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    ahhh yes. yea.

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  2. also an abra, just now. stupid teleport cannot stand against an ultra ball
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  3. note to self: you need skiddo and minun from route 5
    plusle and scraggy do hordes but you don't fucking know how to find hordes yet do you. google it, you fool
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  4. what i think is going to get me through my kneejerk distaste for the sunmoon anime's new art style is the fact that Gladion plays a large part
    my son
    my angry son
    i adore him
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  5. i impulse bought a kid's pokemon magazine today and it has many pictures of the son in it and i may have to cut them all out
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  6. being in the discord server when i'm watching pokemon is just Mirrors' Nonstop Opinions On Anime Mentors Hour
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  7. the worst thing about Judgemental Grandpa Gurkinn, apart from the judgemental bit and the name, is probably his eyebrows
    clearly not to be trusted
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  8. trainers in wingsuits are not immune to making poses that by all rights should send them plummeting to the bottom of the canyon just because they're in the middle of a dramatic pokemon battle
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  9. ash you should know by now that trying to actually have a Plan before a gym battle fucks you over
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  10. episode: [shows what appears to be a college, with teenage/adult students]
    episode: [also shows clemont attending and looking like a wee babby]
    me: oh god he's one of those people who went to college at like eight years old
  11. places hands on table, looks series straight in the eye

    where's lysandre
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  12. i need his dramatic hair in my life or i die
  13. hey past self why did you decide 'hey let's go through the whole Y map again and catch everything i didn't catch before endgame'
    you know you don't have the patience for this shit
    sincerely, present self who has been looking for plusle for a thousand years
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  14. get better lighting.PNG
    your room's dark as shit, though, lysandre. do you prefer it dim too? new headcanon: lysandre actually kind of photosensitive, prefers lurking in dim rooms lit only by fire types
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  15. why solosia so... sexey... why she... lick lip...
  16. addendum to above: butt
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  17. note: she's not dressed sexy or anything, she just does things like this a lot:
    and i keep getting WEIRDLY FLUSTERED
  18. we have introduced the Naughty People because it's the third season, so it's time for things to be Dramatic now, including the new opening theme.
    first episode felt like a weird jump in tone from the ep before for some reason. darker lighting overall? unsure.

    diamondpearl is still kind of my favourite series, XY is trying to be a favourite but something is standing in the way and i'm not sure what. blackwhite had a lot of promise and some great plotting but i feel like too many of the foundational premises of the series were Off.
    if sunmoon is good i feel like it could be very good, but we'll see. it has the upside of my son, the downside of motherfucking rotomdex actually having a spoken voice and getting involved in the plot. fuck off, rotomdex.

    diamondpearl felt like the series where they really honed the sort of... original style the first series...es were building, honestly. Even with the stupid asspull in the League. then they started trying to do new things in blackwhite and it didn't really work, they tried to go back to the old days while keeping some of blackwhite's structure in XY, and then they just scrapped almost everything and started again with sunmoon

    it's been too long since i watched the kanto/orange islands, johto and most of the hoenn series tbh i don't have solid opinions on them any more except i miss may and max and brock

    unpopular opinion: was never that fond of misty tbh
  19. from route 7: hoppip, ducklett, spewpa
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  20. i think serebii.net is talking out its ass saying there are spewpa on route 7 actually because they're under 'shaking grass' and i don't think XY does shaking grass except with the pokeradar and spewpa's gen vi pokedex page describes the only way of getting it in xy to be evolving scatterbug
    fuck it moving on
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