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    QVQ)b good shit
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    dramatic bow ur welcum

    ETA: the goomy line in any case is made good by the fact that their shinies look like custard
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    "We can make it!"
    "No, you adorable little toadface, you can't. Last time you tried to make toast you nearly burnt the whole campsite down."
    Frustrated with this statement, the truth of which was largely irrelevant to her mind, Peachie made a dramatic keening noise and attempted to climb into her mother's lap and seize control of the toasting fork. All this gained her was being picked up by her collar and deposited back in her place on the sand, carefully but firmly.
    "Mamaaaaaaaaa, we can make toast! I can make it!"
    Rosamunde Hawke looked down at her daughter and put her tongue out.
    "Oh yeah? Can you resist the temptation to make the fire bigger if it's not toasting quick enough?"
    Being roughly four, most of the big words went over Peachie's head, but she knew when she was being stymied. Pouting, she folded her arms tight across her chest and tried a different tack.
    "Captain would let us."
    "Yeah, well, our Captain lets a lot of folk do a lot of things, and she's not here, is she? It's just you and me, stinker. You, me, and the toast."
    "Awwwwwwuhhhh," Peachie whined, staring with the hopeless gaze of a lost soul at the bread affixed to the end of the fork, held a sensible amount of distance away from the dancing flames of the reasonably-sized campfire. "When is the toast ready?"
    With a sigh, Rosa relented and used her free arm to haul Peachie up onto her lap, cuddling her close and dropping a small kiss between her nubby horns.
    "Soon, kiddo, soon. And if you're really good and you eat your toast like a sensible person and not like a rabid dog- sorry, Peanut-" The Mabari on the other side of the fire raised his head briefly and eyed them before dropping his head back down with a sleepy yawn. "-You might get to make the next slice."
    "Mama! Promise?"
    "Give me a sec to fetch a bucket of seawater first and the fork's yours."
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    I lov
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    ngl I bet peachie is in good company with Not Making Toast Like A Normal Sensible Person, i bet her pa is the same way :P And That's Why Ketojan Is Not Allowed To Attempt To Feed Himself.
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    Although, naturally, he could not speak for his previous lives, Vibius as he was now could not recall a single nightmare.

    He dreamed, when he bothered to sleep. They were just as nonsensical as one might expect, and he paid little attention to any of them. But he did not have nightmares.

    Which was, perhaps, why when he woke with a pounding heart and drenched in panicked sweat, he did not initially know where he was or what was real.

    The feeling passed quickly, helped along by the sudden flood of light from his Ghost's eye; it floated slowly down from its usual perch on the bookshelves and cocked its frame at him, politely questioning. He touched his forehead, frowned at the wetness on his fingers, looked up at his companion.

    "Sun. I- what time is it?"

    "The time is two thirty-two," said Sun Tzu, precise as always. "You had been asleep for only one hour and twenty-five minutes."

    Vibius grimaced slightly. He usually preferred to work through the night as much as possible, but it had been a long week. He had been quietly looking forward to what, for him, would be a nice, long period of unconsciousness.

    "I- was dreaming," he said. Sun Tzu rotated gently, bobbed a little closer.

    "Yes," it said. "I believe you had a nightmare."

    The silence between them stretched, broken only by the soft sounds of the City seeping in through the window and the quiet noises of the other inhabitants of the house, muffled by walls and doors and carpets. Vibius inhaled, counted to five, exhaled.

    "Sun. Is Aegis in her room?"

    A pause, while Sun Tzu assessed whatever method it used to keep tabs on the clan members. Then,

    "She is in Lykos' room."

    Another grimace. Not unexpected, but not desirable. Not just then.

    "Is she safe?"

    Another pause.


    Vibius inhaled again, exhaled long and low, and lay back down. Perhaps now he could get his rest. Reality, such as it was, had been re-established.

    "...Thank you, Sun."

    Sun Tzu dipped slightly in acknowledgement, and settled on the bedside table, dimming its light to a barely-there glow. Vibius nodded back, ever so slightly, and closed his eyes.
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    watching orville peck videos and increasingly convinced my destiny is just to go be a cowboy on a ranch somewhere
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