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    Excellent shelf and void ear.
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    oh that looks so dope
    my shelves are not nearly as organized
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  3. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    i get antsy if i don't divide everything by Sections even if those sections only make sense to me
    which is why although all my books are arranged by height, they're arranged by height Within Sections so it looks like there are random outcroppings of taller books and such

    it is also why i get so fucking mad at charity shops that think arranging by colour blocks and arranging by size are somehow mutually exclusive. ARRANGE BY SIZE WITHIN COLOUR BLOCKS YOU USELESS BASTARDS OR I WILL HATE YOU FOREVER
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  4. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Succulent Vex Belly

    OC/s and a word, go go go

    i probably won't write till later tomorrow or whatever but dammit i need to write in general
  5. Loq


    peachie - power
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  6. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Maggie + rain
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  7. artistformerlyknownasdave

    artistformerlyknownasdave revenge of ricky schrödinger

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    Vibs - nightmares
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  9. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    me: i shall fill these prompts!
    my brain: [noise of a whole roomful of slowly deflating balloons]

    i will fill them, but you're gonna have to bear with me. you can still give me more if you like too why not
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  10. KaidaShade

    KaidaShade Definitely not a horse

    Poly- bored
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  11. kastilin

    kastilin meme market gardener

    v gently pets brain

    anyway, vibs and metal
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    Lin and hmmmmmmmmmmm pierce
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  13. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    The ship's timbers groaned like dying souls under the simultaneous assault of waves and wind, tossed around as though its amalgamation of wood and rope and canvas and iron weighed nothing at all. Up above, the crew scurried amid the deluge of salt and froth, doing what they could to keep things afloat; down below, the three children huddled on their parents' bunk and waited.

    They weren't speaking. The sounds of the storm and the pained responses of the ship made voices near-impossible to hear in any case. They'd met weather similar to this before, too; they understood the pointlessness of vocal fear. They had put themselves in the safest corner they could manage to ride out the wild bucking of their vessel, they had looped their tails together as a better hold than any rope, and they were waiting.

    Peachie, pinned in her bigger sister's lap by unyielding arms, reached out and pressed a small, pale hand to the nearest quivering plank she could reach and made a soft, unheard keening noise. It was easy, for her, to let consciousness thread through the seams of the wood, not quite enough yet to encompass the whole of the ship but enough to feel the whole of this room, the ways the walls and floor and ceiling were straining to keep the shape the shipbuilders had placed them into.

    And enough to feel the weak spot, the gap where the smallest crack, hidden away and unheeded, was beginning to widen.

    "Kari," Peachie whispered, fumbling to grab at one of her sister's hands with her free one. "Kari Kari-"

    Her sister, distracted, freed only a couple of fingers to hold, but that was enough. Peachie knew how to take the power she needed to bolster her own. Kari would notice, but only later.

    The crack did not split further. Once the storm was over, Peachie thought, she would show her Captain where it was. Nobody else would have found it, after all. Not until it was too late.
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    The rain on Titan didn't so much splash and drip as it did crack and shatter, but Maggie liked it anyway.

    She liked being out in it less, admittedly, and that was why she was crouched on a shipping crate under an overhang, listening to the glass-rain ping and pop off the metal above her head.

    One advantage of this kind of weather was that the Fallen didn't tend to venture out as much either, and the Hive disappeared into the bowels of the facility entirely. It made exploration a great deal easier, generally speaking, so long as you kept your eyes and ears open. Maggie had been poking about in the lower levels, chasing some small anomalies one of Sloane's usual hunters had told her about, but with no luck thus far, and eventually she'd got fed up enough of Hive growth and unremarkable broken machinery that she'd given it up for the day.

    She could have gone straight back to the Titan base, where Sloane was putting her up, but on the other hand... this place was quiet, and safe enough for the time being, and she liked the rain.

    Above her head, Sammy buzzed in slow, satisfied loops; he'd found a new, shiny button to put in his little packs, and therefore as far as he was concerned the day had been a roaring success. Maggie reached up and flicked at him, and at once he zoomed down to settle on her shoulder.

    "Can I have some glass?" he asked, hopeful. "Once it stops?"

    "If you can find a piece you like," Maggie said, magnanimous in her contentment. "Not too big, or you'll have to get rid of your button."

    Sammy made a scandalised noise, but was immediately pacified by application of scritches. He leaned his shell against the side of her helmet and purred like a happy kitten; she laughed.

    After a while, the rain stopped, and Maggie was disturbed off her perch by a couple of opportunistic Dregs. But on the way back Sammy found the most perfect disc of rainbow-shimmering glass to add to his hoard, and life was good.
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  15. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    thinking about... him...
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  16. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Succulent Vex Belly

