if you can't hit it it'll bug you forever
    ETA: he alliterates a hell of a lot

    'i thought bogfishers were nice =(' ilu cole
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  7. more notes to self

    take TSLMM off ao3 every time you remember it's on there you get more pangs of embarrassment. take it off, rewrite it better, finish it, then you can goddamn put it back on

    round up unfinished writing snippets and see what can be done with them

    the fenhawke snippet i put on ao3 still very occasionally gets kudos. i think that and the alistair/zev/warden threesome will be my first and last forays into Writing That Could Have Half A Chance Of Being Popular since most of what i'm thinking about atm is blatant quizzy/cole fix-it idfic which will offend any right-thinking person who considers cole asexual
  8. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    but what if
    what if cole/quizzy fix-it idfic is rly good and you're rly good
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  9. one thing i noted while taking andy thru JOH yesterday is that prof kenric has a front button flap on his pants
    and i know it's for peeing but things can have more than one use
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  10. things that never quite hit the right chew stim spot: expensive chew necklaces
    things that hit the spot just fine: baby pacifiers from poundworld

    unfortunately, can't take them out anywhere without looking like either a fucking weirdo or someone who takes large amounts of drugs
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  11. copying this here for easier reference but will probably change some of it. for one thing Taashath is supposed to be short for a qunari
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  12. do i not have a doll for Kari... i'm sure i shoulda had a doll for Kari...
    no doll for Meri either?
  13. you may have a problem with OCs when you realise you require dolls of all of them to remember how many you have
  14. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    I don't remember if you did one for meri, but you definitely did one for kari
  15. THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING but where the fuck did i put it?
  16. i was gonna be like 'i found it' but then i realised that was peachie not kari
  17. @IvyLB you know why i couldn't find kari's doll? because you made it
    there seems to have been a bit of passing her ownership back and forth and now i'm unsure who actually r u n s h e r
  18. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    idk lmao xP
    I mean we can like.... flip a coin? I kno I run amato (not that it's ever been relevant)
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  19. i think we were passing her around according to who else we were playing with since you seemed to be running her when i was peachie but i was doing it when you were being ketojan so basically WHATEVER

    anyway i'm now pretty sure i also never made a doll for meri so i should do that
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