    do actually have headcanons about falinks breeding and such

    -all troop members hatch from the same egg, which since only the Brass mates and lays eggs means two things: their eggs are on kiwi levels of stupid large compared to body mass, and they all hatch very, very adorably small
    -generally speaking you can identify which one will become the Brass right away, because it'll be the biggest and/or bolshiest baby
    -it only takes maybe a week for them to grow to a size where they can take care of themselves, and for the Brass to clearly develop; both parents guard the nest and new hatchlings ferociously, but as soon as the babies can march in formation behind their new Brass, they're on their own
    -it is possible for two hatchlings to start developing into the Brass, at which point there is a fight and one of them is driven away
    -should a troop lose a trooper or two, they will adopt other singular troopers into their ranks; sometimes this happens even if they have a full complement, but troops larger than six or seven are harder to keep organised and alive and therefore much more common in captivity
    -should a troop lose their Brass, one of two things will happen: they will scatter and become lone troopers, or the boldest in the troop will take charge and, if accepted by the other troopers, will develop into a new Brass
    -it is possible for a trooper to be driven away by the Brass and/or other troopers, but it's very rare in troops that are still entirely family, and more common in adopted troopers. it's still not very common there, though; generally if a trooper has been accepted enough to be formally adopted, they aren't going to make trouble with their squadmates.
    -unsurprisingly, if not quickly adopted by a new troop, lone troopers don't tend to last very long by themselves
    -despite the fact that the Brass' word is law, if the troopers don't seem to like their chosen habitat, food, or mate, the Brass will generally move along and pick something else. The rate of Brass loss (either death or them just... disappearing) is higher in troops where the Brass regularly goes against troopers' preferences. This despite the fact that very little outright rebellious behaviour has ever been observed in troopers outside of extremely stressful, unhealthy environments.
    -whether or not troopers care about having names separate from one another seems to depend on the individual; many are happy to be collectively named George, but a few seem to get grouchy if not given six separate names. It doesn't seem to have much effect on how well they perform as a troop, but troops with stronger individual identities appear less willing to adopt lone troopers.
    -my OC professor gingko has a falinks living at her rescue centre that's piebald, as it contains both shiny and normal colour troopers
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  17. HonestlyVan

    HonestlyVan a very funny person who never tells jokes

    Falinks was my favourite from the latest generation and I am just over here like *pour this all in a cup and warms my hands against it with great pleasure*
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  18. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    falinks is so fuckin good i made such a noise when i first found one. it's also the first pokemon i bred my own shiny of, so now i have like 200+ in my boxes and frankly i'm not going to get rid of any of them

    i like making pokemon headcanons tbh so if anyone ever wants any hit me up. i've even considered making a tumblr ask blog with prof. gingko but EH TOO MUCH EFFORT and also, well, tumblr
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  19. HonestlyVan

    HonestlyVan a very funny person who never tells jokes

    In an effort to not just list all my favourite Pokémon at once -- do you have any headcanons about Goomy and its evolutions?
  20. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Succulent Vex Belly

    had to go brush up on the pokedex entries for the line but i'm pretty sure I can come up with something...

    -The whole line are very social, but they display it differently. It's not uncommon to find huge piles of Goomies all squishing over each other, since being in a group allows them to share the moisture and mucus that is critical to their survival and also makes them less appealing to predators, since who wants to eat a big gross slimy pile of Goomy? Sliggoo will also do this, since other Sliggoo (and Goomy and Goodra) are the only things immune to their caustic slime, but Sliggoo in general are dumb as rocks so they will often attempt to form piles with other amphibian or water-dwelling pokemon, or even occasionally fully terrestrial or even avian pokemon (whether or not the pokemon are willing or able to put up with this depends on them...). By the time they evolve into Goodra, they have become more territorial, but are still intrinsically highly social, so they like to form groups with other pokemon on purpose this time, often taking on a caretaking role; they also one of the species that commonly seeks out human trainers off their own bat.
    -Goomy, in general, are smarter than Sliggoo; the evolutionary purpose of the middle stage appears to be pretty much solely becoming more mobile and able to eat more things in order to save up energy to evolve into Goodra (who are actually very intelligent, the pokedex entry about them becoming confused by trainers' orders notwithstanding). Trainers who are not fond of the idea of having a Sliggoo getting into everything and melting it all with their slime for the amount of time it takes to raise them to evolution, and can provide their Goomy with a higher quality diet than they would find in the wild, often raise their Goomy with an everstone to the point where they can almost immediately evolve from Sliggoo straight into Goodra when it's removed.
    -in emergency situations Goomy can create a pocket of mucus in the ground and go into hibernation until conditions improve
    -it isn't necessary to wear gloves to handle Goomy (and many Goomy just adore hugs) but their slime is thick and it is sticky and it will get everywhere if you're not careful, and also it can pick up a lot of gross stuff that can transmit infections or diseases. Washing a Goomy in a bath is a pointless task, but providing a large bowl or paddling pool of clean water that they can goop their way through on a regular basis is enough to remove the vast majority of the risk.
    -Gloves are necessary for Sliggoo, because their slime is caustic, and contact causes itchy rashes or even severe welts and burns depending on how long before it was washed off. It can't eat through clothing equivalent to decently sturdy canvas pants with any degree of speed, though, and even though they're not very bright they are food-motivated enough to be fairly easily trained to not climb their trainer or other pokemon without permission.
    -Goodra is able to control the contents of its slime and therefore how caustic it is, and are also less... goopy... than Goomy, so in general no special precautions need to be taken with them. Expect their full-body hugs to still leave you slimed up, though.
    -Goodra take care of their eggs but the baby Goomy are generally left to their own devices once they hatch, provided the environment is still suitable for them; if it's not, their parent will usually take them somewhere better before leaving them to fend for themselves. It is, however, not that uncommon for Goodra to take a more active role caring for newly evolved Sliggoo if there are some in its territory.
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